Saturday, January 02, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #15

September 26, 2015

This former boy bander turned a list solo singer turned part-time movie actor broke up with this one named former A+ list singer in a group turned B list solo singer because of the amount of drugs she was using. It was almost 24/7 and he was sure some pap would catch them together while she was using.

Justin Timberlake/Fergie


muchlu said...

wasnt this ages ago, before she was even famous?

sandybrook said...

She was famous for being on Kids Inc. already. He was 16 when they hooked up so she was doing something that wasn't kosher because she was a lot older. In any case little JT found little Miss BritBrit.

June Gordon said...

She smokes the pipe -- he sucks it.

Meredith said...

It's the Kids Incorporated/MMC romance my 8-year-old self dreamed of! Well, minus all the drug use.

angie said...

he probably broke up with her bc he likes guys

just sayin

texasrose said...

Well good for him.

Whywhywhy??? said...

Mouth drop...then ROTFL

Claire said...

"This former boy bander turned a list solo singer turned part-time movie actor "

This is not even CLOSE to being blind. LOL

Hegg said...

I've heard she's a mess again. Went to a program for 4 WHOLE days.
: (

shump said...

Right, tho?! Might as well have titled it Rustin Trousersnake.

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