Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Photos Part One

You take a chance on a bright yellow dress and spill out some cleavage, and hey you move right to the top. I'm sure she must wear colors other than black, but I can't remember. And my stupid guy question of the day is whether that is a bumper on the bottom of her purse. Is it metal, or just shiny lame like material because it matches the parking meter. I didn't know women bought purses with that in mind, but apparently so.
See, make a change get near the top. Adam Duritz might have receive the honor almost any other day, but come on, it's Angelina Jolie and spilling cleavage and Adam Duritz is a guy in a bow tie.
Connie Britton and Tim "I love Al Pacino Hair" Daly.

Bar Refaeli and her cigars. Well for those of you who have seen Leonard in FFF, I would say that is just about the right size. You might also want to check out the Steve McQueen photo because he and Bar have something in common.
Our resident Dorian Gray, Ms. Bernadette Peters. She amazes me and just turned 60 in February. Honestly she must have 20 year old guys beating down her door.
Speaking of a beating. No, but Brittany Murphy looks atrocious. I know it is for a photoshoot, but I hate the look.
"You looking for 30 minutes or the full hour?"
What are the odds that two of Richie Sambora's exes would be in the ocean on consecutive days? What are the odds that anyone cares? Heather Locklear does look great.

You know, I have to admit that George Clooney is not a bad looking guy.
It is kind of like Friday has become salute to the Iglesias family day. Last week it was Junior and this week it is Enrique.
The one and only Mr. David Byrne.
Have you seen that Rock The Cradle show on MTV? Me either, but it is fun to look at the pictures. This is Crosby Loggins. Please don't tell me he sang "Danger Zone."

Honestly, I have never heard of Natassia Malthe, but anyone who poses like this on the red carpet makes me want to go watch every little walk on they have done. Plus she's Norwegian. Lots of readers in Norway. Maybe some inside scoop would be nice.
I think Mario Lopez should wash after this, because Clay Aiken had his hands in the very same cement a few weeks ago.
You know, if you get far enough way and don't focus too clearly, Madonna looks pretty good.
John Waters can get away with this because, he is John Waters.
I'm guessing Jennifer Garner is a biter. I don't know where that came from. Forgive me.
Wendie Malick is a drinker. Never would have guessed. Yes, that is Tyne Daly in the background.

I'm a little bit nauseating, and I'm a little bit crazy. Kind of a catchy tune.
Two days in a row for Tina Fey. Why not?
It must be Friday because I'm in a good mood and Rosie O'Donnell looks pretty good.
This is how Orlando Bloom dresses for a date with Miranda Kerr. That's why he's the movie star, and I'm the guy who lives in his parent's basement.


MnGddess said...

Tim Daly is one of the sexiest men on TV. Leave him be, Ent!

dancersmom said...

Why am I feeling Tina Fey is a reveal that none of us is catching on to, so Ent is keeping her in our face until we wake up?

Orly looks hot, sorry Ent

dancersmom said...

BTW, where is my FFF. I'm ready to break in my new Lasik eyes on a Friday feast! OOPS, maybe that's why Orly looked Hot, should I get a refund?

Maja With a J said...

"You might also want to check out the Steve McQueen photo because he and Bar have something in common."


Rebecca Bridge said...

that 'wendie malick is a drinker. NEVER would have GUESSED' thing is making me think that we didn't guess her for something. ideas?

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Wendie Malick could be Kate Walsh's older sister or aunt or something.

dancersmom said...

Could Wendie Malick be the actress who had her booze delivery boy move into her guest house. From a LONG time ago. Or did we decide that was Sean Young?

jax said...

damn! bernadette! 60? 60?!! really?

george is looking great. needs a bit more beef for my liking.

donny makes me ill.

tina fey is the shit! ya finally a girl who gets it. last night on 30 rock was hilarious.

god orlando bloom is so damn overrated. complete douche.

RagDoll said...

Dancersmom---that's the one I had in mind. We figured Sean Young because she went to rehab the day after she publicly heckled Julian Schnabel, and I think the public heckling, the rehab, and the Blind all happened around the same time.

weezy said...

On Angelina: she's having a Fashion Victim moment. Yellow is a very important color this season; so are empire waists, ruffles and shortish full skirts -- altho not necessarily on the same garment.

Metallic accents are hot this season; silver less than gold or bronze or copper, tho.

I'm guessing none of her Goth clothes fit any more or are too hot as spring is coming in and she's having hormonal flashes. This stuff was probably free and she pulled it out of the closet.

Graveyard Rabbit said...

I'm dumb or not paying attention, but what's the Steve McQueen allusion?

Unknown said...

Ahhh my sweet Angelina...she's not even on my "If I Was a Lesbian" list, she's her own list...cliche, I know, but I don't care. lol

John Waters - I was just watching the Simpsons episode with him the other day. Brilliant. SO brilliant.

Hard to believe Amy Winehouse is
24. Such a shame. Those death pools are disgusting and gruesome, but if you're in one, there's your best bet :(

Why is JGarner a biter? Blind? Blind? lol

I ADORE Wendy Malick. LOVE HER. said...

Madonna is really rockin' that Persian carpet she's wearing.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anna said...

duritz: ewwwwww! and with dirty white jazz shoes?

love bernadette.

brittany murphy is looking worse and worse (i know, it's a photoshoot) -- what's up with that?

ok, david byrne can wear white shoes because he's david byrne!

everyone's talking about how great madonna looks and i think she looks like an alien -- those cheek implants!

ok, so jennifer and violet are back in the limelight -- are things better with ben?

Unknown said...

I see that being pregnant with The Chosen One, take two, has done nothing to help Angelina with those enormous veins in her arms. Gross.

OG Gossipmonger said...

Natasha Malthe's pic - "anyone who poses like this on the red carpet makes me want to go watch every little walk on they have done"

not so fast, ent, unless you really want to go back & watch every footstep BEYONCE has taken.
thats her move, the armpit pose.

Unknown said...

Alright, I confess. I adore that scrumptious little bugger, Orlando. Any pic is a treat.

Unknown said...

Angelina's white bag rocks! I looove that bag! I covet that bag... and she can wear anything and make it look fantastic.

However, as an old lady she's going to have to hide those chicken legs and ropey arms, but otherwise, she'll be rockin' 60 the same way Bernadette Peters is!

audrey said...

David Byrne looks like he is channeling his inner Billy Idol circa 1986.
Wendy Malick was the reason why I watched Just Shoot Me for so long. Her character stole that show with her stories of her modeling career and her best friend Bindi.

dancersmom said...

But Wendie is looking sooo ragged. Whoa.
Regarding Jen Garner, wasn't there a blind about a couple having sex so loud their neighbors complained? Could it be Jen and Ben? Noooooo. said...

I remember a blind about EL having to pick up someone on the interstate, I don't remember any details but I know it was a while ago. Could it be Wendy? I will look. said...

I found the blind, Monday,

October 15, 2007
How Did You Spend Your Friday Night?

But I don't think it's her because the actress is A list television, and EL mentions having a gorgeous, A-list actress' head in his lap (passed out).

Unknown said...

I also thought of Wendie Malick for that blind about the lady who had her booze delivered (by the case or something like that?)

OH, and OMG! Has Bernadette found the freaking fountain of youth???? Share the wealth sister, what's your secret??? I mean, you're used to seeing tight 60 year old faces in Hollywood, but look at her arms and legs, and her NECK! Is she covered in clothespins underneath her dress, pulling all her skin tight? LOL!

Wino is looking rather craptastic in that dress non?

Oh, and I have to echo Grace's comment: I too covet the bag, perhaps not in white tho.

Amy said...

I love Wendie as Nina on Just Shoot Me! Best sitcom ever.

I don't think she's the answer to the booze delivery guy in the guest house blind, I got the impression from some follow up comments that person is single and Wendie is I think she's too obscure to most ppl to do a blind about. Her character Nina on Just Shoot Me was a total lush, maybe that is what Ent. meant.

Unknown said...

Ok EL, here it goes: She kissed Jennifer Garner in "Elektra", is 34, her dad Norwegian and her mom Chinese-Malaysian. She has been rumoured to have been dating then dumping Robbie Williams, but denies this, saying they are only friendly. She has also supposedly been seeing P. Diddy, but denies this as well, saying they only talked briefly during the Oscars.

Had I ever dated the Didster I would certainly have denied it as well.

More Norwegians, please! :-)

Amber said...

Angelina really should wear bright colours more often, she looks stunning!

Still love Amy, even though she looks like a crack whore.

There's never enough Tina Fey :)

ablake said...

Wow, Angelina looks like Big Bird.

Dancersmom the loud sex I'm pretty sure was revealed to be Christina A.

Looooove Orlando, but he needs to put on the legolas wig. He looks goofy without it.


Missed the Steve McQueen ref as well. Oh well, haven't been following as closely as I guess I should have been these last few weeks.

Ayesha said...

Poor little Violet Affleck - she inherited her mother's Dumbo ears.

Someone told me that Bernadette Peters wears like 85 SPF sunscreen 100% of the time, and avoids the sun like a vampire. There's no way you could convince me she's older than 40 if I didn't know who she was.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Natassia Malthe either -- but i googled it and she has just been cast in Transformers 2, so we'll be seeing more of her.

SHE SHE said...

Bernadette Peters looks AMAZING!!

Amy Winehouse looks like she's been dipped in shit and rolled in peanuts.

BlackseatDriver said...

1 Too late for anyone to see, but the Steve McQueen mention is due to the fact that he is in FFF and I'll pretty much leave the rest for you to decide.
2 George Washington was channeled twice this week by Brittany Murphy and Tyne Daily
3 Amy Winehouse looks like the result of Groucho Marx and a Sharty wolf hookup on Craigslist

Spring Luvr said...

When I was a kid in the late 70's, I thought heather Locklear was the most beautiful woman on TV. Better than Stefanie Powers, better than any of the Angels. Its amazing that to this day she still looks so damn good, I think she's still my favorite.


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