Monday, February 07, 2011

Kelsey & Camille Have A Deal

It looks like Kelsey Grammer will be able to keep that wedding date with his new girlfriend. This morning in court, attorneys for Kelsey and Camille announced they had reached a deal. Both sides still have to sign to make everything official, but Kelsey should be able to get married on February 25th. Camille will probably make herself at least $50M richer as part of the deal.

Did you see over the weekend that the producers of Real Housewives are talking to Brandi Glanville about joining the show? I told you that whole Cedric thing with her was a drive for just that. Now you can continue having Cedric on the show which judging by the second part of the reunion show would make Camille & Kyle look like a kindergarten fight. Wow, is Cedric hated now. Another choice being considered is Sylvester Stallone's wife. Meh. Unless Jennifer Flavin and Sly argue all the time I really don't see the point. It would be nice to see just how much money they have and her relationship with Sly, but that probably won't be in it too much. I would much rather have Brandi Glanville. That would be such great television.


timebob said...

Brandi would be awesome she would have a platform to spew her hatred of LeAnn and Eddie all day long. Add a dash of Cedric and you have the perfect crazy cocktail.

Jennifer Flavin would do what Adrian Maloof did just use it as a vehicle to shill her products. Boring.

jfwlucy said...

Didn't Princess DIANA only get about $25 million dollars in her divorce settlement?

Cecilia00 said...

I can't see Sly allowing Jennifer to do it, or being on the show even occasionally.

Isn't he notoriously reclusive and lacking in people skills (as in 'Staff are not allowed to look him in the eye') ??

I can't imagine him wanting their lives on display.

RocketQueen said...

I don't know why they call these shows "Housewives" when well over half of them aren't married.

Taylor said...

Why is Brandi Glanville even being considered?
She's the ex-wife of a C list actor. I seriously doubt she has the money to keep up with the current cast members, or is anywhere near their social circle.

Ice Angel said...

I think they need to bring in Phil Jackson's girlfriend and hire on that crazy "psychic" woman as a "housewife" and let the crazy fly!

Incidentally...I just started smoking those e-cigs and can't help but think of her every time I take a!

Paisley said...

The $50 million sounds about right. No prenup, married during the Frasier years, add in the other TV shows (Medium, Girlfriends, etc.) from their joint production company. Plus, Kelsey wants to have this over with fast so he can get married again. I wonder if this includes future child support payments or if that will be kept separate.

Can't see Brandi on this show. She doesn't have the money.

Meg said...

She's getting an additional $50 mil or that is the grand total?

Isn't this Brandi chick supposed to be a lunatic? Let her on the show, Bravo!

Sis said...

Let the Crazy fly!! I think they should add all three of those women, now that would be a show, oh and I think they should add on Kathy Hilton too!


Merlin D. Bear said...

My fantasy: Cedric will hook up with Camille and bleed her dry.

(And I've only seen like 3 episodes of this show.)


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