Friday, November 25, 2011

Brandi Glanville And Cedric Had Never Met

Remember earlier in the year when Bravo was teasing us all by showing Cedric and Brandi Glanville together? You know, when Brandi said she had known Cedric for 16 years and they used to model together and been bff. Turns out that it was all a lie. According to Star Magazine, Cedric and Brandi had never met until they were introduced by Bravo producers to see if they would bond and get along. Those sneaky producers. They wanted to build on that drama from last season with Cedric and Lisa. Brandi came up with the modeling story during lunch; the two got along and Brandi got herself a gig on Housewives.


GladysKravitz said...

I like Brandi because she seems like a straight shooter, but this doesn't seen very honest. I am rethinking my opinion now. On a related note, I saw a cover with Faith Hill on it-- on first glance, I thought it was Brandi. I guess D##kface Eddie has a type.

Camigobu said...

I think it's Leann Rimes, not Faith Hill, but yeah they look alike.

GladysKravitz said...

Lol. Yeah. I get them all confused! Thank you

Jasmine said...

I also liked Brandi (though that insufferable 'i' is rather annoying) but this makes me just icked out. I know it's a 'reality' show but damn.I guess I'm just old school and remember the days of the original reality show- MTV's Real World- and so I usually believe most of what people are presenting to us about themselves and their lives is real.

I dont like this trend where the people on the show just do shit to get ratings or gain more twitter/fb followers. I'm beginning to see everyone on reality tv as practically caricatures of real people.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@GladysKravitz & Jasmine - I agree with you guys.

Why even bother creating that elaborate of a lie? Just say, here's the new housewife! So stupid!


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