Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Blind Item #10

This American Idol finalist (as in at least top three) has a sex tape. She thinks it will solve all her financial problems. It will be interesting to see if there is a market for it.


Matt & Jess said...

Bimbo McPhee

~Z~ said...

Wonder if she's lackluster in that too...If it's McPhee.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Olivia Mojica changed her mind and decided that if Tami "Pippi Longstocking" Erin is rolling in the cash and fame-bump, she might as well, too?

HB19 said...


Mama Ray said...

Nikki McKibbin or Fantasia??
Either way, I'll pass!

AJ said...
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SueRH said...


Alist said...

Kimberly C

DontRainOnMyPrada said...

If it's McPhee, I can imagine it being her first and only convincing role. ;)

Count Jerkula said...

Backdoor Farrah set the bar high for reality whores. Broad better have a one in the pink and one in the stink if she's looking to turn heads.

caralw said...

Top three female contestants via wiki:

Nikki McKibben
Kelly Clarkson - just married, too big
Kimberly Locke - she's been working steadily
Fantasia - kind of trashy, but has reality show
Jasmine Trias
Diana Degarmo - newlywed and working actress on Broadway
Syesha Mercado - also doing theater
Haley Rheinart - lost record deal, but has publishing deal and writing
Lauren Alaina - still has record deal
Carrie Underwood -- WAY too rich and concerned about her image
Vonzell Solomon
Kat McPhee - not sure she's sunk to that just yet, but I wouldn't put it past her
Jordin Sparks - hot and heavy with Jason Derulo
Melinda Doolitle - religious
Chrystal Bowersox - not Hollywood enough
Kree Harrison- also a songwriter
Candice Glover- just won
Angie Miller - too wholesome

Gotta go with Fantasia, Kat or Nikkie.

The Real Dragon said...

Please no not fantasia. None of us got time for that

Tigercat said...

Initially, I read that first line as an American Idiot finalist. Kinda prefer that version too.

Kelly said...

@The Real Dragon. LMAO!

Sherry said...

Fantasia has had well known financial troubles. Gotta be her.

And ewwww....

Katie said...


di butler said...

Amen, Dragon. Nobody ever got that kinda time.


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