Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Ed O'Neil tries out part of his Elin Woods Halloween costume.
Gin Blossoms - Round Rock, TX
Gene Simmons and his girlfriend Shannon Tweed. I wonder if he will ever marry her.
Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez make their red carpet debut as a couple.
Isla Fisher in London.
It's a Ben Lee and Ione Skye sighting. I think Ione is pregnant.
Mark Wahlberg is a huge Justin Bieber fan.
He just takes his daughter for cover.
Apparently the Jonas Brothers are still popular in Mexico. Love the effort in the poster.
It's the Collins sisters.
It's the 1970's again. Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch.


MontanaMarriott said...

Bad surgery=Jane/Raquel
Good surgery=Jackie and Joan

RocketQueen said...

My god. Halle is just so incredibly beautiful. Really stunning.

Lol! Elin Woods Halloween costume is a howler! Blonde wig and golf club and you're set.

I like Shannon Tweed, but what she's done to her mouth is ridiculous. That's all I can see whenever she's on a screen - huge distorted lips and mouth.

memyselfandi said...

So Isla had her baby? I must have missed that memo.

MizCaramel said...

I thought Ione Skye was Mary Louise Parker from Weeds, had to do some double takes to make sure.

cowbulls said...

Jane looks terrible. Racquel is still sexy.

PotPourri said...

Raquel looks ok, but Jane, sad, sad, sad.

The Collins sisters are always perfect!

nancer said...

jesus, jane. lighten up on the plastic surgery. she's almost unrecognizable.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

So Marky Mark must be a midget because he looks about 3 inches taller than the prepubescent Beiber there.

Pookie said...

teehee @ elin woods costume comment.

gin blossoms are still around? sweet! then tomorrow we can drive around this town...let the cops chase us around...

i love you, gene simmons. helmet hair and all. you're a sweetheart.

why hellllo, olivier...

i want ione skye's yellow boots.

Dasha said...

Gene Simmons and his girlfriend certainly must qualify as a common law marriage at this point. They've been together a couple of decades at least.

califblondy said...

Personally, I don't get the Olivier attraction. Nahla's daddy is way purtier.

Doesn't Mary Tyler Moore look nice with Raquel Welch? Oh wait, that's Jane Fonda? WTF?

Chrissy Buns said...

oh how i loved the Gin Blossoms in the 90's! good times!

MnGddess said...

As much as Gene Simmons gives me the skeeves, I like him and Shannon as a couple. And she looks FANTASTIC. I want her shirt!! has anyone seen it before and know where I can get it?

Patty said...

I love Halle, but she sure seems to have problems in the man department, one way or another. Hope she can find a keeper soon.

Meg said...

I loved the Gin Blossoms too. Is that the lead singer? He's kind of hot. How did I miss this in HS?

Love the Jonas Brothers posters! ha

Monalicious said...

Gene! Gene! Gene! Love Gene and Shannen!

Fabulous! said...

don't tell donnie, but i think it's hot that my bil takes his girl to jobro concerts.

Henriette said...

Has anyone seen Gene Simmons'Family Jewels? It is so funny and Gene genuinely loves Shannon. Now he may not be faithful, but you can see that they still love each other. I don't think they need to get married.

laesmralda said...

God, I love when Enty posts pics of my favorite singers/bands from the 90s. Last week it was Ed K. from Live and this week it is Gin Blossoms and I know a couple of times he has posted pics of Adam D. from Counting Crows and Scott W. from STP. It just makes my day...Thanks Enty! :)

Mango said...

I'd always written Gene Simmons off as a total tool but I really like him after watching his (mostly scripted) reality show. He's not afraid of showing how much he loves his kids, who are gorgeous and funny, btw. I also think his record number of conquests are a total fabrication. He might like pussy but he LOVES the almighty dollah.

Man, Halle Berry should be a poster child for taking care of oneself.

I remember when Ione Skye was going to be the "next big thing". What happened?

Mark Wahlberg never struck me as a tall guy but he is TOWERING over The Bieb.

Love the way the Collins sisters have stuck together.

Holy carp, Jane Fonda has some bony shoulders and the neck of giraffe in that pic!

Cute Little Redhead said...

Okay, I am going to rant here for a second.

What the f difference does it make if Gene and Shannon get married?
How would that change their relationship? They want to be together, they live together, they have kids together.

I'm sorry. I just hate when people say, "when are they ever going to get married". IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Yeah, like just the fact of getting married is going to make their relationship different at this point. I doubt it.

Just my 2 cents.


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