Friday, February 19, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 1, 2015

This B- list celebrity was pretty open the other night when she cheated on her old permanent A list celebrity husband.

Crystal Hefner


Mio said...

Is she still with Dr Phil's wannabe Linkin Park son?

Zilla1 said...

He probably likes her to tell him about it. You never know.

Malibuborebee said...

I presume the Hefner marriage is open.

Kim said...

If ur husband's penis is in operational is it still considered cheating?

Meg said...

She could probably bone the guy in front of Heff at this point & ten minutes later, he'd forget. Or she could just have a quicky during one of his many naps.

back again said...

All I know is that if i were in her shoes, I would DEFINITELY be choosing the staff.


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