Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Lisa Blount - RIP

James MacArthur - RIP
Tom Selleck on the set of Blue Bloods.
Brittany Loren and Jamie Foxx.
Bruce Springsteen meeting fans in London.
All of these people are waiting to see...
Cindy Crawford.
Charlie Sheen on the prowl for a hooker. I wonder where he gets his coke. That dude must be rich.
David Blaine chewing glass.
David Blaine sticking a needle completely through his hand.
Dannii Minogue signing her new book.
Umm, go get up out of your chair and pose with anyone. See, if you can pose like Demi. Is it natural? Nope. We get it, you want us to think you are in love. This kind of thing fools no one!!!!


RocketQueen said...

Seems to me like guys like David Blaine and Criss Angel aren't so much magicians/illusionists anymore, but rather like the performers in Jim Rose Circus.

Strong words from Enty about Ashton/Demi! By the way, wasn't he going to sue over those reports of his cheating? No lawsuits filed yet!

Anonymous said...

For some reason Blaine and Angel don't get my attention. I also don't find them attractive at all.

Regarding Ashton/Demi, always felt there was something weird about that marriage. I also don't like the guy with that stupid face of his LOL.

RenoBlondee said...

So sad about Lisa! Loved her Lynette on Officer. I'm confused about what I read about her death though. Died Monday but not found till Wed and she's married? They said no foul play either. She was too young to die like that. Anyone know any details?

MnGddess said...

David Blaine chews glass and sticks a needle through his hand. How is that magic? Sounds like a drunk frat boy to me.

The other stuff he does is pretty cool, though.

Momster said...

Lisa Blount had the opposite medical condition that I have. Her body didn't produce enough platelets, mine produces way too many. RIP, Lisa and Dan-O.

Tenley said...

There comes a point when it doesn't matter what kind of shape a woman's in, she looks stupid in a poofy mini-skirt. Usually it's somewhere shortly after age 30. Demi is about 20 years past that.

chopchop said...

@RQ -- Jim Rose's Circus!!! LMAO!! I haven't thought about that in years. They opened up for NIN when I saw them back in the day ... after the show my friends & I waited by the tour buses and met all the guys from NIN and JRC. They were all really nice and surprisingly normal.

And it pains me to admit it, but I think David Blaine is smokin' hot. Weird, douchey dude but I'd still hit it. Twice.

lanasyogamama said...

I'm really done with all these celeb books. I read that DENISE RICHARDS had a boo deal today.

RocketQueen said...
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RocketQueen said...

@chopchop - I saw that tour! In fact that NIN concert (Jim Rose circus opened) was my first concert EVER. I had just moved to Vancouver from a small town up north in 1994 to go to University and that concert was a hell of a show to start on. I was just kind of stunned and could never forget Jim Rose circus after that.
How cool you got to meet them!

parissucksliterally said...

Lisa Blount was GREAT as Lynette! "I don't want some Okee from Mukogee- I want to marry a pilot! I want to live my life overseas! Damn you Sid, nobody DORs after 14 weeks! Nobody!"


mazshad said...

RIP Danno !!

Julie said...


so many people have ITP, its not necessarily deadly. I have it. my platelets have gotten like severely low, but I've never been hospitalized. When my first was born, they were saying that if i was below 90, i couldn't have an epidural. i was riiiight at 90. but i've been at 53. =\

i'm reading different reports that she suffered from something like MS as well?

__-__=__ said...

I was recently watching old X-Files and saw the episode with Jim Rose and some of those guys. Saw his Circus on a Lolapalooza tour, or something like that. Good times!


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