Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Ethan Hawke and his new girlfriend, telescope. They don't get out much because she is fixed in place on the Empire State Building. Plus, the other telescopes make fun of her because she has no mouth.
Eva Mendes and Keira Knightley in a hug. Well, I know what I will be doing tonight.
Heidi Klum is the best celebrity mom when it comes to Halloween. Maybe mom anywhere. You can tell it is her favorite holiday.
Joan Rivers as Snooki.
And Ellen as Snooki's poof.
Because blankets never get their own fashion shows.
Umm, yeah. For the Florida Gator fan who has everything??
James Franco calculates the odds he can turn that lampshade into a bong.
Juliette Lewis at the premiere of Due Date.
Rocky Horror 35th Anniversary party last night. Here are Julian McMahon and Tim Curry.
Jack Nicholson was also in it and
Evan Rachel Wood who could probably get Jack to help her being raised some more.
Jorge Garcia was also in it.
Kate Bosworth tanned to match her dress.
Umm, I am no expert Jennifer Connelly, but I think the belt is supposed to be horizontal, not vertical.


skeeball said...

Yay for Jorge Garcia!! Love him. miss Lost

Momster said...

Seeing Heidi Klum reminds me of this season of Project Runway. I don't want to name the winner and spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I don't think I'm watching PR ever again!
/blows raspberry at HK, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia

chihuahuense said...

as much as I love Heidi, I am right there with you Momster.

RocketQueen said...

Ugh - go eat something, Kate, seriously. Lay off the blow for just a day and EAT.

Juliette really looks great.

Lol what is with the cabbage patch doll falling out of Ellen's costume? Is it her "merkin poof"??

Heidi is just awesome. The most genuine smile around.

Unknown said...


Ethan Hawke is hot. ;)

PotPourri said...

Love Hurley getting around! Heidi Klum is a joke.

Susan said...

Thank you for not posting the deets on Project Runway. I'm a few weeks behind on that.

I am loving Joan Rivers as Snooki. But, I always love Joan Rivers.

I saw on the O'Reilly Factor that the Jersey Shore cast are the most popular Halloween costumes this year. How pathetic is that?

Anonymous said...

What coke dealer isn't rich? There's something about Heidi...

Electric Warrior said...

I never thought I could "like" a supermodel, but I really do like Heidi Klum.

Keep up with the anorexia Katey B, it's always a good look for your head to appear several times larger than your brittle body. I really dislike her for whatever reason.

I wish Juliette Lewis wasn't a Xenu supporter.

TIM CURRY!!!!!!!!!

selenakyle said...

Gyahh! Jennifer Connolly is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet but her wardrobe is hideous. I'm all for avant garde, don't get me wrong...but she takes the gateau!

looserdude said...


I think every holiday where Heidi K. gets to dress up is her favorite holiday. And as to Project Runway and all reality shows, 1. they are edited for drama so people are made villains by the producers in order to make the show more interesting and 2. I think that person's problem is that she tried to "act" instead of just being herself and that made her seem insincere. Since the other characters seemed to like her for the most part, I'm inclined to believe she wasn't that bad, except of course, she was really competitive. Having said all that, I wish one of the other two had won. But I just don't get the hate that folks all over the 'net have for her.

Maidstone said...

TIM CURRY and Bruce Springsteen in one day?

Thank you Enty! You've made my Halloween weekend off to a good start.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Holy Mother of all the Gods!
Nicholson as "No Neck" ? *and* Dr Frankenfurter himself in attendance? This could have been the ultimate trifecta with Meatloaf reprising his role as Eddie!
I'd have given serious body parts (my own and others) to have been there for this!
And before the question gets asked, yes, I was once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, a "cast" member for RHPS - I was Dr. Everett Scott. (GREAT SCOTT! )
Let me say now, you really haven't lived until you're barrelling down a theatre aisle in a wheelchair in the dark in front of hundreds of people making an utter fool of yourself.
And all because I was dating the guy who played Brad.
Ahhh, misspent youth.

chihuahuense said...

@looserdude, I don't read other things on the internet about PR, so I didn't know that everyone hates her. My judgements were based on clothes only.

Tenley said...

Oh enty, you are so not on trend, featuring nothing but one colorful outfit and nutty print after another, that's not where fashion's at, or so I learned last night from the experts. (sarcasm)

Elle said...

"Because blankets never get their own fashion shows".... or models get their own meals? Jebus, that girl looks emaciated!

I didn't get the Jennifer Connelly/belt reference. What is vertical?

chopchop said...

Why is there barf all over that car? (Juliette Lewis photo)

lanasyogamama said...

So mad about the PR finale. The winning collection looked like a Marshalls clearance rack. *anger*

To me, Kate Bosworth>Jennifer Connelly.

Henriette said...

More Julian McMahon please, sans the make-up though.

mooshki said...

"Why is there barf all over that car?"

Probably from someone who watched the Project Runway finale.

RJ said...

Rocket Queen, the doll was Snookie. Ellen was Snookie's hair.

ardleighstreet said...

Thanks for the Jorge!

__-__=__ said...

Juliette Lewis needs to play Evi Quaid in the documentary of the Quaid's life and times!

RocketQueen said...

@RJ - bahahaha! Thanks, that makes way more (hilarious) sense.

dbfreak said...

@Merlin - I was once a RHPS "cast member" too! I started as Janet, hooked up briefly with Brad and ended up engaged to Frankenfurter LOL! I played Janet for six months, then played Magenta for the next 3 years.

Fun fact: I got our cast banned from the Reitz Union at UF because there was an instance of accidental full frontal nudity in front of hundreds of people while sacrificing a virgin (virgin's nudity, not mine). I was technically responsible as I was the one who pulled down his jeans. *However,* I prepped that dude and told him he HAD to hold up his boxers, which he did not. He was quite drunk though...good times :D


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