Thursday, July 31, 2014

July News Fails


sandybrook said...


ethorne said...

No shit.

FSP said...


Frufra said...

Seems like Enty hasn't posted "News Fails" for a while. Either that, or I'm so used to scrolling right past the video that I just block out the title.

Unknown said...

Enty should start a Madam X blind list for all the Hos and the fish stick Goop

skippy said...

Ain't nobody got time for that!

skippy said...

Joan rivers needs to extract her head from her arse.
Animal rights advocate wearing fur! Idiot.

hunter said...

Nobody's going to watch it?

pff, me neither.

BeckyMae said...

Seriously with ALL the goddamn funny material out there, Enty really posts some lame videos....ENTY! GET YOUR GEN MILLEN ENTERN TO PICK SOMETHING GOOD!
Ugh, rant over...sorry for the shouts...

LogDog said...

I love these, but boooooo to so much national and international media, and not enough local news on these. I really like how Conan will poke fun at local news who use CNN wire stories and read the same intros to the pkg.

Funny moments in this one-
When the met from WXII (Brian Slocum) was explaining about tornadoes and the dog pic came up, and he just rolled with it. Good job, and funny.

When KTVK's Jaime Cerreta was doing her live shot in the dust storm. Excellent composure, and made me laugh. I've never been in anything quite that intense, but I can relate.

I love how fast the Fox News producers were able to update the CGs as Joan Rivers was talking. Not even a second after she said something, they'd have the CG updated. Hilarious. They had to have known she'd be feisty and they were ready.

Thankful I've never ended up on something like this. Just on the station blooper reel that gets watched at the Christmas party each year.

And yes, I do work in local news. I am a meteorologist and reporter at WFFT in Fort Wayne, IN.

For verification, you can find some of my stories in my two feature franchises--
Weatherman Versus Food-
and Locally Made Monday-


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