Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Instead of January Jones love, Jason Sudekis hangs out with Fred Armisen and Kyle MacLachlan.
Jay Z watching the Nets play.
Khloe Kardashian in YRB.
Kim Kardashian sending love messages to her boyfriend while he plays. I bet he didn't do it back. Whatever, as soon as the television season wraps up so will the relationship.
Kat Von D showing off her ring for the first time.
Apparently Spain has a Miss and Mister.
Martha Stewart looks all recovered from her injury.
At least Steve Harvey's books are good. Needs a better fake smile though.
Tea Leoni doing the solo thing on the red carpet.


MommaSaid said...

God, I hope this is the year the Kardashians go away...

Kat Von Dirty----Im at a loss for words. Ugh.

parissucksliterally said...

Khloe, DO NOT MODEL. And who the hell is hiring her?

Kim, please- this "relationship" will be over in 3 weeks. Nice heart signal. said...

The media wins, we can't fight it any longer, the Kardashians are famous. We now accept this, and are holding our breath for the 15 famous minutes to tick down.

Robert said...

That would only be believable from Kim K. if someone were holding up a mirror.

skeeball said...

Isn't Kim giving secret whore hole sign?

RocketQueen said...

Oh, Kim loves him already, does she? /eyeroll

Blue hair makes people look sickly.

MommaBear said...

@skeeball, too funny! You've cracked the code.

Is it just me or is Martha looking a little 'refreshed' these days. Must have had something done.

Dear God, Kat Von D looks like she's been ridden hard and put away wet. What's she going to look like in a few years? Doesn't surprise me that she's hooked up with Jesse, they're both sooooo classy.

The Nightmare Child said...

I really want to see Fred A.'s new show. It looks cute.

And Kat Von D is a disgrace to the entire tattoo community.

Bitter Queen said...

Martha's skin is amazing. Must have just had a peel.

Oh look! Two Kardashian pics. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Pookie said...

dear kim, swifty called. she says get your own damned move.

idk who mr. spain is, but YUM!

lol @ steve harvey. i still like him tho.

ea73 said...

Eeew. I feel like I need a shower after looking at these photos - the Kardashians AND Kat Von D??! I especially feel like I could get Hepatitis just looking at Kat Von D's photo! She's gross.

Momster said...

/passes ea73 some antibiotics. . . lol

Electric Warrior said...

I wanna like Fred Armisen, he has this endearing quality about him (though you'd think the topic of Scientology would've come up before his marriage to Elisabeth Moss) but most of what he does I don't find funny. I heard Portlandia is more strange than funny, but I have yet to see an episode. I used to like Jason Sudeikis a lot more, before he divorced his wife and started dating Jennifer Aniston and January Jones.

Kim K looks like such a moron, reminds me of something Jessica Simpson would do. I'd be so embarrassed if I were dating her (for all the obvious reasons).

Jay Z's pants look.....bad.

There was a headline in the local express this morning in the entertainment section that read "Jesse James and Gollum Engaged". I about on point!

john said...

No more Karadshians!


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