Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Top spot today goes to two legends. Stephen Sondheim and Elaine Stritch who was celebrating her birthday yesterday.
Really Beyonce? Who thinks of posing like this? She was selling perfume so of course this is the right pose for that.
Imma going to keep going but I will let all of you take your time with Ben Harper.
The timeless Bernadatte Peters.
I think this was unintentional but hilarious. The reason I think it was unintentional is that Carrot Top isn't that funny. Also, I don't think Holly Madison really has a sense of humor.
So, now when I go home to the basement tonight and look at my futon, I will keep asking myself what is missing. Then I will realize it is missing Elle Macpherson.
Fall Out Boy is over. They all blame Pete Wentz. Sounds fair.
Gorgeous baby picture of the day is Heidi Klum and Lou.
Sure, let those people over at Architectural Digest ruin all the tabloid fun. Apparently Jen has remodeled her home into single friendly and even removed the his and her bathrooms to have just big her ones.
I didn't even recognize Jon Bon Jovi's wife.
Jason Segel & Russell Brand relieving some of that sexual tension they developed on Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Notice Russell still has his eyes open. Nervous maybe?
There he goes. Yes, he is into it now.
Grabbing for that butt to pull in Jason closer.
Perhaps Jason went too far and now Russell is pulling back.

Your Real Housewife picture of the day. Kelly Bensimon.


RocketQueen said...

Brand looks like he smells of days-old fish.

Sigh - I used to really like Fall Out Boy - the lyrics are/were clever and I think Patrick Stump has an amazing voice. Then Pete married Asslee. End of story, end of band.

littleoleme said...

Russell does have his eyes closed in the first pic.

Sporky said...

Ugh. Freddie Mercury is probably rolling in his grave over those two Fall Out Boy boys wearing those shirts. Good riddance.

Is the Jennifer A. "big ones" comment a hint at a blind or something?

Okay Enty, I could have really done without the Jason and Russell tonsil hockey pictures. *shudders*

Kelly, we're "up here" and you're "down there".

angelina said...

I didn't need to see that many pictures of Russell Brand :(

FrenchGirl said...

great french kiss!

with a better pix,we can see Elle MacPherson's new face(she has Marg Helgenberger 's plastic surgeon doctor)

amanda rae said...

I absolutely loathe Beyonce. I don't think there's one other celeb that has ever walked this Earth that I hate as much as I hate that talentless, obnoxious, overhyped bitch. Just seeing her name is enough to make me want to start throwing things.

I love Bernadette Peters...Annie is my favorite musical, and she's always looked so beautiful! I'm envious of her beautiful hair too!

Elle McPherson has a tiny little pin head.

Russell Brand makes my stomach churn every time I look at him. He's kinda funny but he's repulsive looking. But I think he could still do better than Katy Perry. Hate her too.

Kelly Bensimon has some skinny legs!

Unknown said...

Yay Bernadette Peters!

New Life and Attitude said...

@Sporky - that was perfect!

Genesis said...

Is Beyonce bleaching her skin?

Reese said...

Kelly Bensimon is about 20 years too old to have on a skirt that short. Probably 25 years too old.

Legs still look good, but mutton dressed as lamb is always repulsive.

Tara said...

Bernadette Peters is beautiful. I've thought that since I was a little girl. Love her in the Jerk, Annie, and Animaniacs (I used to watch the religiously).

Anonymous said...

@Amanda Rae...If you depise someone that much, you may need help. Seriously.

altar boy said...

What a great lineup of pics! Sondheim AND Elaine Stritch:

great video of them rehearsing and chainsmoking.

Jason Segel . . . sigh. He used to be a crush of mine and then there was that item about him having s with la lohan. Whether or not it's true it has tarnished him like so many STDS.

Bernadette Peters is one of my faves from childhood and is actively involved in our local (Brooklyn) animal shelter. A+ person all around.

Lady J said...

@Amanda Rae

Tell us how u really feel about Beyonce. LOL

Myrlin A. Hermes said...

Wow--Bernadette Peters is actually starting to show a little age! By which I mean I might believe she was turning 40 this year, instead of 62.

Totally adore her, and felt terribly presumptuous for putting her up as my "doppelganger" on Facebook., even though I have been told I look like her (it's the curly red hair).

ardleighstreet said...

Does Bernadette never age? She looks the same as when I was a child. She does not look 62.
Loved her on the Muppet Show. Into the Woods-Her witch rocked.

Cindy said...

RocketGirl -- I'm with you, I really like FOB and looooove Patrick's voice. They are a nice group of men (including Wentz) and love their fans. I could kick that broad Asslee in the ass.

lanasyogamama said...

When I see Beyonce perform, I can't help but like her.

Jealous of Kelly Bensimon's bod.

jen said...

@ amanda rae

Good, now I don't have to say it (I feel the exact same way about Beyonce LOLOLOL)

I wish people like Meg Ryan & Nicole Kidman would look at women like Bernadette Peters (or Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon while we're at it) and realize just how much better they look than their plastic counterparts. Sad :(

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

Jason Segel gets a yay, Rusell Brand gets a meh.

Mango said...

If Beyonce were as fit as she pretends she is she wouldn't have to hold onto a chair to balance.

Bernadette Peters - I feel no love for her. An actor friend of mine worked with her and said she was obnoxious.

My brother ran into Carrott Top in an Orlando Lowe's store and said he was really nice! (Very gay with bizarre eyebrows and big pecs, but polite.)

Wow, Elle Macpherson has had at least 2 kids and looks unbelievable!

I'd like to blame Asslee for Fall Out Boys falling out.

Heidi and Seal are a gorgeous couple. No wonder they made a gorgeous baby.

@ Lana's Blog - please don't be jealous of Kelly Bensimon's bod; her boob job is one of the worst ever. She's also one whack beeyotch, but that's a whole other story...

Jillian S. said...

Photoshopping myself over Russell Brand. Just spray some sanitizer and bleach onto Jason to kill the Lilo germs and he's good to go.

SnowCherries said...

Serious love for Stephen Sondheim and Elaine Stritch.

Heidi Klum and Seal are a cute couple and their kids are even more adorable.

Bernadette Peters looks 20 years younger than she is. I know she's done a lot, but one of my favorite performances still has to be in "The Jerk."

Not sure that I get Rusell Brand, but I love Jason Segel. And I loved "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

amanda rae said...


Wow, thanks for the advice. Are you a real psychiatrist or do you just play one on the internet? Please, give me some more unsolicited advice, tell me how I can be a better person (and presumably more like you, amirite?)! LOL....

B626 said...

Would think JayZ would be wild about Beyonce bleaching.
Dang Ben Harper looks good

Lucy T. said...

What an exceptionally un-ladylike pose - Kelly should really practice that at home in front of a mirror. Her boobs look odd even when they're all covered up.

lmnop123 said...

@amanda rae, I understand your rant. I think we all have someone that we just have to share our hate for with the rest of the world.

Beyonce annoys me, not as much as she does you, but there are others who I'd love to ban from my internet, tv, radio, newspaper etc. In other words I'd love for them to just disappear off the face of the earth. :)

chihuahuense said...

oh, Ben, you are delicious.

Tempestuous Grape said...


__-__=__ said...

Could we get a pic of Kelly's ex? He was a hot guy!

__-__=__ said...

Could we get a pic of Kelly's ex? He was a hot guy!

misterbunn said...

"to have just big her ones"??? Blogs r fun

misterbunn said...

"to have just big her ones"??? Blogs r fun

Diane said...

Russell Brand's actually supposed to smell absolutely delicious in person, which is interesting. Also interesting is that even though his tweets are a bit annoying at times, at least he shows great mental acuity when writing them, and he's given great soundbytes when interviewed about older, more established comedians such as Stephen Fry and Eddie Izzard. Given that Katy Perry looks like a great girl and is so awesome that she's managed to irk the loathsome Lily whatsername (not Cole -- Cole's the supermodel, I know that), I'm hoping this union is going to be built to last.

Heidi Klum gives me the warm fuzzies. There's something about certain models such as her, Elle Macpherson, Yasmin Le Bon, Helena Christensen, and Iman that makes me feel very positive about them, in that I don't think their presences harm young girls' self image and ideas of self in a way that certain other models (e.g. Kate Moss) and a plethora of actresses does, and I feel like since the aforementioned models look like they actually eat (look at the shapely thighs on Macpherson!) they're much less likely to be cranky.

BTW, God bless Bernadette Peters. She's a classic one and definitely does not look her age one bit, for she definitely doesn't look like someone who's been a Broadway star since the '70s.


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