Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Honest Company Recalling Baby Powder


The Honest Company, the brand co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, issued a voluntary recall for all bottles of its organic baby powder sold in the United States over concerns of eye and skin infections. The California-based company said that the decision was reached after recent tests detected possible contaminations from microorganisms that could cause infection.

“With the full knowledge and under the guidance of the FDA, we’ve decided to voluntarily recall this product out of an abundance of caution,” Christopher Gavigan, co-founder, said in a video on The Honest Company’s website.

The product is sold in 4 oz. containers with the UPC #817810014529 and has been available in stores since April 14. No other product from the company is affected by the recall, and customers with questions are instructed to call 1-888-688-8653 Monday – Friday 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, or email

Of course if you do give them your e-mail, you will be forever harassed into making more purchases.

The recall is the latest in a string of difficulties for the company that bills itself as a toxin-free, eco-friendly lifestyle products company. In 2015 consumers took to social media to complain about the company’s SPF 30 sunscreen, and later a Wall Street Journal investigation questioned the ingredients in its detergent. The company was also forced to publicly challenge a lawsuit that claimed that its Premium Infant Formula was falsely mislabeled as organic because it contains 11 synthetic ingredients.


BitchieMitchie said...

I don't know why everyone thinks her products are so "natural or organic". I read every label-lots of chemicals-and I also look where something this made. Most of her overpriced stuff is made in China...never buy anything natural or organic manufactured or grown in China!

Hot Cola said...

There's nothing 'natural' or 'organic' manufactured in China. Sertinally not on a large scale ( which is required for a profitable business). Unless you travel to some out-of-the-way village. And you cant establish a chain of supply from there. ( sertinally not for modern needs/ large schale business). You want easy? Buy 'natural' from the big cities factories.

Lisa said...

I can't.

Hortensia said...

I bought the dish soap out of desperation at Target. Over-priced crap.

OKay said...

Omigod. Do you seriously not know how to spell certainly?


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