Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Photos Part Five

Hugh Laurie
Jake Gyllenhaal
James Franco
Jane Fonda
Jane Krakowski
Jane Lynch
January Jones and her Fifth Element tribute.
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jeremy Renner


Patty said...

Both of the Janes look stunning in their pictures.

Patty said...

Oops, make that all three. Forgot about Jane F.

Bitter Queen said...

Jane Fonda: amazing. Please give me her plastic surgeon's number.

JLo: You can almost hear her whispering, "Please! Look at me! Put my picture in your papers and on your websites! Get people talking about me!" So in that way I guess she's succeeded.

January Jones: No. Just No.

libby said...


libby said...

^^And when I say that, I mean top to bottom! Good Lord!

Click on JLo's pic and blow it up: She has super heavy pancake is making kind of a monkey face, I think to look 'hot.' It's grotesque, check it out. Is she high or what?

MCH said...

Definitely not a fan of January's look, at least not the top half.

Show some leg there Jane! She looks beautiful!

Also hated the top half of JLH's dress but I thought she looked very pretty other than that.

Ruse said...

As much as it pains me to say this, I like JLo's dress.

Ugh, ok, that's it folks!!! The only nice thing I'll say about JLo all year. Glad to have gotten it out of the way early.

January Jones be careful, your bitch is showing.

Jane K is so cute and Jeremy Renner looks marvelous.

chopchop said...

Lopez looks like she's wearing a wedding dress.

Pookie said...

jho will remember this as the worst off-night she's ever had, well, at least since after the japanese thermal reconditioning, nose job and lipo. everything was wrong. hair...m/ thing. my fave pic of her is:

the other jennifer had her beat by a mile.

Maja. With a J. said...

Loved Jane Lynch's speech! The dress was kind of meh, though...*L*

BigMama said...

some tasty fellas in this one....

hated Jello's dress, it's sooooooo highschool sewing class

JLH - bless her heart, she needs to fire her mom, take some acting lessons, go to India or someplace like that for awhile and hire a stylist.

Jane Krakowski - I can't stand her. She makes me cringe. Sole reason I don't watch 30 Rock

chopchop said...

I can see where you're coming from re: Jane Krakowski, BigMama. I'm not overly fond of her and I still think of her as the girl whose daddy said she was a good French kisser in "Vacation". Stir that Kool-Aid with your hand, girl!

nancer said...

well, i LOVED january's dress. it looked really good on tv, loved her hair too. very hollywood glamorous.

feraltart said...

Does anyone else think Alec Baldwin was taking the piss out of JLo when he said she looked stunning?

mandy said...

Was I the only one who thought part of Jane Fonda's nipple was showing during her time on stage?

MCH said...

@feraltart - I wondered the same thing. Thought it was an odd thing to say on stage.

Jamie's Girl said...

J Lo. Her look misses altogther. Jane Krakowski is trying to show off her leg. I don't like that.

That is the ugliest Red Dress I think I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Jane Fonda's dress Eeekkkk

Jane K., nice color

Jane Lynch, really don't feel it.

January's dress really don't like it. Hair is nice from the 50's.

I like Jlo's dress. Simple but nice.

JLH - really bad

RenoBlondee said...

Jlo's dress is pretty, the bolero is FUG.
I love, love, love Jane K and think she looks lovely.
Don't think much of January, but she pulled it off.

G said...

Jane Fonda's plastic surgeon has golden hands.

lanasyogamama said...

I agree with Mandy on the nipple.

shakey said...

I don't get the love for Jane Fonda's plastic surgeon. She always looks tight to me.

I find Jane Krakowski is one sexy mama-to-be. Jane Lynch always wears black, doesn't she? I'd like to see her in another colour. January Jones tried.

Pookie, I saw that picture! I had no clue Jho has a pockmarky face.

And JLH - you're too old for the prom.

the lutefisk said...

Jane Fonda's surgeon may have tightened her up a little, but didn't change her looks. She is a really good example otf an aging star NOT trying to look 21 again.


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