Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Photos Part Four

Eva Longoria
Gabourey Sidibe
Garrett Hedlund
Giulilana Rancic
Guy Pearce
Hailee Steinfeld
Halle Berry
Heidi Klum
Helen Mirren
Helena Bonham Carter


chopchop said...

Is Helena wearing two different shoes?? I love it!!

Bitter Queen said...

If you combined Giuliana Rancic and Gabby Sidebe, then divided them in half, you'd have two people of relatively acceptable weights and very bad dresses.

I might be alone in this, but I love Heidi's dress. HBC, on the other hand, makes Westwood look as much like a costume as it is.

The divine Helen Mirren never disappoints.

parissucksliterally said...

that is too much dress for Eva Longoria.

HBC is always a mess- no big surprise there.

I did not like Halle's dress, but she still pulled it off. That woman is physical perfection.

RenoBlondee said...

Halles' dress looks like lingerie, she looks great, but it still looks like lingerie.
Guilianna looks sickly.
Gabby looks like she is gaining weight, is it just me? I'm no tiny person by far, I've always had to worry about my weight, but that cannot be healthy or comfortable for her.
Helena is so much fun, lol.
Eva and Hellen look gorgeous!

BigMama said...

too much too much LOL

I love Eva Longoria's dress...she looked great.

Helena is my idol! She is the wonkiest beauty out there.

What the hell was Halle thinking? That "almost skirt" looks tacky and not in a fun quirky way either.

Helen Miren and Heidi are great!

Patty said...

WTF is Gabby wearing?

RJ said...

Guilliana can't look in the mirror and see why she can't get pregnant??? Hello, gain about 15 lbs and perhaps your body will realize that you aren't a 14 year old boy. Still, if Portman and Posh could get pregnant, maybe it's not her weight. No one is skinnier than Posh. Rant over.

Halle Berry's dress is awful, but her body looks amazing. Thin and fit, without looking malnourished.

Oh, Helena, you are a hoot. Still, you must have worked just as hard to look that bad as others did to look good.

MCH said...

Hated Gabourey's dress. Hers & Michelle Williams were my least favorites.

Giulilana does look scary skinny

I think I've come to the conclusion that Halle Berry could wear a trash bag & make it look good. I don't get that dress at all but she is hot.

Helen's dress looked beautiful on her. I thought HBC's look was relatively tame compared to what she normally wears.

MISCH said...

Yes Halle non dress...sorry but it reeks of desperation.
There really were only a handful of great dresses...the rest Blah...
Exactly how pregnant is Portman...any one know ?

libby said...

Love Heidi's dress.

I'm sorry to say this, but Gabouray Sidibe looks like she bought that dress in a plastic bag from a stall in Chinatown. I'm sure it's a designer or something, but it is awful.

HBC refuses to be anyone but herself and I love it. She married the right guy.

Halle looks trampy and desperate at her age. Just because you can still wear it, doesn't make it tasteful when you do.

pomme said...

Berry has a great body but an awful dress

Ruse said...

Hailee Stanfield looks perfect.

I thought the same thing about Giuliana Rancic (who??), and I'm tiny. Her pic being in the same group as Gabourey's makes her emaciation even more glaring. I actually thought Gabourey looked a little smaller than last year.

Thank God for Helena Bonham Carter. To see her in anything "normal" would be odd, and not her.

Heidi looks smashing as well.

Pookie said...

i think it's a shame that HBC is perfectly content to be known by her elevated levels of cray-cray rather than her talent.

Aly said...

Gaby looks smaller to me as well. I want her dress. I want to rip it at the seems. It will make a great wall-hanging for my guest bedroom.
HBD takes costume to the Nth degree. Good for her. The night needed it.

Ms Luey said...

The purple is fabulous on Gabby but the dress is AWFUL. It screams muu-muu which is NOT what a larger lady should be channeling.

What is her stylist thinking?

Maja. With a J. said...

Yes, yes, Helena Bonham Carter. You're cooky. We get it.

nancer said...

i read bad things about heidi's dress but i like it, and i like her jewelry. it wasn't boring like so many of the others.

do not like halle's dress at all.

Anonymous said...

Eva's dress is nice except for that long tail lol

Hailee, looks so cute. (Miley this is how a kid is suppose to dress up at this age).

Halle, I really didn't like this at all. Looks like something she got from the back of her closet.

Helen M. Love her dress and necklace (1.6 M)

HBC - quirky dresser. Not a fashion icon but a good actress. If you haven't seen King's Speech I highly recommend it.

valerie said...

Guy Pearce...*swoon*

kathrynnova said...

rancic looks fucking sick. yuck.

Momster said...

Hated Eva's dress. Prolly my least favorite of the night.

Loved Hailee's dress. She looked sweet and age appropriate.

And yeah, Rancic's dress is going to fall off because there's no frame to hold it up.

Helen Mirrin is a goddess. That is all.

shakey said...

I like, not love, Eva's dress. I find it interesting how she's petite yet pulls off a flowy dress and Kelly Osborne cannot.

Gabourey, the colours are gorgeous on you but the main colour should have been the magenta. I have a belly and hips too - I wouldn't wear something that light. She needs to check out Igigi.

How does Guiliana survive?

Nice to see a young girl wear something age-appropriate.

Halle Berry: Open for Business.

Helen Mirren is lovely as usual. Here her dress looks champagne; on my tv it looked chartreuse.

Mango said...

I wish Giulilana Rancic and the rest of the free world would realize that Guiliana is a show host and NOT a freakin' celebrity or person of note. The fact that she had her own show floors me. BORING!

0 said...

I fucking love Helena. I half expected her to start running down the red carpet screaming "I killed Sirius Black!"

Tatyana said...


Hailee, looks so cute. (Miley this is how a kid is suppose to dress up at this age).

Which age, there's huge difference between 14 and 18.

weezy said...

Loved Helena's look from the neck up, sitting at her table.

But when I grow up, I want to be Helen Mirren. She is just so cool.


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