Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

So, over the weekend I managed to watch the second installment of the reunion show and last night watched the "Lost Tapes." Well, they found them pretty quick. It is pretty obvious this has been the most popular season of Real Housewives ever. I mean at this point Bravo is going to be milking this thing longer than Tupac's mother and her recordings she keeps finding. "Look, I found a tape he made when he was 6 and singing in the shower. Let's do a box set and charge $69.95."

As much as I love the dog, I am not sure I needed 18 minutes of the dog and I can see why it was cut from the reunion, although I would have liked a few minutes during one of the first two installments. I thought some of the questions were really good and if they keep doing these things I think we might see some even better questions. How they were cutting back was pretty hilarious. "I have stopped flying private. Adrienne looked like she was swallowing poison when she said the word commercial." I like Adrienne but how can you go through life and not even know how to make a PB&J? Is that even possible?

Camille explaining the nanny situation was amusing and I am glad they found some more footage of Camille and Kelsey because to watch that is like looking at car wreck. Oh, I love how they decided to not heat up Kelsey's hot tub because he would not be using it. Separate hot tubs? I missed that one during the year. I am also having trouble imagining Kim's massive breasts she said she had and which she removed when her mom died. Why?

Oh, and last night you could have almost played a drinking game at the number of times Kyle & Kim name dropped Paris. Is that something you are proud of? And Kim was a popular child actress, but an icon? I don't think so. Maybe in her mind. Looks like Paris did get some of her aunts in her.

So, next week is the dinner party again. New footage or is it the same thing we already saw? Drink everytime Alison puffs on her electronic cigarette. Hammered by the second commercial break.


__-__=__ said...

Tupac's mother?!?!?!!?!? What - did she loose todays draw for who to disparage? Seriously, WTF??

Barton Fink said...

I can see exactly when public sentiment turned against Allison Dubois. I like that about myself.

kcqueen said...

This has been the craziest season on RHOBH; I started out hating Camille and Taylor, was certain Lisa was banging Cedric, thought Kyle was "the good one", and could barely bring myself to watch poor, pitiful Kim.

My, how things change.

I still hate Taylor, she's a worthless grifter in my opinion, but Camille has earned my (grudging) respect, and Kyle is just flat out nasty! I'm thinking Kim's problem isn't booze, it's spending time around her shrew, harpy sister. Can't wait for the day I read that Mauricio has dumped her muu-muu wearing ass. I still don't know why Adrienne is even there; They don't show her much and she's boring. She sits around like a blond Kardashian desperately "not taking sides". Last nights cat fight as the "White Party" was so revealing- Kyle showed her trailertrash upbringing when she went all Oklahoma on that skanky blond! Too funny.

Can't wait for next season!

car54 said...

Bravo should have shown this montage of lies Taylor has told

Barton Fink said...

@kcqueen, "I still hate Taylor" -- ha. Me too. I almost believed she was a human being for an episode or two, but her clumsy theft of Kyle from both Lisa and Kim bothered me. Learning that Taylor and her hubby run a rehab clinic made me despise her all the more for her "I am very protective of people, you included" with the veiled threat "shut up or I'll drag your face through every slanderous substance-abuse allegation I can come up with." Taylor is a piece of work. A bad piece of work.

chihuahuense said...

I missed the lost footage last night, I wanted to see the "get off my husband!" thing.

I stick to my assertion that no self-respecting woman would ever be on this show, and they only pick women who are vile to begin with and then slowly (and for some, not so slowly) lift the veil on their true wretchedness. If anything this show makes me feel sad for these poor little rich girls, and while they each have their "token charity" I think that it is disgusting that any human being, no matter HOW rich they are, could spend 60,000 on something as trivial as a kid's birthday party, etc. I would love to see how much (good) I could do with 1/10 of what they spend on stupid shit. And they wonder why anyone would dislike them. Here's a dollar bitches, buy a clue.

karen said...

Okay, I've got a question for some time.

Am I the only one that found it really odd when Kyle got her peshulina waxed at home while her daughter was watching? What was that about?

Sis said...

I am looking forward to seeing the lost footage and have yet to see the second Reunion show!

I find it tacky to mention the Hiltons and more than just "in passing", and I am loving it that Kyle is not getting away with her ole sweet and innocent act. Taylor is a big disappointment as I thought (in the beginning) she was grounded, this was before the $60K birthday party and I think her husband is a creepy guy. Ok not as creepy as Alexis husband in OC though. I like Camille and think she had to grow up during this show especially with everything being so public, also I liked how she went to her daughters dance class as a normal mom would, I did not see any of the other moms doing those kind of things.

Did anyone catch that Adrienne's husband Paul was the one that Charlie Sheen called for help? I find it suspicious and have wondered about the drug angle when the girls were at the pool and Adrienne gave something to Taylor.

Thoughts anyone am I seeing something about nothing?

Sis said...

@ Mina...I thought it was weird too!

Also as much as Kyle wants Kim to have her back...not once has she defended Kim against Taylor's verbal taunts and attacks.

Elizabeth said...

Mina and Sis I completely agree about Kyle. I cannot imagine having your daughter there watching during waxing. Sister either, but that's just me. Would you have ever wanted to see your mother's hooha? Kyle is mean and weird.

CDAN Mod said...

Chihuahuense, your second paragraph summation of ALL of the Real Housewives is DEAD ON!!

shakey said...

I'm trying to find a link so I can watch it online in Canada.

I found it odd to have her daughter watch that waxing. I'm wondering ... is Kyle one of the reasons Kim drinks?

I've consistently liked Lisa, Adrienne, and Kim. Yes, Kim does have a problem, but she was a household name when I was growing up. I'm still not really a fan of Camille but I do find her less evil now (we'll see what happens with the dinner party footage next week). Kyle and Taylor I loved at first but I found Kyle starting to become more fake bit by bit, and Taylor really does seem to be as false as her husband. Her eyes also look really sad, especially when she smiles.

So I'm hearing today that Heidi Montag wants to be part of this show if there's another season. In one respect I'd like to see it happen - the others could rip her apart like a lion on its prey.

rummer said...

Wrong. I don't know why this show gets so much press but Atlanta, by far, is the most watched of the series. The finale posted 4.4 million viewers and bested their record breaking ratings from the previous season. Cynthia's wedding was the most watched episode of any show in the entire Real Housewives franchise.

Meg said...

Yeah, Enty, I know you love the Bev Hills ladies the best, but I don't think this is the most successful franchise. Not based on the numbers.

I loved seeing the Giggy stuff! I love that Lisa did all that for the pup.

I was somewhat relieved to hear the nanny explanation. It kind of halfway made since (if it's true).

I thought the boob reduction post mom's death was a weird statement to make.

Why do all these women consult psychics????

My favorite part was seeing Kyle get into with that drunk blonde. Wonder how often she has to do that? I guess it's the redneck in me, but I probably would have done the same thing. I LOVED Mauricio's face at the camera when that lady was hanging all over him!

Meg said...

*made SENSE not since

chihuahuense said...

@rebellious-thanks :D

warmislandsun said...

Kim was an icon in her generation - you have to give her that credit. She was very popular with teenagers and preteens in an age without the internet. And she didn't even sing - she was just an actress.

Jasmine said...

Agreed about that waxing scene- at the time I was really weirded out and just assumed/hoped the camera angle was all wrong and she wasnt actually watching her mom get a brazillian wax.
As for that Tupac comment- yowza! Lol Enty, tell us what you really think!
And though I agree with you Tupac's mom gets an eternal pass for being a member of the Black Panther Party- common, you cant mess with that awesomeness :)


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