Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Justin Mentell - RIP
Anne Hathaway at about 4am today.
It's the other Kidman sister.
And not to be outdone, Nicole showed up somewhere in LA yesterday so we can compare the two.
Another Australian, Naomi Watts. Oh, and that play Liev Schreiber is in with Scarlett J is supposed to be amazing. Like drop what you are doing and head to New York amazing.
Disturbing on so many levels. Kind of like The Cell but with no weird colors or Jennifer Lopez.
One of my favorites of the day. Beverly Johnson and Louis Gossett Jr.
Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood at the Invictus premiere in London.
Colin Firth from a different perspective.
Channing Tatum and his dad. I noticed in the Dear John commercials, Channing Tatum doesn't get to talk much. Probably a good plan. I think he went to the Sylvester Stallone school of acting.
I like Dan Abrams' outfit.
Denis Leary on the set of Rescue Me.
Now Godiva is dead to me. Thank goodness for See's.
Haylie Duff and Nick Zano.
Jessica Alba in some kind of python style thingy.
I believe Jim Carrey may be wearing velvet. Somewhere out there is a picture of Jim kissing Ewan McGregor but I thought you might like to see Ewan's face.
Joss Stone - Amsterdam
Randomness of the day. Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore.
A gaggle of Gosselins.
Kate Hudson in New Orleans. No makeup but at least she is walking. For me in New Orleans that would be a positive.
Yes, Marisa it is a picture of Kevin McKidd. And for good measure I have thrown in Steve Coogan and Pierce Brosnan.


chihuahuense said...

Man, there are some ugly celebrities in those photos!

bflogurl said...

Kevin Bacon needs to eat some bacon, STAT.

Tempestuous Grape said...

I love Rescue Me!!!

Unknown said...

Hahaha! Thanks Ent! I'm purrrring over here

angelina said...

Hey look! Demi found her other hip!

blog hopper said...

Haley Duff reminds me of that ugly, tacky Vienna chick from The Bachelor. (yes, I know, I watch it still).

shelly_bean said...

wow, I really like Jessica Alba's short hair!!!

eww the Winehouse thumb-sucking pic is creepy! is that her dad? he looks so...sleazy

mooshki said...

So sad about Justin Mentell. WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS!!! (I don't know that that would've saved him, but it couldn't have hurt.)

Godiva is so overrated. Fancy packaging, mediocre chocolate.

Jeez, the Other Kidman reminds me of how naturally adorable Nicole used to be.

Colin looks good from all sides.

califblondy said...

Blog hopper, do you read realitysteve? Everything you never wanted to know about the Bachelor.

Thank you Ent, best random pix column ever. Kevin McKidd, Pierce Brosnan, Denis Leary AND See's? The mind runs wild...

Ms Cool said...

Now I really, really wish Nicole Kidman had left her face alone.

Colin Firth looks beautiful.

I really love Clint Eastwood.

That Justin Mentell kid died in my neck of the woods. From interviews I saw with him, he seems real sweet. Sad.

blog hopper said...

Califblondy- Yes, I've read his blog this season and heard his predictions. I just can't read it all the time because he writes A LOT. Makes for good entertainment when I'm not working while at work :)

Amit! said...

Yeah...Sees is dead to me, lol. They supported Prop 8 and all this other crap.

No no, I'm all about the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

For now.

califblondy said...

Oh no, say it ain't so! Not See's. Waaaaahhhhh.

nunaurbiz said...

Had to look up the dead guy. Sad.

I just got back from the second star-starved half of Sundance and I wasn't at the screening, but did you guys hear that Jessica Alba's film is so bad and so disturbing that she left and didn't come back???

I met Mark Ruffalo and he's ONE SWEET GUY. Saw his debut as director, "Sympathy for Delicious," and it's good!!!! He was so happy at the awards for winning special jury prize and he deserved it! Met his pal, Chris, the star of the film, too. So glad to see good guys come in first!

Anonymous said...


She left because of a commitment elsewhere. The film was of a shocking nature, but she herself participated and inevitably knew what the subject matter would contain. In fact, her performance lends to the controversy by her being such a willing participant.

Also, Kevin Bacon looks like Death.

Sporky said...

Haley Duff reminds me of the new Jonas Bros. wife. Can't remember his or ner name, just that their mugs were on the cover of People.

I just read about Justin Mentell. As Mooshki said, PLEASE wear your seatbelts! :*(

Pookie said...

eeep...so sad about justin mendell...so young. rip.

oooh...precious little watts/shreiber babies! but omg, so much bundling up. i so couldn't handle a cold winter.

pls tell me the winehouse pic is a joke. =O

GREAT louis gossett pic!

me loves the firth.

eeep. rather unfortunate pic of eva. but yay, *heart see's*

joss stone..do not like...but great pic!

mooshki said...

NOOOO! Oh well, since they don't sell it in my state, I guess it won't be a big sacrifice to boycott See's. :(

RocketQueen said...

Well, I suppose the Sly Stallone school of acting is still better than the Frank Stallone school of acting.

Wow - crazy resemblance between the Kidmans!

ardleighstreet said...

Pierce just gets better looking. I love his accent.

I think Godiva is WAY overrated.
There is a local chocolate company ;in Pa; called Daffin's that beats Godiva hands down.
Their Chocolate turtles melt in your mouth.

chestnut-red said...

I still think Hersheys rules.

Hey, if you look closely, you can see a few lines in the Kidman sister's forehead. And she's still cute and young-looking, Nicole.

Yum, yum, Colin Firth...thanks Enty!

@nunaurbiz - I'm jealous about your trip to Sundance. Did you have fun? Did you see Paul Giamatti's movie COLD SOULS?

figgy said...

@Amit, Noooo, Sees supported Prop 8?? Where else can I get my nuts & chews now??

I see Kate Gosselin still hasn't ripped the bad weave out of her possum head.

Geez, Kevin and Demi are like skinny and skinnier. Blech.

MizCaramel said...

Nummy on that Colin Firth pic... he's what I call a beautiful man...

FrenchGirl said...

Stallone school of acting!!!LOL
don't forget Schwarzie/Lundgren school of acting LOL

great pix of Colin Firth!

i don't recognize jessica Alba(beautiful haircut)

lanasyogamama said...

@bflogurl I saw Kevin Bacon IRL once and he was TI-NY! My husband went and stood next to him as he looked at (but did not choose from) the desert bar, and he looked like a little boy next to my 6'2", wide shouldered husband.

I like Denis Leary, but I hate how he writes his character in the show, like he's soooooo hot.

Alba looks good there. But still, whatever.

Kate Gosselin and Kate Hudson kind of look the same in those pics.

Unknown said...

Antonia kidman is generally known here in OZ as being the "nice" sibling. She has worked hard to have her own tv career, and around the media was always pleasant and grounded.

Momster said...

Damn. . .Ewan McGregor, Kevin McKidd and Colin Firth in Randoms-I feel so blessed!

I love Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber--seems like they try and be "normal" folks.

Antonia Kidman is very pretty.

Thoughts and prayers to Justin's family.

chihuahuense said...

I think Hershey's all the way.
Has anyone been to the factory and heard their crazy song?

can't get it out of my head now.

Hershey's Chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate,
Hershey's, the great American candy bar.

MCH said...

Justin Mentall - What a senseless death. Seatbelts PLEASE. :(

Is Hudson filming in NOLA?

@chihuahuense I went there as a kid and apparently was under the impression that is was going to be like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Boy, was I disappointed. I don't remember that song??

hotchacha said...

Alba does look cute even if she's wearing Posh castoffs.

nunaurbiz said...

@chestnut: No, didn't see his film. Saw Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams' film "Blue Valentine." Great performances, so-so movie.

Loved a new docu "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work."

Best movie I saw was "Nowhere Boy," about John Lennon's teen years. PLUS: Elton John and hubby sat five rows in front of me.

Choice said...

Anyone else noticed Ewan Mcgregor's hair piece?

Nicole used to look fresh like her younger sister too, once upon a time.


Aimée said...

Amy is looking pretty healthy in that disturbing picture. I talk to Mitch Winehouse on Twitter occasionally and he seems like an alright kinda guy.

skeeball said...

so much gorgeousness-Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, it is almost too much to take, but I will try.

Dan Abrams isn't bad, either

MnGddess said...

Ah, Hershey's chocolate world. I have to take you on the ride, Enty. Free chocolate at the end!

Piece of crap Kate Gosselin.

And sadly, I watch the Bachelor this year (first time). What a piece of over-sappy crap! but it's like a train wreck. And yes - the girl named Vienna is a doppelganger for Haylie Duff.

And thanks, Califblondy, for realitysteve. I just read him and I can break myself from watching the actual show. You have saved me!!

chihuahuense said...

@MCH, yes, it is on the ride. Where you sit in the little car and they have audio playing and you ride through tunnels and stuff and see how chocolate is made. And I think it is always playing in the background. I will have to dig out some pictures with the big hersey's candies. Lol, my new avatar!

MLissa14 said...

Demi's face looks strange, weird, different some how.....what could have happened per chance??

alaina said...

I was just going to come in here to sing the praises of See's Chocolate (best tasting chocolate hands down) but I didn't know they supported Prop 8 so now I'm very sad. Very sad indeed.

Fuck you See's!!!! You make good chocolate but bad decisions! Gays like chocolate too!!!

Sorry, got a little crazy there.

Diane said...

I love the original Cadbury's for chocolate, though I also enjoy Dove dark chocolate, Ghirardelli, and good old fashioned Reese's.

Kate Hudson looks cute. And so does Nicole Kidman's sister. Nicole herself looks quite freakish comparatively. Oh, plastic surgery and Botox.

I'm having a really hard time seeing Steve Coogan doing the horizontal mambo with Courtney Love. Particularly when I conjure up Alan Partridge's voice.

Kevin Bacon must be really stressing out from having to make up the funds he lost from Bernie Madoff if he looks that wasted away. Poor Kevin. :(

Beverly Johnson's photo reminds me of the whole "black don't crack" thing. Which makes me wish I were black instead of Native American and Hispanic, which are two ethnicities that definitely DO crack.


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