Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 30, 2015

This former tweener actress has been combining her prescribed medications with crack. Our actress, who has not done much since her ensemble hit show went off the air a couple of decades ago is sleeping with multiple men to pay for her crack addiction. Her family will only help with her prescribed meds.

Lark Voorhies


Unemployable said...

Well, this would account for her Cosby rant. "The truth is in the pudding!"

Elle said...

Truly sad. It seems that after her relationship with Martin, she was never the same.

Unemployable said...

Hey, relax Rick, Buddy. Go to Your Own Private Idaho.

Cinabun said...

Crack? That's some nasty sh#t. We can all thank the gov't for it. Really idiotic that they thought they'd be able to keep it in specific areas. Iran Contra subsidiary plans didn't work too well.

Unemployable said...

True, bit if all that hadn't happened then Rick Ross wouldve had to think up a different name for himself. Probably would've ended up calling himself Pablo Escobar or something.

Cinabun said...

+ infinity


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