Friday, January 25, 2008

"Daddy. Make The Bad Men Stop."

I really have been trying to cut Jessica Simpson a break this past week, and was trying and trying not to write anything about her idiot letter to OK! Magazine, but I just couldn't hold back anymore. OK! said that Jessica and Tony Romo had broken up because Jessica was high maintenance. Ummm. Anyone who watched Newlyweds knows that.

This was a case where a magazine wrote something she didn't like and probably went to Pimpa and said in her best baby voice that the magazine said she had broken up with Tony and she wanted them to stop saying those things. So, Pimpa, of course being the good dad we all know him to be and desperate to be the father-in-law of a pro athlete called up his attorneys and told them to write a nasty letter to OK!. OK! promptly spread it around the office and laughed their silly little heads off. There is nothing in that article worthy of a lawsuit. They know it and the lawyers know it.

Meanwhile Jessica spent probably $5000 to have that letter sent, and probably had to do some retail therapy to get over the pain of having a magazine saying she and her boyfriend broke up. I notice she didn't say anything when the tabs said she and John Mayer were breaking up every week or when they said she and Nick were breaking up every week.

Hell, maybe I am all wrong here. Maybe this wasn't Jessica at all behind this. Maybe it was simply the Pimpa. He didn't care what the tabs wrote about Nick and John because he didn't like Nick and John. But you know Pimpa loves him some Tony Romo. Pimpa probably is working behind the scenes to keep Tony there with his Jessica. If Jessica doesn't work out, then I guess he could arrange Pete Wentz to be caught with other women so then Ashlee would be free for Tony.

So Jessica I'm going to let you off the hook on this one. You probably don;t even read the magazines anyway. Unless they have lots of purty pictures.


Unknown said...

Aww - how cute - it must be happy time.

Dijea said...

There is this island, Celebrity Island, that we send all the celebrities we would never like to hear from again. Please make sure Jessica Simpson is on the first boat out.

michele said...

i think it's funny how she HATED going to football games with Nick, she would constantly be rolling her eyes and making faces at him, now she's dating someone that plays football??
wtf ever! (quote from kalifornia)

Unknown said...

She will end up being passed around Hollywood and the sports world when all is said and done and probably acquire a drug habit along the way. She seems like she wants a relationship but she keeps going for all these guys who are serial daters enjoying their youth and success.

They'll ride the Jessica Simpson carnival ride until they get bored then move on to the next good looking girl.

Carte Blanche said...

She already has a drug habit.
I agree she'll be passed around, though.

Anonymous said...

NE is reporting that Romo was seeing his college sweetheart the whole time he was with Jess, and that he plans to propose to Crystal Kasper on Valentine's Day.

This should be good for some laughs.

mandjo said...

Wouldn't that be GREAT?!!! Should I feel bad for disliking her as much as I do? Nah.

Unknown said...

I see someone pushed into being daddy's gravy train and can't find the hatred others have. Yes, her playing of the idiot/dumb girl for others' entertainment is enraging and saddening. I never cared for her singing, makeup/fashion label, or any of her contribution to 'the arts' Yet, her subsequent charity work and breaking off from a sham marriage won me over.

Why doesn't she see the truth - going away from the limelight would be beneficial all around? Star power is addicting, I suppose, and she somehow can't accept/acknowledge the mockery which she has become.

bionic bunny! said...

i never saw her reality show, didn't even know who she was back then. mostly, i feel sorry for her. duh, she's not too bright, and pimpa's a control freak(one of the nicer things we can say, right?). she'll never be out his clutches. too bad you can't divorce your parents.


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