Monday, February 21, 2011

Richie Sambora Begs To Be On Rock Of Love

I get the feeling that Richie Sambora would not mind being the next star to be on Rock Of Love. Apparently not content with the normal groupie attributes, he probably feels that he needs to have 10 or 15 women debase themselves as they vie for his attention. He told Kneepads, "I'm just looking for the right person to have more children [with]." Yeah, if that is not a cry for VH-1 to please call his agent, I don't know what is. It's great that he wants more kids to drive after he has had a few drinks. Maybe he and his ex Heather Locklear can flip a coin to see who gets to drive after a night out at the bar to pick up a child from the babysitter.


PotPourri said...

Brett Michaels is the only one I love for Rock of Love. Sorry, people.

timebob said...

Brett got engaged to Kristi his long suffering girlfriend and mother of his two kids.

At least Rock of Love is honest about what a BS show it is. Unlike the Bachelor who want to sell it like everything is real.

I wouldn't think of Richie for Rock of Love but would make sense. He has tons of money with Bon Jovi but is looking for tv time.

Seachica said...

I'm holding out for Stephen Tyler. Every time he opens his mouth on Idol, crazy falls out. Can you imagine the fun he'd bring to ROL?

Basil said...

In defense of Heather Locklear (whom I adore!) she wasn't drunk when she was pulled over, but just hopped up on meds. Not to mention the suicide attempt. As good looking as she is, I don't think she ever got over Richies betrayl of her with her supposed friend Denise Richards. She was going through a very bad time for awhile and was "at risk", but from what I have read she has gotten better.

Meg said...

LOL @ the name of his clothing line:
White Trash Beautiful

His VH1 show could be sponsored by them & have all the contestants model the clothes! Perfect!


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