Monday, January 09, 2017

No Julianna Margulies On The Good Wife Spinoff


What I have been telling you for months was confirmed yesterday, when, co-creator Robert King, of “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight,” told reporters at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that Margulies won’t be turning up on the spinoff.

“We talked to Julianna about the show and her relationship to it and we kind of agreed that ‘The Good Wife’ ended that story. I don't think you'd expect that this year.”

Yeah, what he didn't say is that everyone was glad she was gone and the whole filming thing has been like rainbows and unicorns without her.

Christine Baranski tried to be more diplomatic than that. You have to read this in her voice for the proper effect.

"I just emailed her this morning. We're great friends. She passed the baton on to me. She was done. She said, 'After seven years, I'm exhausted. I've told the story. I need to get back to my husband and my child and my life.' So that final episode was a real culmination of seven years," she explained.

“The Good Fight” takes place one year after “The Good Wife” where Diane Lockhart (Baranski) finds herself out of a job from her law firm and forced to start over once a financial scheme knocks her down. The full length trailer premiered to reporters at the TCA Monday morning.


sandybrook said...

Entern I can't believe you went till 7:30pm last night (eastern)

david said...

Enty had way too much to post about the Bought and Paid for Awards show...I mean, Golden Globes!

Better Yet said...

Christine also said in the press that Julianna was welcome on "The Good Fight" anytime.

Kathy said...

Christine Baranski is and always has been a class act. I wish her much success in the new show.
Every time I see her I think back to Cybil and the way she said, "Doctor Dick"!

GroovieMann said...

Puffy heart Baranski. She was priceless in Bowfinger.

Simon said...

I know! I stopped reading after about 3:00 eastern cause that's when it usually ends for the day but then noticed last night there were a bunch more! Loved it

Maggie said...

Does this remind anyone of The Closer/Major Crimes continuation - without the animosity though.

OKay said...

I love Christine Baranski. But it does disturb me somewhat that "classy" apparently now means "bald-faced liar".

yayme said...

ummm is that photo doctored? Or a bad angle for Baranski.

I couldn't get thru all the blinds yesterday. And I wait until the end of the day. How does one manage to get anything done if they are here from 6 am til 4 pm? wow.


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