Monday, February 07, 2011

Blind Items Revealed

October 7, 2010

This one involves a Real Housewife. Kind of. Yeah, that is the big clue. Anyway, this Housewife is working feverishly to try and steal away the girlfriend of Kim Z from RHATL. Apparently our unnamed Housewife thinks it will be great publicity and she does not mind being portrayed as a bisexual if she can make a few bucks off it. Oh, and it is no one in Atlanta or Orange County.

Danielle Staub


Cecilia00 said...


sunnyside1213 said...

It must be my day for not understanding anything. I just don't get reality tv.

Meg said...

Wait. So the side piece Zolciak was with is more famous than the other one Staub was with that she sang the duet with on Watch What Happens? I thought that girl was in the music industry. Maybe Kim's is too? I think I might be getting my lesbians confused.


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