Friday, August 01, 2014

Random Photos Part Three

Jwoww shows off her baby for the first time in public while

Snooki practices getting married.
Kaley Cuoco is still not filming Big Bang Theory so spent some time with her dog.
Katy Perry was at the White House last night.
Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult hung out in Tokyo together.
Kerry Washington after her Jimmy Kimmel appearance.
Kendra Wilkinson hangs out with her son.
Avril Lavigne makes sure you know just how big the anniversary ring she got from Chad Kroeger is.
Adriana Lima looking a bit tipsy last night in NYC.


sandybrook said...

Whoa Kaley that outfit us awful and makes you look knocked up.
I doubt anyone will marry Snooki.
Jimmy Kimmel gives his guests parting gifts?

Mark Kaepplein said...

Yeah. Kaley, not the look you want while negotiating for $1M an episode. Ugg, Kendra. Another where boobs and everything looked better than when she went Hollywood.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

In Adriana's drunk shot, I like the lady in yellow that looks happy to be papped. Or maybe it was the clams.

nurysp said...

kendra has a ugly ass smile
looks forced all the time

that ring tho sheesh

Seven of Eleven said...

I actually kinda feel bad for Snooki. She's got a tiny frame and pregnancy isn't easy on tiny frames.

So is Kaley C trying to send a message? I don't make enough money to afford something that doesn't look like a dollar store handkerchief hookup?

Let us hope Chad's 2 year anniversary gift is a stylist.

figgy said...

Hate Kaley'S hair cut.

Could Avril be any more of a douche? Eyeroll.

Astra Worthington said...

Oh Katy Perry, I do not envy you one bit. DC functions are the worst!

Unknown said...

Kristen Stewart settling for J Law's leftovers?

Unknown said...

Nick and Kstew are doing a movie together they aren't dating. She likes the ladies.

Unknown said...

Stewart was 4th choice for that movie, they were trying to get JLaw first, that's why they cast Nick.

Stewart looks just like her paid for lesbian lover, she goes Single White Female on everyone she spends time with. Think she needs a break & spend some time alone.

Jessie said...

Lavigne just went full tacky.

Anonymous said...

^super tacky. i like when people need to brag about things i don't care about having. not a jewelry kinda girl

Jordan T said...

Chad kroeger is the king of douche. Solidified it when he married sk8tr grl

Kelly said...

Katy looks great.

cowbulls said...

Adriana seems to be enjoying the single life. Hopefully she won't get so loaded that she hooks up with Bieber again.

Count Jerkula said...

Lots of hot slots up in here.

Penny, Perry, Kstew, Avril, Lima. Tough decisions.

P: Lima - that broad is fine. I'd rather go down on her for an hour than bone 90% of the planet. Tough not to put her down for M, considering most models probably don't have gag reflexes left.

M: Perry - Big cans, Whore Red lipstick, what more could you want for a BJ?

B: K-Stew - she needs it.

Ms B'have said...

Kerry Washington is adorable; her shoes, however, are rather unfortunate.

MinPinGirl said...

Sorry Avril but I don't think that Rock is real....and I don't think you're wearing a genuine diamond either.


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