Thursday, February 04, 2010

Casey Johnson Autopsy Report - Ahmad Rashad Is Her Step-Father?

Another coroner report and another preventable death. The LA County Coroner says Casey Johnson died of "diabetic ketoacidosis," which is apparently what happens when you don't take your insulin. Police surmise that Casey partied the night before she died and fell asleep or passed out without taking her insulin. It is a tragic end to another life that didn't need to happen.

What I didn't know before I read this article in Kneepads is that Casey Johnson's mother is remarried. To Ahmad Rashad. I said to myself, the Ahmad Rashad? The Ahmad Rashad from television? The guy who used to be married to Mrs. Huxtable? The one who had OJ Simpson has his best man? That Ahmad Rashad. It is. It turns out that his fourth wife is Sale Johnson. The two of them are currently raising Ava who is the adopted daughter of Casey. I'm sure all of you probably knew that, but I never noticed it when I was reading other stories about Casey.


jax said...

i know hey? weird.

both her and Britttany Murphy's death were preventable.

lilbitsolo said...

Preventable and very sad. I'm as poor as a church mouse, but at least I know that if I were to become ill or my friends and family hadn't heard from me, they would be checking up on me. Its tragic that these girls had noone with them to help.

Pinky said...

A first blush you'd think 'Ahmed Rashad is into older women' what with him and Felicia, and now Sale Johnson. But Felicia is pretty, Sale Johnson is not someone your eyes would be happy about waking up next to in the morning. What Ahmen Rashad is into is $$.

ballyhoo. said...

oh good, you mentioned this today. my baby's daddy reported back to me about tila a couple of days ago and i didn't know where to report back to you guys. i know, i know - some of you don't want to hear about her but some people did say to post what i found out so i'm just putting it out there. i was thinking about putting this in the britney post but i'm afraid of classalpha and i KNOW he's coming there so thank you enty for posting something vaguely related to tila.

so the tila family friend answered my three questions:

1- yes, the brother actually exists. (i asked this because enty wanted to know)

2- no, tila has not always been like this. he said she's always been "wild" as in drinking and partying, but this crazy is a whole new level for her apparently. (i asked this because i wanted to know if her brand of crazy is just for attention. i thought it possible she was faking pregnancies way back in the day, so maybe it wasn't just drugs but...well, so much for that theory.)

3- he said he doesn't think she's been close with her family for a long time. (i asked this because i wanted to know if anyone is going to help her. it doesn't seem like it.)

and there you have it. my question is, if tila tequila admitted that she influenced casey NOT to take the meds her dr prescribed her and that led to her death, could TT be held responsible in any way? the interview she did i think with radar is where she talked about casey's meds.

anyhoo, i couldn't believe that was her stepdad either, enty, and i totally agree with stardust's assessment of THAT.

califblondy said...

I don't remember him ever being mentioned in any NY Post articles. I always thought he was nice-looking. After seeing what Stardust wrote, I'm going to have to look for a picture of the missus.

MontanaMarriott said...

Yeah, I remember saying when he married her that he would never have to work again. Sad though on CJ death, so easily avoidable.

lmnop123 said...

Yes I knew Ahmad was Casey's step father. As a matter of fact I posted that information on this board when Casey first died.

I also agree after seeing a picture of her mother that he married for money. But, I wonder how much he could get considering Sale was married to a Johnson and is not actually an heir.

chestnut-red said...

Casey was a very pretty woman who seemed to have some major issues. Partying too hard and forgetting to take your insulin is pitiful, but no one bothering to find you for several days is the saddest part of her whole story!

RocketQueen said...

Thanks ballyhoo. Part of the really cool part about CDAN is readers who share their own smut. All interesting.

If this makes sense, I'm kind of glad?! it was accidental and related to diabetes, despite how sadly preventable it was. Now maybe her ex Courtney will STFU about how it was "definitely related to drugs". Sit DOWN, Courtney.

Now RIP.

Merlin D. Bear said...

This wasn't a sudden "oops I forgot to do my insulin once" accident.
Depending on her dosages, she had to have missed her shots for at least 24-36 hours prior and possibly more.
Add to that prodigious drinking and other unhealthy choices, and you begin to see how this occurred.
Still, preventable but I begin to wonder if it wasn't intentional.

GladysKravitz said...

I was just going to write that, Merlin! DKA doesn't happen in one night. It comes from a series of poor choices, including overeating, drinking and also not taking blood sugars or treating those blood sugars with insulin, over a period of at least 24 hours.

Unknown said...

Agree with Merlin. I'm a diabetic. To get to ketoacidosis state, it takes a while without insulin to reach that stage. It had to be more than 24 hours, more than 36 hours and a very high blood sugar reading. She just wasn't taking care of herself.

Lola said...

When I discovered the whole Ahmad Rashad-Sale Johnson marriage, I had the same reaction. After being married to Phylicia Rashad? Really? It just seems so wrong.


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