Thursday, November 07, 2013

Joni Mitchell Is 70

43 years ago a 27 year old Joni Mitchell was recorded in concert. Happy Birthday Joni.


Del Riser said...

Happy Birthday Joni, you provided a host of memories.

nancer said...


msgirl said...

I wanted to be Joni.

AKM said...

Can't get much better than BLUE or COURT AND SPARK for my money.

Brenda L said...

I was looking for a "like" button for a second....LOL

MrWolf said...

Whatever happened to the Joni Mitchell bio pic that was supposed to star Taylor Swift?

Melly said...

If we can learn nothing else from Joni Mitchell, it's that the 50's and 60's were amazing eras full of respect for humanity. And women kept their legs shut, as they should.

SophiaB said...

Ah the irony. My crappy cell phone won't play the sound... joni led the way. Lit up my heart and taught me how to survive the ache of unrequited, imperfect love. She is the Goddess.

Sandy said...

I hope everyone watches until she sits at the piano - then you can see why every female singer-songwriter who came after her owes her a huge debt.

Even now no one can touch her melodies and lyrics, and she was a virtuoso guitar player and totally idiosyncratic pianist.

Sandy said...

That said, I still love to hear Tina Fey parody her.

Sandy said...
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MNelson said...

I used to like Joni Mitchell till a few years ago.

The 1st reason I stopped liking her was the slamming of Bob Dylan as a fake.

She claims Bob is a plagirist. Yet most songwriters such as Chuck Berry (He adapted the melody Ida Red which is a western wing song for Maybelline) Woody Gutherie who lifted some melodies and occasionally a lyric from The Carter Family, to John Lennon who lifted "I'd rather see you dead little girl than be with another man" from Elvis's Baby Let's Play House to his Run For Your Life.

It's a tradition in popular music. The bottom line is this question Is at least 90% of the song original in all other areas?

If it is, then plaigarism claims is BS.

I find it very hypocritical that she accuses Bob of that when she lifts most of her mid late 70's work musically from Laura Nyro.

For those who don't know - Laura Nyro is a female singer-songwriter who came out in 1966.

She was considered the first solo female singer songwriter. Her songs like Stoned Soul Picnic and When I Die were made into hits by the 5TH Dimension and Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Her music was piano based with a mixture of R&B, Jazz, and Classical.

She was doing jazz fusion with pop music long before Joni did. Yet Joni unjustly takes credit for pioneering that area.

I will concede Joni has a slight edge lyrically over Laura. But musically and vocally, Laura makes Joni look like amateur hour.

Laura's albums are on youtube. Look up Eli And The Thirteenth Confession, New York Tandaberry, or Christmas Beads and Sweat (Not a Christmas Album BTW just a title)

Those albums are life changing. Laura really does not get the credit as often as she deserves.

Sorry for the rant, but Joni in her old age makes me angry. It hurts cause I was a big fan of her work. She is a phony to me now through and through.

HimynameisChloe said...

even though we were were in the midst of the civil rights movement....and the 60's marked the beginning of the sexual.revolution and birth control? lol.


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