Monday, January 21, 2008

I Demand A Recount

The Razzie Nominations came out this morning and there is no mention anywhere of Blonde Ambition or Jessica Simpson. I had so counted on Jessica finally winning an award and I know she would have been there accepting it in person, because. hey, lets face it, unless she turns to porn and wins an AVN Award a Razzie is about as good as it is going to get for her.

The reason she or the film did not get a nomination is that it was not released in enough theaters to qualify as a release and therefore she was spared the ignonimity of a nomination.

I actually think that Lindsay Lohan getting nominated is a good thing for her. Unlike Jessica Simpson, I think most of us believe that Lindsay Lohan can actually be a good actress. I think she should show up at the awards and accept it and be as self deprecating as possible. People would totally shift to her side in the public relations war, and as long as she doesn't have sex with every member of the audience it should be a win win for her. Did I just type win/win in this blog. Hang on while I get my gun. This could be a bit messy.

While I clean up, you can take a look at the nominees.

Nominations Per Picture

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME = 9 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Horror Movie, Screenplay, Director, Remake/Rip-Off,
Supporting Actress, Actress (2x), Picture

Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor (2x) Supporting Actress, Actor, Picture

NORBIT = 8 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor (2x) Picture

BRATZ = 5 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Remake/Rip-Off, Supporting Actor, Actress, Picture

DADDY DAY CAMP = 5 Nominations
Worst Screenplay, Director, Prequel/Sequel, Actor, Picture

CAPTIVITY = 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie, Director, Actress


GammaGirl said...

I think Lilo could sweep the razzies this year, but I love what they did to the girls in Bratz (Four for one)

I think Jess didn't get a nod because Blond Ambition never had a wide release (thank god)

Rare Avis said...

Bratz would have been better with Paula Abdul. Remember that melt down?

GammaGirl said...

YES! Hey Paula was such a pleasant surprise last summer.

Andy said...

Lindz absolutely should show up to accept and poke fun at herself, but I don't think she's solid enough in persona and mentality to do such a thing. But it would be a great career move if she did.

jax said...

Lilo should totally get dolled to the 9s for this and work it for everything its worth.

Kevin said...

Didn't Halle Berry go and pick up her Razzie for Catwoman. I am pretty sure she did.

Anonymous said...

kevin - she did, and she got a lot of good publicity out of it.

Ent's right, however, the difference is that Halle's established, whereas Lindsay isn't established as a credible actress yet. It could really backfire.

and Ent, thanks for posting the whole list. The Razzie's site is blocked at work because of "demeaning content". (ha!)

I'm proud to say, I only saw one Razzie nominated movie, and I saw it for free. (It doesn't give me those 94 minutes back, but it only cost me gas.)

ms_wonderland said...

But will the WGA picket the Razzies????? We can't have all these magnificent performers compromising their SAG membership to collect their awards!

Kory said...

Do you think that this will drive Hohan to drink?

RagDoll said...

Oh, Enty, put down the firearm. Win/win isn't HALF as bad as punctuating thin air with finger quotes while speaking.....

WTF said...

Kory said...

"Do you think that this will drive Hohan to drink?"

Oh I think that boat already sailed long ago.

Dick Insideu said...

I think Lindsay Lohan's tale is a sad tale indeed. Everything about her conduct, from her drunkenness and drug abuse to her rampant promiscuity, screams DADDY ISSUES. I wish she would endure some excellent psychotherapy before it's too late and get over her daddy issues. She's obviously looking for love at the end of a stranger's penis and a cocaine vial.

She could be an excellent actress - I dare say she could be a better actress than she is a fuck, and I have it on good authority that she is an excellent fuck. I just wish someone who cares about her would help her.

I wonder if it isn't already too late? I wonder if she is the AIDs camper EL spoke of a few blind items ago? I wonder if she has herpes, or brain damage from the drugs, or has gone totally mental?

What a pity to waste such excellent breasts. I bet her pussy is tight tight too.


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