Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 27, 2015

This former A list mostly movie actress who can certainly play a mean mother and is an Academy Award winner/nominee went out in public for the first time in months. Her cancer battle has been really tough on her.

Faye Dunaway


Salaam said...

Prayers for her health.

She's not one of those people you immediately think of in the category of great actresses - then you consider her body of work - Chinatown, Network, Thomas Crowne Affair, Three Days of the Condor, and of course, Bonnie And Clyde, and then you go, "damn she's good".

AndrewBW said...

For me, Chinatown is the greatest movie of the seventies.

Scoots said...

I'm no Polanski fan, but Chinatown might be one of the greatest films ever.

OKay said...

Well, it's certainly one of the ickiest.

back again said...

Well I sure as hell never forgot her after:
" she's my sister and my daughter! "
One of the most memorable scenes of all the movies i've seen.

H2O said...

I didn't know she was sick, wishing her luck.

Malibuborebee said...

Horrible person, great star. I hope she doesn't suffer with this too much.


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