Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Do you think Hugh made a move on his son's girlfriend? Do you think she has been with Hef?
Show me a Broadway opening and I will show you Hugh Jackman. The man loves his Broadway.
And I love Idina Menzel.
With all the botox January Jones has had, I would not think she could actually make a face like that.
Kristen Bell in a bikini. Oh, and she is married. See, you can keep it quiet.
Would you recognize Katie Cassidy if you saw her on the street? I would not.
I would recognize Kirsten Dunst though.
Leslie Mann at the Rio premiere.
Apparently Madonna is the Queen. We all just thought it was that other woman with the silver wig and the empty purses.
Matthew Broderick shows off his morning face when he wakes up and realizes he is married to Sarah Jessica Parker.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

WTH? Leslie Mann has turned into some wierd cross between Felicity Huffman and Courteney Cox if she were blond.

ardleigh said...

I don't care how much he loves Broadway. Still find Hugh lickable.

blondegossip said...

I don't think that is January Jones, looks like Robin Wright Penn to me...

Texshan said...

I concur, ardleigh!

What is going on with the shoes in this batch? Idina's shoes clash with her jacket in the worst way, the grey boots tucked into jeans are just wrong, Kirsten looks like she's wearing her granny's fancy orthopedics, and the chick sitting next to January Jones has on some of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.

FS said...

Dear every designer and want to be designer on the planet:

Please stop putting ruffles and other shit on women's hips on your dresses. It doesn't look good on anyone, not even stick figures. Just stop. Please.


Sis said...

What FS said!

Is Katie Cassidy the daughter of David Cassidy? I loved him "back in the day".

califblondy said...

Hugh in The Boy From Oz remains the best show ever. I forgot what a good voice he had until I watched the finale of Oprah in Australia and he (along with other famous Aussies) sang a beautiful song about Australia.

nancer said...

aw, quit raggin' on matthew and SJP. they've been married a long time which is rare in that biz and kind of nice to see.

linnea said...

I like the cut of Leslie's dress, but that big symbol in the front - not really!

HannahPalindrome said...

Hef is meh, but his girl is ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yuck yuck gold digger

Who is Katie Cassidy?

SJP is a Bitch!

B626 said...

Poor Kristen Bell,wasn't Dax Shepard known for torturing his girlfriends in the backdoor??

kympossible said...

Where is the radio show? Didn't people donate money for two months of shows?

Mango said...

Did Kristen Bell really marry Dax Shepard? And what's that backdoor rumor? More info, please!

Katie Cassidy is seriously skinny.

ChasingHeaven said...

I love Leslie Mann, so back off. :p

RocketQueen said...

I love Leslie Mann, too :) Can't wait for that Knocked Up sequel...I'm hoping it's sans Heigl!

Hey Katie Cassidy, here's a grape for lunch. Yikes.

January's face there kinda makes her look like Robin Wright?


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