Friday, November 25, 2011

Mickey Rourke Is A Tool

I don't care if you are male or female, if you read any portion of this interview with Mickey Rourke you will walk away from it not liking him. So, if you are a fan, you should probably not read it. The guy is a misogynist a-hole and thinks most actresses are c**ts, especially the ones who will not f**k him.

When asked about his movie Immortals and what it was like to work on it, did he talk about the acting, or the story or anything like that? Nope. Here is all he said. "I showed up. The director spent three years working on the overall look of the film and that really helped. They paid me a lot of money for a few days of work so I was happy to go. It's just a shame I didn't get to work with the hot blond chick, Isabel Lucas. I also loved Frieda Pinto, but she has a boyfriend. She's a really nice person and I have great respect for her as an actress - and I think most actresses are c---s with a capital K."

Apparently he is also spelling challenged. Seriously, the only thing he cares about is who he can sleep with and I am actually surprised he had anything nice to say about Frieda since she had a boyfriend. Maybe she flirted with him or something.


childeroland said...

I'm not a Rourke fan, but I don't see what he said there that's so bad. He really wanted to work with hot chicks, so what? His 'most actresses are cunts' comment wasn't necessary, but maybe he's had bad experiences? Certainly it's no worse than what many bloggers (not ENT, but elsewhere) write and compared to them, he's soft. And it's not like Immortals has much of a story...or acting...or anything but the visuals.

MISCH said...

What a jerk.

annabella said...

in the olden days he was hot. now, ugh.

its gross that he gets away w/talking like that. he can talk that way about actresses, but if he talked that way about actors or directors, he'd be blacklisted.

Rita said...

I agree with Childroland, nothing from this interview is very insulting. He owns up to the fact that he wanted to work with the hot blonde, he owns to the fact that he finds Frieda Pinta lovely and sweet, he probably tried to hit it, but she politely refused, and said she's in a committed relationship.

I think Mickey is a Douche with a capital D, but seeing how his life has been hard, and he only dated cunts with a capital K, I simply shake my head, and don't watch his movies.

His comeback has gone and past with the Wrestler, he did not use his chance for a new life well, in my humble opinion, and still has self-destructing issues that make him a dick with a capital D on a daily basis. Next.

How about some Henry Caville to make us really thankful Enty?

Chelsea said...

"Maybe she flirted with him or something."

Wasn't there a blind about Frieda cheating on her boyfriend with some guy she was filming with? Anyone?

shehlaS said...

Is the answer to that blind Rourke, Frida & Dev? Is that a hint that Frieda is sleeping with Rourke?

RocketQueen said...

Not sure he's spelling challenged, when I do something silly I often refer to myself as "classy with a K".
This dude grosses me out...period.

Daveb said...

Hes about 62, Lucas is about 26. Maybe he's just dyslexic!

M said...

...or maybe Mickey knows the Kardashians have a monopoly on the word right now and is appropriately spelling it with a "K" :-)

Rita said...

@M LOL! Bulls eye!

Anonymous said...

I don't see that this is all that bad. First, you have to consider that most actresses probably are c--ts. Maybe he should not have announced it to the world, but that idea alone should not offend us. As for spelling, I believe I've heard the phrase he used before. It's not spelling, it's meant to be all jokey and therefore make the words less offensive. He's not trying to run down all actresses, it was meant as a compliment for Frieda Pinto. Fail, but I understand.

Of course he wants to work with the hot blonde chick. That's a man thing. Every man in the world thinks he deserves the hot blonde chick.

DavidsFan said...

I agree with the first poster. It ain't so so bad - if you consider his background. He was the hottest actor with so much promise in the 80s. (Hello 9 and 1/2 weeks!!!!) and for his own Fault and immaturity (shameful Of his acting career bc his non-Holywood "friends" Were making fun of him for doing sissy job, and to prove he was a man - he got into boxing and ruined his beautiful face. How much he had ruined himself? Go look at his old movies from the 80s; you will cry for a beautiful boy who had gone wrong.). Any way, I think, on his way down he had received the full Holywood treatments from the corrupted "actress" that he seems to always entangle/involve with. So - I think he spoke from his own experience. Are those k**t really actresses? They are as much as actressy as C Otis - his coke out "actress" wife. He is so misguided. His story is a tragic show case of human failtry. It is ashamed bc he was/is talented. So I don't think he is a douche bag - not really. He is just a broken person. I wish him well and hope that he cam be happy and forget & forgive all the unspeakable ugliness that am sure he had to endure in his down and out days. Am saying am extra prayer for Mickey R tonight!!! He had gone thru so much because of himself. But still I feel for him.

feraltart said...

Those women are really actresses, and they don't go around blaming other people for their problems. No-one forced him to box, and no-one forced him to do drugs, and no-one forced him to speak in derogatory terms about his fellow human beings.

karen said...

I can't believe what I'm reading here. I feel like I'm on the wrong planet. If he said the Afro-American actors/actresses I worked with are all stupid niggers or if he said that the male actors he worked with are all faggots, you people would scream for his head, but since he's only a misogynist it's not a big deal.

Sometimes, I really wish women who agree with/defend/trivialize misogyny and through that further help keeping us down could be branded with some kind of invisible stamp so that the next time they have to experience misogyny fist hand (be it in a way that nobody cares about them being raped because 'they had to wear that slutty dress after all') and then suddenly want to change their tune, you could see that stamp and just tell them to fuck off.

Seriously, how can you look into the mirror without wanting to vomit?

Lori said...

@Mina- there is a big difference between calling someone a c*** and shaming/blaming a rape victim...sweet jeebus! I dont understand why people would wish horrible things on people because they dont agree with you/understand the issue/have different experience/ perspective. It's such a waste of energy and is really counter productive, because people just think you're being a bitter b**** and dont listen to the message. Maybe you should wish that people not be the victim of misogyny...that may be a better use of your energy.

@DavidsFan- I completely agree that he is a big sad sack of wasted talent and beauty. I think he was dealt a shitty hand and he proceeded to play it poorly, but he really should think about the words he uses more carefully.

RocketQueen said...

Normally I agree with you, Mina, but I just don't see misogyny here. He calls Lucas "hot" and says he thinks most actresses are it the word "cunts" that offends you? I think he's making more of a statement about women who choose that line of work - but then again, I think anyone who acts is probably an asshole.

misspoppypants said...

Well Mickey, Im not an actress but Im proud to say you can consider me a c**t too. Yay!

FrenchGirl said...

what is the trouble? he says nice stuff about his female co-stars

CrazyCatLady said...

What magazine/interview is this supposedly from? I find it hard to believe that a comment that started out singing the praises of Frieda Pinto ends with "oh, and I think actresses are c****". I call BS. At least provide a link to the interview so others can interpret as they Perez Hilton writing this stuff now?

mooshki said...

"They are as much as actressy as C Otis - his coke out "actress" wife."

You mean the one he beat the shit out of on a regular basis?

CrazyCatLady, I think Enty just forgot to put in the link. Here it is. And it's just as Enty posted it.

WBotW said...

You know what Mina, other people may be too afraid to piss off the 'in crowd' by saying you're absolutely right, but I sure as hell am not. I agree with you completely.

DavidsFan said...

Mooshki - I had no idea about that. J looked it up and read her interview in Huffinton Post. Thanks for the info. He was really messed up and there is no excurse for that behavior - especially for a trained boxer like him to abuse on a skinny gal like her. It's a miracle that he didn't kill her.

Saying as much- I am still a beleiver in the goodness of people. There was no excurse but how much of that abuse was him vs the drug they had snorted away. I think his abusive behavior didn't stop at home with her. He was verbally abusive to powerful people he worked with too. He Seemed to have no ability To make judgment. That's why he was thrown out of Holywood. He was not capable of acting as a decent human being. I can only hope that he had learned his lesson at a great price. He has become a peamently damaged and bitter person who is loathed by the public.

I got it now. Thx for giving me the info. His is a tragic life filled with ugliest chapters.

I understand

bits of moxy said...

I know I am a day late...but I find it totally amusing that Mickey gets tossed under the bus, and yet and yet we should all hope Michael Lohan survives so there will be more gossip. Fucking sick of your double standards "Enty".

mooshki said...

Moxy, you seriously don't get the difference between talking trash about someone and not wishing them to actually have a physical illness?

karen said...

@WBotW: Thank you!

@Lori: Wow, bitter bitch, huh? So I'm bitter because I fight for women's equality and call you out on your internalized misogyny, no matter where I am? Why don't you just throw another insult/cliché in the mix that is around for centuries to shame and muzzle women who dare to speak out against misogyny; that I'm a frustrated old hag who just needs a dick in her cunt for once? Do you want to send a few of your male friends over who give it to me real good and stuff my bitchy mouth (with you know what) so that I keep my big bold trap shut for good? You know, just the way it used to be and still often is.

For the record, I did not wish horrible things on anyone! I was merely making a point that a lot of women like the ones you can find on this site (see misspoppypants above for a perfect yet sad example) think that they can mock misogyny or the people who speak out against it, but on the other hand sure as hell want to benefit from the progress those bitter bitches have fought for.

You're a woman who ridicules feminism/feminists? Then don't benefit from it/their work! Go back to not being able to read, write, vote and - most of all - not being allowed to have an opinion and go cook your man dinner while taking care of your numerous children. Have fun!

Seriously, how damn stupid do you (third person plural) have to be by not realizing that by talking like that you're a big part of the problem? And if it's just a word that has no meaning, then why does it only have no meaning when it comes to degrading women? Why aren't we allowed to use that excuse with black people or gay people, too? It's just a word, nigger. No offense. It's just a word, faggot/dyke. No offense. Would you really dare to talk like that in public? NO! Because you know that it isn't just a word. It's a whole mindset that stands behind it! And people would immediately think of you as a racist/homophobe and rightfully so. So don't play dumb!!!

And do you (again, third person pl.) really think that misogyny starts with, say for example, a man who suddenly in the morning thinks Hey, you know what? Today I'm going to rape a woman. I actually wanted to go for a walk, but I think this could be fun. Yeah!
No! It begins with a mindset, with an attitude and that is expressed by words. Words like cunt, bitch, whore, slut etc. and YOU are all contributing to this. Congratulations!!!

Are you really that naive to think that an attitude along the lines of I just called another girl/woman a cunt on the internet. Whatever. It's not a big deal. is not a big contributing factor to how women are still perceived/treated in this world? On what planet do you live???

I don't know how many times I got to read the comments on posts about Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, Toddlers & Tiaras or when Enty reports on domestic violence, rape etc. and almost got a concussion for shaking my head so much due to having to read comments by the same people who don't have a problem to refer to women as whores, cunts and bitches yammering and whining about how bad the world is and why all of this can happen, wah, wah, wah...

Just shut up, you hypocrites. It's not your place at all to comment on this because you're part of the problem!

Lioness70 said...

Mina, sorry, but you do come off as humorless and bitter.

I think a lot of actresses are cunts. How many blogs out there are devoted to their selfish, entitled, and just plain shitty behavior? This is why I've only gone to two movies in the past seven years - and they were both kid films, one animated. I'm not supporting this behavior by wasting my money on these awful movies.

Not to mention that I'm a stay at home mom BY CHOICE who really resents comments like yours. Feminism is about respecting ALL women's choices. It's not about screeching in comboxes and telling others how to think.

Maja With a J said...

I actually think Mina comes off as everything but bitter. I think she seems smart, educated, and eloquent.

The reason, I think, why people don't find this instance of c-word usage all that upsetting, is because it's Mickey Rourke. I don't think anyone really takes Mickey Rourke seriously. If Mickey Rourke called me a cunt, I probably wouldn't be too upset about it, you know what I mean? It doesn't mean anything to me. He doesn't mean anything to me. Hearing him say these things about other women doesn't offend me, it makes me laugh because I'm sure it comes from a place of rejection, really. Plus, the statement is really about him. He says he likes Frieda Pinto, and it's almost as if he finds that a bit weird since he usually thinks actresses are cunts.

If someone else had said it, or the context was different, it might have rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not loving what he said, I'm just saying it doesn't make me all that upset. He has said so many crazy things, this kind of drowns in it, I guess.

karen said...

I'm so sorry that I'm disturbing your fun, Lioness70. I'm really depressed that I don't have your sense of humor. No, actually I'm not! I would rather kill myself than finding humor in being misogynistic.

Being bitter and/or humorless is actually the typical reasoning people like you come up with when they know that their behavior and mindset doesn't have any justification whatsoever. What I find so funny is when people who don't have a problem by discriminating against women want to make me believe that this is the only group of people they're discriminating against. If it wouldn't be politically incorrect and socially required to not talk in a certain way about a certain group of people and they wouldn't have to fear to be socially ostracized, I'm quite sure they would talk about other groups who who are being discriminated against the same way. They're only smart enough to not do it in public.

And for having to call other women cunts; It shows how clearly how limited not only in your vocabulary you seem to be if the only expression you can think of when referring to a disliked woman is 'cunt'. It shows that you have a lot of self-hatred and problems with other women if that is the only word that comes to your mind to describe them.
Seriously, what has their alleged bad behavior to do with their sex?
I would really like to know what you call people of color who piss you off? Do you also blame their behavior on their skin color?

That you think that I insulted women who stay at home and take care of their children shows again that you didn't understand my comment at all. I was only describing how it used to be not so long ago and that you can be really happy that nowadays you have the choice of either staying at home or working somewhere else. And that's what women didn't have back then. Choice! Those humorless, bitter bitches fought for women having the right to choose.

Also, I'm sorry to break the news to you, but feminism is actually about telling other people to treat women with respect and to stop the misogyny. God, it's devastating how uneducated you are in this field that you and Lori up there have to resort to the same paroles men have been using for so long to muzzle women. Bitter, humorless, screeching.. Unbelievably sad.

Again, I'm sorry for disturbing your fun.

The Black Cat said...

Oh Mina, I find your words refreshing, of course many gals do not get it, they never will and perhaps that is a blessing in itself because ignorance is bliss. It is frightening to me how many women I know personally go out of their way to make themselves noticed by men, any men. It's beyond insecurity, it's like an addiction, this validation of having a man in their life even if he is bad news. So this makes it ok to dress like a street hooker and to be promiscuous or to be "cool" about being called insulting names. And of course in true addict form they are in denial about it. They do not know any other way which is truly sad but life is all about choices and they have clearly made theirs.

As for Mickey - I have known people who have had much, much worse lives and have not turned into monsters. I'm quite sure no-one forced him into becoming a drug addict, he did that all on his own.

karen said...

I get your point, Maja. I understand when you choose to not feel insulted by certain words depending on the person saying them. Still, you can see that there's no backlash for him saying that word. Is it discussed in the news? No. Is he being asked by the media to publicly apologize for his statement? No. Does he have to be afraid of being shunned by his colleagues and not be considered for acting jobs anymore? Hell no.

It's because people don't consider this a big deal. I bet that if he had offended African-Americans or Jewish or gay actors/actresses he would be forced to apologize and there would be outrage. His career would most likely be over.

The thing is, there is one thing to say to yourself Gosh, that worm can't insult me. He's just too pathetic., but it's anther to trivialize his statement by saying it's not a big deal. (I'm talking about people in general here.) People who make such statements about women should expect the same backlash as the ones who make discriminatory statements about other people.

Anonymous said...

I think Maja is on to something. I read it, rolled my eyes because he's a disgusting sack of shit and I'm sure the actresses that are cunts are the ones that rejected him. But can you imagine if George Clooney or Matt Damon said that? Or a politician or scholar? Whole different story.

We're all responsible for our own actions and our own choices, I don't feel any kind of pity for him. Just look at him. How can anyone take anything he says seriously?

I do agree with you, Mina. That word is a derogatory word against women, just as the other words you mentioned. But since Mickey Rourke's comments are the equivalent of the crazy homeless guy on the corner yelling nonsense, no one really cares.

shehlaS said...

I just have to LAUGH at the long winded ladies here. If you are so passionate about a subject, please volunteer instead of wasting your breath in the comments section of a gossip website. You'll change more people that way. Trust me!! Especially in the feminism department.

Signed, a stay at home mom that knows her oppressed role.

Lioness70 said...

Hold on a sec. I didn't say all women are cunts. I said I believe most actresses are. And that they are. If they were decent people, Enty's site wouldn't exist, and we wouldn't be fighting on this message board. Just sayin'.

Sorry if you think I'm uneducated and I hate myself (I'm not and I don't) because I used that word to describe overrated, overpaid hacks.

Anonymous said...

@Shehla, that was the most condescending thing I've read all day.

And do you do more than just post in a comments section? I'm assuming yes since you're raising children. Then you can assume that everyone posting on this site is also doing something with their time, worthwhile or not.

The Black Cat said...

@Shehla if that is true you are not oppressed, just ignorant. My grandmother didn't work outside of the home and she was not oppressed even back then.

karen said...


First of all, we're not fighting, we're having a discussion!

Hold on a sec. I didn't say all women are cunts. I said I believe most actresses are. And that they are. If they were decent people, Enty's site wouldn't exist...

You come off as really disturbed, Lioness70, and I don't say that to piss you off, but because you really sound like someone who has a lot of issues with being a woman and thus with other women as well.

Enty's blog is just as much filled with male actors and celebrities, respectively, whose alleged shenanigans (remember, this is a gossip blog on which you should take almost every story with a grain of salt) don't seem to bother you as much as the female ones do.

You're obviously using the word 'cunt' because you're deducing those actresses' (and last time I checked actresses are indeed women) bad behavior from their sex. Otherwise, you would call them dumbasses, assholes, airheads, idiots and all the other numerous slurs that can be used to express your dislike without having to insult them for being women.

I just can't understand why you hold on to this misogynistic slur so much?

Also, I said you're uneducated in the particular field of feminism and misogyny. Please, read my comments thorougly.

Oh, and I also want to comment on this blog and the women that are portrayed here. I'm observing for quite some time that Enty is more prone to never pass the opportunity to remind us when a female celebrity did something stupid, but seems to conveniently forget to do so with the male ones.
How many times did he remind us of Paris Hilton saying the n-word and how many times do you see him refer to Sean Penn as a woman beater in comparison? How many times does he remind us of 50 Cent spouting off homophobic slurs on his Twitter? When do you ever see Enty refer to Snoop Dogg as a misogynistic rapper?
There's quite the double standard on this site when it comes to portraying women and men.

Texshan said...

Mina, if you were actually "having a discussion," you wouldn't be telling Lioness she was disturbed, tell other people to "shut up, you hypocrites," cast aspersions on women who chose to be stay-at-home moms (which, no matter what you said later, is how you came off), and basically told people they were stupid if they didn't agree with you. A discussion is when there is mutual respect for the opinions of others. Frankly, I didn't see that.
Granted, I think most actors (both male and female) are spoiled, stupid and arrogant. But I don't appreciate Rourke using the "c-word," simply because I hate it. I wish he had included male actors along with female actors in his quote, because honestly I don't think they are any better.
Rourke does love his doggies very, very much, though, and because of that -- as well as all of the crap he's gone through in his life -- I'm willing to cut him some slack.

Sherry said...

I say when Ted has a blind about "Douchey McAsshat" we can all rest assureed he's talking about Mickey.

As a former actress I've seen talent that thinks they're all that and a bag of chips but mostly I have seen very down to earth people. I really believe people treat you like you treat them. Guess I could claim some sort of bias if I thought that happened all the time OR I could see the situation differently. If that makes any sense. What I am sayiog is that he seems to have encountered an unusual amount of c*&nts in his career and I find that suspect.

Lori said...


Seriously? I said people would think you were a bitter bitch based on your word choice...I didnt call you one, or defend Rourke's comments. Your response confirms my statements. You have the right to be upset about misogyny, but you would attract more people to your point of view with well thought out statements including history and facts, rather than vitriol and assumptions about people's education, life choices and mental stability. All you are doing currently is polarizing people who, otherwise, might agree with you.

LauraM said...

The guy is an unthankful Dick. I'm not going too deep into it. I could care less what his opinions are about women. He's obviously bitter he can't keep one so goes on and insults them. It's like some hasbeen washed up actress saying all guys are Dicks with a capital T. Moving on...


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