Monday, February 01, 2010

Grammy Photos Part One

Aaron Carter
Adam Lambert & Katy Perry
Alice & Sheryl Cooper
David Foster, Mary J. Blige & Andrea Bocelli
Green Day
Billy Zane
Bria Murphy & Pleasure P


jax said...

thank you Greenday for not turning into old soccer dad rock stars and making me feel old as dirt.

much love,


lilbitsolo said...

Aaron Carter. Dude. Really?
I am amazed and confused at some of the people that attended the Grammys. Were they invited? Did they crash?

Anonymous said...

Aaron Carter: celebrity poster child for meth addiction

Susan said...

Beyonce needs a team of gays to tell her what to wear. She should hire Tim Gunn and Isaac Mizrahi stat.

All I was thinking last night while E was on in the background, "Where the hell is Joan Rivers when you need her?"

Pookie said...


...but performance-wise i did love me some andrea/mjb.

FoxyLoxy said...

Oh Beyonce, you are wearing a couch cover... Having a zipper in it, still doesn't make it a dress.

Hey Billy Zane ditched the driving gloves...

blog hopper said...

Aaron Carter scares me.

jax said...

Dn,isn't that former meth addict? no way he looks that good and still using. i also think he's going to come out publicly soon.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Carter looks soooo gay.

So is Mary J. Blige's husband out of the picture???

Can't stand Beyonce and with all the money she has why does she wear hooker dresses.

I like the song that Green Day sang.

mooshki said...

Mary J. Blige gets my vote for 'Best Dressed.' Gorgeous, and COLORFUL!!!

kitty litter said...

didn't pleasure p get arrested for child molestation?

B626 said...

Aaron Carter
Begging for an intervention?

Unknown said...

Bria Murphy looks like Rihanna in that picture

caydian said...

Beyonce's dress looks like a bedspread...from a Holiday Huntsville...after a frat party.

Was that a last minute House of Ass creation by her mom?


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