Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One - Be Nice To (Most) Celebrities Day

I really have to stop saving these things alphabetically because then this combination of Aubrey O'Day and Lydia Hearst get on top. This is not Aubrey's first time with a socialite, although one wonders if she enjoyed her time spent with Lydia and Cisco Adler later in the evening.
This is how I like Amy Winehouse to look. She can be a cracked out junkie, but at least when she has the black wig she doesn't look as much like the stereotypical crackwhore. To be this dressed up she must have been going to see her dad. She always dresses nicely for her dad, but still gives him a little taste of bra and cleavage. I've always wondered why she does that. No hints or anything, just wonder why.
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane look incredible together. He looks about ten years younger when he shaves.
Charlize Theron and her co-star Anna Sophia Robb who from what I can gather is about 4'8". They both look great though. I am going to have to seriously brush my teeth after all of this. Cavities are forming from all the sugary niceness. I need just a little snark.
Tough to get snarky with Colin Hanks. Plus he brought his step-mom to the premiere. She actually got more photos taken than he did.
Ahhhh. Cisco Adler. Do you really think that Smart Water is going to make Cisco Adler smarter?
Ummmmm. No.
I know some of you have been wanting to see lots more of Nick Stahl so here you go.
Even Meg Ryan looks as good as Meg Ryan can look without lots of airbrushing and 20 years in a time machine. I'm trying but it is hard to be so nice.
I think we have to decide one of two things about Gwen Stefani. She is either pregnant or she got a boob job. She has gone from like an A- to a C in about a month. So unless she started breastfeeding her son again or put on a padded bra for the first time in her life, we are stuck with one of those options. Since I wrote she was pregnant a couple of months ago and don't see why Gavin would have any need for larger breasts, I'm going with the pregnant thing.
Felicity Huffman makes up for the after gym fiasco. She looks great and doesn't even have Sundance hair.
This is one of the worst photos of Dita von Teese I have seen, and Victoria Beckham doesn't look that great either. Dita looks old and Victoria looks hungover.
So what do you think the paps were asking Tom Brady after spending the night with Giselle Bundchen? Do you think they could have been styled after a sports interview?

"How did you feel going in Tom?
"You know, I felt good. I gave it my best effort."

I hope Tyra Banks has a taste tester or gave her staff their bonuses finally because otherwise, what she is drinking is probably in no way related chemically to what she thinks it is.
"Duuuh. The wife said we had to go out, so I'm here."
Rita Wilson starting to go more and more for that Diane Keaton look. Granted it's not the wacky, I close my eyes and wear what I grab look of Diane Keaton, but it is getting there.
I don't think I have ever seen a celebrity with this many shopping bags. You and I and regular folks have this many bags, but celebrities tend to go to the store everyday so they get their photo taken more often. I actually think Rachel Bilson did actual, real grocery shopping. I don't know if she plans on eating all this food, or if MTV Cribs is coming by and so it is for show, but she did actual grocery shopping. I am in shock honestly.

25 comments: said...

Dita looks like a 60 year old Siberian Husky in that photo.

jin said...



Rachel said...

Damn, I love me some Nick Stahl. I don't see him enough!

Judi said...

Um, isn't Rita Wilson Colin's STEP-mom? Given that Sam Lewes is no longer living, the caption was not cool. Meg looks fine; so does Rita. She actually looks better with a hat. Currently p.g. or not, Gwen's had boobs since she was p.g. with Kingston. Dita and Posh look fine, though P's really orange. Geez, Ent, you on the rag today or something?

Tigercat said...

Rachel must be having a party or cooking dinner for a number of people because that is a lot of groceries, especially for 1 or 2 people.

YahMoBThere said...

Judi, what caption?

GammaGirl said...

Did anyone see Edwards on Letterman last night? I think he's done well in the debates too. Infidelity/love child rumors aside, if Hil and Obama keep up this game of "Yo Momma", he could potentially win the primaries.

I watched Bully last week for Brad Renfro and I completely forgot how talented Nick Stahl was.

Josh Brolin is looking FINE!

kellygirl said...

looking at Dita and Posh, I suddenly crave one of those 50/50 bars half vanilla half orange

Taylor said...

Gwen got a boob job right before her first solo album was released. They are on the smaller side.

Kevin said...

Kevin climbs up on his soapbox....

Okay, Cisco Adler....his band is crap right? I mean, they have to be. Dude gets so much press, but I mean, has they ever done a tour? Or had a single? Are they even on a major? Apart from huge balls, WTF does he have going for him. Is his family rich? So this goes in with the Samantha Ronson/DJ AM file. If these guys are so great, prove it. Let's hear a DJ set, a single, SOMETHING.

.....climbs back off soapbox.

parissucksliterally said...

exactly, Gwen got her boobs done YEARS ago.
And, according to her she has NOT STOPPED breastfeeding yet.

Tracee said...

Wow, Diane Lane looks different. But hey at least she's smiling a real smile. Guess its good that Brolin is finally getting some work...doesn't have to lay his hands on her to feel worthy.

Are we sure Posh and Dita aren't wearing sunglasses because of the glare coming off of Dita's skin?

califblondy said...

Ignoring the boobs, doesn't Gwen look nice with normal hair and hardly (if any) make-up?

I think Dita and Posh look fab.

Poor Sly. He's turning into a bulldog.

Unknown said...

Diane Lane looks just like Toastee from Flavor of Love. So uncanny.

tigereye said...

ok did you change the caption for Colin Hanks? I really thought Rita was his mom, not step mom...but i have no clue honestly. guess i should look on imdb or something.

kellygirl said...

@gammagirl - I am even more in support of Edwards than I was before. He is the only adult on the stage right now. He can make changes in this country that neither hillary or obama are capable of making as they have sold bits and pieces of themselves to the Corporatists

jax said...

god El i dont even know why you

that is a lot of food for Rachel Bilson.

anyone see Lilo balling her head off about Heath? sad.
hope her dealer is on speed dial. no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Yeah actually when he died, I was just waiting for LiLo to lose it...she probably fucked him and did drugs with him at some point. (Same reasons I almost anticipated a pause in crazazy from Britney upon the news of his death...but no such luck)

Judi said...

Just got back from the dentist. Thanks very much, Enty, for changing the caption for Colin Hanks. He's a nice kid and it hasn't been that long that he lost his mom. I think I'm sensitive/testy/impatient today with Heath's passing yesterday, and apologize if I came off lame before.
Back to snark! Lydia Hearst is UGLY! I look at her modeling ads in magazines and I just can't see the attraction. she's got these tiny pinched features with a big round forehead. I think Amanda Hearst is gorgeous and wish she'd get all the work Lydia gets.

Dick Insideu said...

Charlize is a cunt, Josh Brolin beats Diane Lane, and Gwen Stefani's husband fucks trannies up the ass.

11:36 PM

selenakyle said...

Rachel Bilson is a cutie pie!

MnGddess said...

Kevin - I agree totally, even (gulp) Paris has more of a reason to be on this list than Crisco, CIsco, whatever.

Ent, NO MORE Cisco photos!!!!

And stop picking on the pregnant, and post pregnant women. Gwen has post-natal boobs. They get bigger and sometimes stay bigger if you are breast feeding.

Let me find a Dr. Spock book to throw at your head...

Satine2002 said...

Cannot believe you didn't post a picture of Lauren Graham here. She was so pretty at Sundance...

mooshki said...

After seeing the pic of Josh & Diane, I'm just waiting for a blind about a married couple to appear. You know there's plenty of messed up stuff going on in that relationship.

Felicity looks amazing.

Dita's age has really started to show lately. She can't pull off the perfect doll look anymore.

I thought Tom Brady had moved on to someone else in the last day or two?

Wonk said...

I nominate someone--anyone--to fucking kill Les Suckno.

4'8"?! More like, Charlize Theron has an enormous, hulking, masculinized body because all the potential femininity and beauty amassed in her gorgeous face. Why do gay men in the fashion industry choose manly looking models with masculinized bodies? Oh yeah--because they're GAY! P.S. I love Diane Lane's dress and Dita's clothes (as usual). Her profession...not so much!


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