Monday, February 21, 2011

And The Winner For The Global Action Youth Leadership Award Is

Miley Cyrus. Yes, in its inaugural campaign, The Global Action Awards decided that the best youth leader they could find in the entire world was Miley Cyrus. Yeah, I'm guessing some 18 year old just had a crush on her and decided this was going to be his only chance to meet her. Are you telling me that in the billions of kids out there in the world, Miley Cyrus is the one youth who best exemplifies leadership. You have got to be out of your mind. This is like when that Long Island group named Dina Lohan, Mother Of The Year. Of course there they were only working with Long Island, this group had the entire world to find someone and they found Miley Cyrus. How many stories do you read each day about kids making a difference in their community or the world? How many service projects do children do each day that do more for the world around them?

Miley got the award for charity work she does for Blessings In A Backpack. I am sure it is a fine organization. Probably great, but have you ever seen Miley doing anything for them? Was her bong labeled with the 800 number to call to help the organization? Why not find someone who is actually doing something constructive?


timebob said...

i think it is less about what she actually contributes to the charity and more what media coverage her name will bring.

Though i think she is on the way out she is still an A list tweener.

Anonymous said...

Was her bong labeled with the 800 number to call to help the organization?


shakey said...

Okay, I'm looking through the site and I see where Hilary Duff went to a school. They seem to have some athletes promoting this as well. I don't see anything about Miley anywhere.

I agree with timebob - publicity stunt.

She has Never heard of it before. The design is an assault to the eyes.

Anonymous said...

hahaha haha. Miley sucks. How about Miss Teen of America Paige Jensen?

Ice Angel said...

Miley Ray Cyrus has supported the following charities:

•Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation
•Blessings in a Backpack
•City of Hope
•Clothes Off Our Back
•Elton John AIDS Foundation
•Feeding America
•Heroes in Heels
•Houston Children's Charity
•Libby Ross Foundation
•Music for Relief
•Musicians on Call
•Red Cross
•St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
•The Art of Elysium
•Tony Hawk Foundation
•To Write Love on Her Arms
•Variety Power Of Youth
•Wish Upon A Hero Foundation
•Youth Service America

Read more:

Selock said...

But "support" how?

I hate to nitpick, but there IS a difference between things like signing an item for an auction, donating money, even performing in a charity-connected concert...

And really WORKING with a charity...starting something new, actively performing service, visiting organizational clients, etc. I have seen other tweener stars do a whole lot more admirably "active" than her activity really that shielded from press? I would be surprised.

bluebonnetmom said...

She is the WORST role model ever this side of a Lohan....Must be a desperate for PR charity.

Meg said...

They absolutely could have found someone else. Ellen Degeneres showcases regular every day do-gooders all the time.

Even if Miley has really done all that charity work/given donations, right now is probably not the best time to have picked her. Sounds like the award committee had a case of the lazies.


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