Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your Turn

I'm just curious what everyone is doing today. What are you eating? Who are you with? Getting into arguments with your family? Working? Dreaming about shopping? Are you off work for the entire four days? Can you tell that I started boozing early today? Do you think they will ever find a way to make bacon easier to cook? Do you know how many splatter burns I have on my wrist?


Merlin D. Bear said...

I'm getting ready to head into work.
But no regrets - starting today, I'm on time and a half for the next 3 days. And even after deductions, it's still gonna be a fun time.
And Enty - I have one word for you. MICROWAVE.
Seriously, you wrap the bacon in paper towels and the whole thing in a sheet of newspaper and you zap until the bacon's done.
No more splatter burns, no more grease, just nice crispy bacon.

RocketQueen said...

Here in Canada I'm at work, but yearning to be attending my bestie's annual "Day after Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle tomorrow. With everything going on in our lives this year, we just can't make it down. :( Knowing I'm a veg, she created this amazing menu:

Turkey for the meat eaters; Sausage and Apple Stuffing (veg and non veg); Roasted Vegetables w/Chickpeas; Mac & Cheese; Rolls; Sweet Potato Pie; Chocolate Pecan Tart; Vegetarian Gravy, cranberry/pomegranate sauce and pumpkin cheesecake.

I heart her! Happy thanksgiving, Yanks!

Theresa said...

Cooking turkey, dressing, potato's, brussel sprouts w/bacon(!!!)gravy, cranberry relish,gravy, have a Honeybaked Ham, pumpkin and cherry pies..cooked half yesterday, the rest this morning..turkey in the oven now. After dinner, will nap a bit and head off for 4hrs of OT tonight, and time and a half for net two days. Makes those drunks who call 911 when they can't get along a lot easier to take when it's time and a half, lol.
I don't comment very often, but love your blog Enty, and so enjoy reading everyone's comments and theories. Hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving!

Maja With a J said...

Happy Thanksgiving, America! I'm at work *L*.

Aly said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the world. Chicken curry with mango chutney and in Enty's honor, poutine covered with bacon.

GB said...

Enty, you should bake your bacon. I lay it out slice by slice on a cookie sheet (one that has sides to catch the grease) and bake it at 375 for about 12 minutes (give or take depending on the thickness of the bacon). You can make a lot of bacon this way. And no burns!

MISCH said...

Family, just took the turkey out of the oven it looks great, put the sides in the oven, dessert is made....we are ready.
P.S. made the brussel sprouts with bacon...

farmgirl said...

Workign all day making candy, cookies, cakes and wreaths for our Christmas tree farm which opens tomorrow. No Thanksgiving here! Next day off: Christmas Day!

Bit dams said...

turkey w/ all the fixins! i left my lying, whoring ex 2 years ago yesterday (after finding out the previous sunday that he was a closeted bi-sexual transvestite; surprise!), so this day is extra special to me now. use to be i spent it w/ the ex and my mom trading hate, or w/ the ex and his family attacking everyone. or in bonus years; everyone!!) so now, i spend thanksgiving w/ friends and family, at my house. it is very informal. the men folk are watching tv, the kids are playing and the women are snacking and chatting. we'll eat about 3:00. here's no no more bullshit thanksgivings for all of you. hope you spend thanksgiving EXACTLY as you want it. just as i will from now on. cheers!

feraltart said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my CDaners on the other side of the world. Hope you have a great time whatever you are doing. Am going to work here in Australia.

Chris said...

Thanksgiving always seemed so excessive to me, so our family (all agreed except hubby, who did so reluctantly) decided on an "unthanksgiving" meal. One that was poultry based (usually) but not SO MUCH FOOD (I know you'll be disappointed to hear that Enty) This year we are going no turkey. NE Clam chowder for lunch, and stuffed acorn squash for dinner (stuffed with apples, stuffing mix, brats - yum!) with broccoli, and some dutch apple ice cream drizzled with caramel for dessert, served with crumbled ginger snaps on top.

No huge prep, no huge cleanup, no huge belly :-) works for us!

Moosefan said...

The bird, stuffing, chicken and dressing, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, green bean dish and homemade cranberry dish.
This year, my husband is deployed for the holidays. Take a moment and remember those out there!
Thanks for the gossip Enty!

EmEyeKay said...

I already wrote what I was making, and it's turning out well so far. The garlic I roasted for the mashed potatoes smells so good. The rolls are rising and I'll put them in the oven soon. That's my contribution, going to my son's grandparents place (my ex's parents) to celebrate w/some of their family and assorted friends.

I was raised in a cult, and we didn't celebrate any holidays, even birthdays, except weird religious ones and Thanksgiving. So this one means the world to me. I'd love to be with my mom, but she went out of state with my step dad.

I'm grateful I have a relationship with my ex's parents because my son worships them. I'm grateful my mom is still alive (she has cancer, dammit). I'm grateful my son is with me since we switch off every year. Happy Thanksgiving, hi to the Canadians, RocketQueet, if you DO make it down, look me up!

P.S. Enty - turkey bacon doesn't splatter. Give it a go!

Jason Blue Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GladysKravitz said...

Moosefan, I will think of you and all the families of the military this year. May everyone be safe.

I am lucky enough to have the day off--but I work tomorrow. No time and a half because I'm a manager and I'm just slave labor.

But this is my favorite holiday--it's all about gratitude and food. I cook up a storm every year--turkey that lived a happy, range-fed life in a town 50 miles from here, stuffing with dried cranberries, golden raisins, walnuts and lots of shallots; maple yams for the vegetarian daughter in law, wild rice and butternut squash casserole; green beans; rolls; stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, pumpkin pie, apple pie, salad and wine.

My father in law and my partner's stepmother are here from out of state--staying the week---and boy, since my parents are both dead, I'd forgotten how hard parents can be. I thought my partner was going to cry today after her dad cornered her one more time to talk about his bathroom habits!

Our children are both here with us, though, and also the vegetarian daughter in law, and maybe two people from work who didn't have a place to go will be joining us. I invited them because everyone should have a place to go for this holiday.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Happy Thanksgiving My CDAN friends.

I'm In an airport streaming "Parks And Recreation" on but it keeps stopping because airport wi-fi sucks. Shocker.

Just like to say to please don't forget to help out your local food bank if you can. I am most certainly going to do that seeing as how my doctor told me I gained 12 lbs. since May. My food bank is getting a whopping drop off tomorrow. Oy!

joymama said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Enty. Booze and bacon cheers to you and yours.

We are one the couch watching Miricle on 34th St, rolls rising and oven ready to prepare our vegetarian holiday meal.

annabella said...

thanks Enty for another great year!

I'm at sis' w/her family. dinner was the usual - turkey, etc. also made pumpkin bread this year for the first time, we'll see soon how that is.

yes, you must go microwave w/bacon, and check this out, it looks like it would work quite well. don't eat bacon anymore myself, so I can't give it a personal recommendation, but check it out:


DavidsFan said...

Am in Davis Califormia, having dinner with half of the family. The other half didn't bother to join in the family Celebration in the last 5-10 years. Not thanks giving. Not Chrismast. Not because they cannot afford it. They are all well to do. But bc that half of the family always has fights with the California half. Right now the Ny faction has sworn off a sister in an accident that involved almond milk during a gathering for my husbands funeral. And two factions have cut off communications with me after getting caught lying. The last emails I got from them was last week wishing all the worst wishes. They are a miserable bunch.
Anyway. Well eat turkey and roast beef today with all the trimmings. We'll have some light soup and home made mayonnaise. We'll make lemonade for the kids with sparkling water and with tangerines; all the citrus are from our garden.

Rufus II said...

Two words: Corn Pudding

Casual Observer said...

My family is out of town and even though I received a couple of invitations, I'm spending the day with my dog and a small turkey breast.

I'm known for my pies, so it's nice to take a break from standing in the kitchen for 7 hours making 4 different kinds of pie. (Although, I could sure go for a piece (or two) of pecan pie right now. Yum.)

selenakyle said...

Try those round screen covers for pan-frying. They're very helpful in reducing pan splattering.

We had Meal #1 here at home and getting ready to go cart off food to Meal #2.

pilly said...


(turkey sarni from pret a manger--- sigh)

mygeorgie said...

Mmmmmm! All this yummy food talk is making me hungray for all the fixins. Sadly, we're reno-ing & it might just be take-out 2night.

Brussels n Bacon...the best! Especially w/ candied pecans!

I tripped over a mashed potatoe recipe one year & now it is highly more potatoes that require gravy to rise above the 'wallpaper paste' personality

Saute leeks & garlic (lots of both) in chicken stock & lots o butter until tender. Add Kosher salt & fresh ground pepper. Puree w/ 1 cup sour cream & add to plain mashed potatoes.....DIVINE!

Also makes a great potatoe soup (w/ bacon of course) the next day!

Damn, I'm glad I'm not grocery shopping this hungry!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all our American friends!

GladysKravitz said...

If anyone is in NOrthern California and needs a place to go, just tell me. We've got plenty of food and a big table.

surfer said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'm with you Merlin, on the paper towel thing. Never tried it with newspaper though (why do you use both? The paper towels absorb all the grease).

@selenakyle - I've tried those, and they're good, but I'm always looking for shortcuts, so if I don't have to wash something, that's even better, lol. Gotta love paper towels.

Lovely note Gladys, as usual. My mouth was watering reading what you were making. You really are special to extend an offer like that. FedEx a doggy bag? Just kidding.

I'm Canadian, so unfortunately not celebrating. But I did go to a sample sale today (Hanky Panky, anyone?).

Seachica said...

Am on orcas island in the San Juan's, at the very corner of the continental us. Celebrating my first thanksgiving with my wonderful boyfriend, going to a buffet dinner. We hoped for good weather, but it's very windy and storming. We snuck in a 3 mile walk around a lake, before the worst of the weather. Our guest cottage has a non working tv, so we are hanging out at the restaurant bar watching football. Our cottage has water that smells of sulfur, and our bikes are not going to see any use. Still, we are creating some funny memories and a story to tell for years. I have so much to be thankful for. Have a great holiday, everyone!

Mary Ann said...

I fixed turkey, dressing, the usual. The best thing is that I was able to feed my boy who just got back to the States from Iraq the day before yesterday and was able to come home for Thanksgiving. He goes back to Dover AFB on Sunday.

Goober said...

It's rainy and extremely windy here in Olympia, WA so I'm anxiously watching my turkey roast while praying that the power stays on long enough to finish dinner for my little family of four. Me, hubby and two cute, only-moderately-annoying little kids. Except for the weather I'm lovin' it!

2nd vote for baking the bacon but I put the bacon on a cookie cooling rack inside the raised-sides cookie sheet to allow the fat to drip off (then I cook with the bacon fat! Yeah me!) I suggested 450 degree oven for around 10-15 minutes (turn once) depending on how crispy you like it.

Casual Observer said...

Hello fellow Washingtonians! Isn't it a lovely day?

That's a very kind offer, Gladys -- wish I lived nearby.

Anonymous said...

I cop out on the bacon and buy the pre-cooked. Put the bacon on a paper towel, cover with a paper towel, and nuke it for about 15 seconds. No pan to wash.

This year I went to my daughter's house, just her and her younger son, me and my son, and her coworker who rents a bed from her. She cooked turkey, mashed potatoes with cheese melted on top, the required green bean casserole, deviled eggs, stuffing, candied yams, and of course the gravy. Gravy is always my favorite thing, all food is simply a way to convey gravy to your mouth. I took a couple of pumpkin pies, an apple pie, and this strawberry mousse thing I make...2 regular size boxes of wild strawberry jello, add the hot water to dissolve the gelatin, then plunk in a package of frozen strawberries instead of using the cold water. It's better if you can find the old fashioned frozen strawberries that have the juice frozen with them. Let it partially set, then whip in a container of Cool Whip and add sliced bananas. I could eat a ton of it, and may have come close, since I made two bowls of it and ate about half of MY bowl for breakfast this morning. We put chocolate syrup in Cokes and enjoyed the family warmth and delicious food.

And I am off work forever, but I hope all those with only four days enjoy them immensely. Just last year I was among you, relishing the mini-vacation.

JMS said...

- Long hard workout riding my bike and running started my day.
- dressing and cranberry sauce, yams, mac&cheese, butter cake
- parents, brother, his wife and kid, niece
- no arguments
- not working
- I don't need anything.
- off all 4 days
- no
- hopefully not
- no

Wil said...

I will add my vote for the old "nukified" bacon. They actually have a tray out there that works well too with paper towels. Nice and cheap, too.

As for the day, moved some stuff out of my apartment downstairs into my new apartment upstairs in my building and wondered if I will be out in full and have my old place cleaned by Tuesday. Also freaking out about getting my test results back tomorrow .. and figuring they won't actually be available due to the holiday. [We have this "My Chart" deal at my doctors ..and I am thinking to myself .. I wonder what I am supposed to do if my results come back that I have cancer and I read that online. I mean .. shouldn't that news be delivered by a doctor?? Ugh .. ]

Planning on making dinner of NY Strips, Apple and Cheddar Salad [Fresh Express .. I think??] and baked potatoes with Sour Cream later on .. probably during the later football game on NFL channel. Then after I take my mandatory break for "CDAN readage" .. gonna put out this cute lighted snowman on my balcony my Mom got me about three years ago that has never even been out of its box.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone .. especially our non-US reader folk! Hope everyone had a great day regardless of how ya spent it. Also hope for a great evening for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Went to the gym and did fun fun. Then visited my sick friend in the hospital. Now....feeding my dog Benji huge pieces of turkey (he is stoked) then off to Julie and Nicole's and then Regina's then back home to feed the dog more turkey. Happy Thanksgiving Enty and everyone @ CDAN!

Cardinal Girl said...
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Cardinal Girl said...
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JJ said...

We had a vegan Thanksgiving with my father in law. It was held at a Chinese place (SuTao for those in Philly) and it was actually pretty good. There was tofurkey which was icky but everything else was amazing.

After dinner we went to visit with my niece who is home from her first break at college (Freshman at Wentworth in Boston).

There will be no shopping for me tomorrow. I'll be home with my daughter and her friend. They have a 9 day break from school and I am CANNOT wait to get her back on that school bus.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Anonymous said...

Just got home from work (Thanksgiving was las month for me) and I'm seriously craving what Aly is making.

Icecat said...

I had coffee with my mom, aunt and grandmother this morning. Now I'm sitting on my ass at Delta Reservations, waiting for them to let us go home early because it is so damn slow!!

surfer said...

@Wil - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. That's a sucky way to get results - whichever way it goes. And I hope it goes the right way.

@Syko - your mousse sounds delicious - my mother used to make that too. Don't feel guilty for indulging. We all do that sometimes.

Unknown said...

I made the turkey. My mom brought the stuffing, pies, and yams. My sister brought the vegetables and rolls. There were six of us, my mom, one of my sisters, two of my brothers, and my husband. It was nice. We don't argue ever. The guys watched football while my mom and I tried to reproduce her mother's gravy. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I am off until Monday. I am going to do a little shopping tomorrow. I usually don't go on Black Friday, but there is one thing I want from the mall. Darn you television commercials!

Stacey Charter said...

Happy Thanksgiving CDANers & Enty! Thanks for blogging on these off days - I love it. I moved about 2.5 hours away from my family- Living the dream at the beach- and have to work tomorrow (yay a job finally! woohoo) so I was on my own today. My daughter, her fiance and my parents were here last weekend and we did a full blown Thanksgiving meal then so I don't feel like I am missing anything. Found the Philly parade on a delmarva channel this morning, which made my day and cooked myself a meatloaf,asparagus w/ hollendaise(sp) sauce, baked potato and crescent rolls for my T-day dinner. Deathly allergic to turkey for the past 17 years so I am sure my family is loving the fact that they can cook and eat a turkey today since I am not there. all in all a wonderfully relaxing day off!

Moosefan said...

Hello Washington CDANers!Kitsap County here!

Merlin D. Bear said...

I use the newspaper because the paper towels don't grab all the grease, and the newspaper tends to get that extra bit up - I'm one lazy SOB and hate cleaning the microwave -

Lelaina Pierce said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Enty & CDAN!!

We hosted our first Thanksgiving at our house. Parents, in laws, sibling, niece & nephews, oh my! Too much food to name & all terribly unhealthy too. I think I spent about 17 hours cooking between Wed/Thurs so I was very ready for my giant Pumpking beer at dinner.

Hell no on the Black Friday shopping, ever since my sis told me about items being stolen out her cart. Cyber Monday...yes!

Looking forward to a nice long weekend with some college football. I hope everyone has a safe weekend!

Shocky said...

Hi all
I have had my first Thanksgiving as I've just moved to the US from the UK. A lovely family let me join them so I have sampled my first ever pumpkin pie.
Hope you all had great days.
Happy Thanksgiving

Sherry said...

@ EmEyeKay ..Enjoy the time with your mother. Every moment is precious as you already know.

@Wil..Cannot believe you are still waiting! Wishing you well and that the results tell you cancer is too pussy to mess witchu!

Me..I made a roast chicken, de riguer green bean casserole, candied carrots and au gratin potatoes.I do not eat meat or chicken but my honey grilled me some ahi to perfection and the man at Molly Stones (grocery store fam to the NorCal contingency) charged me $2 less that was listed. All aided by my wonderful sous chef and husband. Had the mom in law over because the SILS have a hard time with her. She has the beginnings of dimensia. Amazingly she is so good around me and our afternoon was lovely and amazing. I was feeling the love.

Called MY mom whose b'day it was yesterday but got her mixed up with my exes moms who has since passed so I said a toast to Miss Paula..LOVED her!

Glad to be alive, wishing the best for those who are ill and grateful for my 8 job interviews I had between Tues and Wed. Unemployment will end before I even get my first umemployment check (maybe?).

Hugs and kissed to the CDAN crowd!

Sherry said... know what I mean..

Mango said...

I don't have any family close by. One brother lives about 3.5 hours away, the other in California. Boyfriend is in Moscow (and he's not American anyway, so doesn't observe the holiday) so I went to a friend's house. There must have been about 20 there for dinner. It was a nice bunch with a few kids who were, thankfully, not obnoxious. One couple were a lobbyist and a PR rep for big pharma, so the conversation never got dull.

Best thing was the homemade chocolate silk pie my friend made. She also made homemade cranberry sauce but I didn't have the heart to tell her that to me it tastes like pot pourri! I much prefer the stuff in the can.

c.scrawl said...

I am spending Thanksgiving being grateful that I didn't have to share a meal with my abusive folks. I had a meal alone, but at least it was peaceful.

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with 22 of my family members; 29 if you include all the dogs.

MadLyb said...

I spent it with my sister, daughter, nephew and 3 dogs. It was great! We are all vegetarians and were in the kitchen a good part of the day, stepping over dogs and preparing the meal. My daughter made an apple pie (she's vegan), my sister made the pumpkin pie, and I helped my nephew make pasta.

Later we played some games. My sister has a huge stash of every kind of game imaginable.

It was a very pleasant, drama-free Thanksgiving.

elspeth said...

Wil -- Sending good thoughts your way!

Merlin D. Bear -- Thanks for the newspaper tip. Have used paper towels, but they do leave some grease. Not only am i a lazy DOB, but i also detest dealing w/any grease.

Happy holiday or weekend to all the rest of you!

Himmmm said...

I expanded Thanksgiving Day into a 24 hour event. First, I'm having lunch with RJ Wagner and Natalie Wood's daughters (Natasha and Court). Maybe we'll invite Dennis Davern over for laughs. Should be exciting.

Then I'm having dinner at the Clooney house - my pal Nestor Carbonell is fixing Linguine and clam sauce this year. After dinner we'll play our annual game of poker using women as stakes instead of money. I hope I can win Stacy Keibler this year to go with my Canalis!

Next, I'm picking up my lawyer, a bailbondsman, and Estella Warren. We're going out drinking. Maybe stop by a police station later, I dunno...kinda playing it by ear.

Finally, I'll stop by Lucy Lui's house and crash. Her bed is so soft! I jsut hope her brother isn't there this time. Kinda awkward - boy, they're a close family!

Hope you all have a great turkey day and join me in celebrating the mass genocide of millions of indians with football, booze, and great shopping deals! Next week I go back to work at the Stop-N-Rob Quick Mart.


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