Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kneepads Magazine Goes The Distance

Tom Cruise must have promised Kneepads Magazine exclusives until he dies to get this kind of snowjob published. In this week's issue, all of Tom Cruise's celebrity friends contributed testimonials of how Tom is a great guy. Considering the list of celebrities that have come to Tom's aid, I'm guessing all these testimonials were provided to the magazine by Tom's people after being edited for brevity and love for Tom. Notice how not one. NOT ONE of these glowing testimonials refers to either Katie Holmes or Suri Cruise by name. Only Tom's name is ever mentioned.

Adam Sandler said, "To see anyone's private life invaded and mocked like this is sickening. It's especially gross when it happens to a guy like Cruise, who's a great dad, a great husband, and a great friend."

I would agree that if Tom was doing this in the privacy of his own home it would be sickening for us to mock him, but the fact is he makes his religion part of who he is in the public eye, and therefore it is not private and is subject to mockery.

Dustin Hoffman said, "Tom Cruise is an American and has the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion."

Yes he does Dustin and so do we.

Dan Snyder, (Washington Redskins Owner) "Tom is a winner. That's a fact. He is a terrific actor, a terrific father and a terrific person. I'm proud to be his friend."

Of course Dan couldn't say anything less considering he has got a bunch of his money dependent on the success of Tom Cruise. Can't really call him a loser can he?

Ben Stiller said, "Imagine having a baby and people talking about it the way they did. People lose sight of the fact that Tom Cruise is actually a person. I feel for him."

Kind of like the way Tom talked about all of us in that video. Treated everyone who is a spectator really well didn't he?

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Jim Carrey, and producer Harvey Weinstein also contributed to this love fest for Tom. Not Kaite or Suri, just Tom. Really he is all that matters here. The rest of the family is just window dressing. They will be long gone while he is still trying to salvage a career.


mooshki said...

He has tried to set the de-stigmatization of mental illness back decades. For that, he deserves everything he gets.

YahMoBThere said...

TC must really feel threatened.

Where were all these people when he attacked Brooke Shields? Why weren't they commenting on rights and privacy then?

Kory said...

Well I hope those people are happy because I can easily boycott their work too.

AphraelDanae said...

"Dan Snyder, (Washington Redskins Owner) "Tom is a winner."

I originally read: "Tom is a whiner."

...which would make so much more sense!

captivagrl said...

hey tom, you're an ass.

captivagrl said...


Unknown said...

Is kneepads magazine People Magazine?
I will never watch a Tom Cruise movie.
Haven't since he trashed Brooke Sheilds.

YahMoBThere said...

Clara - yes! EL refers to People as Kneepads Magazine.

Anonymous said...

these are all a bunch of people who just want to make more money and they think that tom can help them do that. or the are all people with skeletons in their closets and they don't want tom and the co$ intelligence service revealing those skeletons.

YahMoBThere said...

Yeah....somehow I don't think Harvey Weinstein, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller need Tom to help them make more money.

jax said...

aww Gay Midget Nazi got his feewings hurt.

we all know you hunger to stuff things down people's throats..we just wish it wasn't your Cult.

Like EL said- if you didn't parade it up and down as the end of the earth if you aren't a scientoloser no one would care.

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL @ les

I was about to say the same thing that AphraelDanae wrote. LOL

If the idiot doesn't want people to critize him than he should keep his mouth shut when it comes to his religious cult.

WTF said...

Les this is your first post that actually was on topic.

Good job!!

Molly said...

I can't believe you idiots are laughing at a racist who posts nothing but vile filth like his post above. You're all turning this into perez hilton.

Molly said...

Thanks for pulling that disgusting post Enty!

Anonymous said...

Twisted Sister, it may have nothing or everything to do with what they "owe" people, be it directly Tom Cruise or not. Any one of the actors could owe People a favor, for whatever reason. I've heard of celebrities paying off tabs to not run certain stories, in exchange for favors like other stories or exclusives. Theres no excluding that some of these men might have slept with Tommy Boy, either, you just never know! Any number of people could lay on pressure, like a studio who has a lot of money riding on Tom, to pressure one of its other big stars to say something favorable, for the sake of the studio and therefore their own careers as well.

YahMoBThere said...

Trix, I was responding to the statement that these are a bunch of people who want to make more money and they think Tom Cruise can help them do that. That's just laughable.

Unknown said...


I think I have found the secret to Tom Cruise's so-called "abilities" which is key to understanding those crazy sh&*t Scientology videos and why Scientologists claim they are the only people who can save others: a highly classified Scientology program called Super Power.

As reported in a Tampa newspaper in 2006: "[A Scientologist named] Matt Feshbach believes he has super powers. He senses danger faster than most people.

"Super Power uses machines, apparatus and specially designed rooms to exercise and enhance a person's so-called perceptics, which includes an "awareness of importance, unimportance."

"Hubbard promised Super Power would improve perceptions and "put the person into a new realm of ability." He believed it would unlock abilities needed to spread Scientology across the planet.

"He [Feshbach] offered this anecdote: He had just finished his perceptics training and was at the Los Angeles airport, preparing to fly home to the Tampa Bay area.

"He stood at a crosswalk with perhaps 20 others, including a woman and her son, an antsy boy 6 or 7 years old.

"As the light turned green, the boy bolted into the street, ahead of his mother.

"Feshbach perceived a pickup bearing down on the boy, driven by a young woman.

"He yelled and saved the boy's life by a quarter of an inch, he said.

"Coincidence? Feshbach doesn't think so. No one else saw the pickup, he says.

"He believes that, through the Super Power program, he elevated his perceptive abilities beyond those of the others at that crosswalk. His enhanced perceptions have played out numerous times since, he said."

Judi said...

The only one who has the respect of anyone simply stated what the law is. Good on him for not getting any more involved.
Weinstein is the biggest piece of horse dinky in the world. I loathe him.

Unknown said...

I love how Dustin Hoffman's comments about TC's legal rights as an American does nothing to indicate how he feels about him.

janele said...

Matt Feshbach is related to Katie Holmes' "best friend"/minder/Scientologist, Jessica Feshbach.

When Scientologists reach a higher power, they can "levitate" objects with their mind and communicate telephatically.

Hey, Gay Midget Dwarf, can you hear me telepathically now?

takeme2espana said...

(what really goes through TC's wee mind when passing a car accident)
Damn, another wreck. If I DON'T get out, those folks will be on the 5:00 news saying how they were up here stuck in the mountains for 2 days and saw only my $85,000 benz drive by with me behind the wheel and didn't stop so I guess I better sto- WAIT, what an opportunity to spin this for scientology, yeah, that's the ticket! I "FELT" them in need from a distant road and 'turned' off...yeah.....


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