Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Woman Arrested In Craigslist Rape Fantasy Plot Was Framed

Michelle Hadley (above) was facing life in prison when she was arrested back in July. She was accused of posting Craigslist ads to get people to go over to the home of Angela Diaz and live out her rape fantasies. The ads stated they should not stop even if Diaz said to stop.

Diaz went to great lengths to frame Hadley by allegedly falsely reporting a rape claim and posing as Hadley in emails and on Craigslist.

Diaz has been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, falsely reporting crimes, perjury, grand theft and forgery, among other charges. She was arrested by Phoenix, Arizona, police on Friday.

Hadley spent 88 days in jail without bail before prosecutors decided something was not quite right. At that point  they released her on her own recognizance, and on Monday, fully exonerated her.

The man that links the two women is Ian Diaz, an agent with the U.S. Marshals Service, who dated Hadley in Anaheim, California from 2013 to 2015 before marrying Diaz, according to court records. Prosecutors said they have no evidence he was involved.

The bizarre events began in June, when Diaz reported to Anaheim police that men had been arriving at her home to engage in a "rape fantasy" encounter, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said men were intercepted by police and told them they thought they were going to engage in a consensual act.

The officials said Diaz also called 911 and falsely reported that a man attempted to rape her in her garage, and she appeared with her shirt ripped and her neck red.

At the same time, Diaz told police Hadley had been threatening to have her raped, and had also sent threats that included graphic photos saying she would kill her and her unborn child. Diaz had faked the pregnancy, prosecutors allege.

The false evidence led to Hadley's arrest.

But the case fell apart as authorities learned all the threats and solicitations had allegedly come from Diaz herself. Diaz used her phone, the condo she shared with her husband, and her father's home in Arizona to make the calls and emails, prosecutors said.


Barbara RiceHand said...

What a psycho. I bet Hadley thought her life was over when she was put behind bars. Glad the truth came out..

AndrewBW said...

This is pretty bizarre, not the least because I don't know why it took police so long to figure this out if the evidence was as obvious as it sounds. But anyway folks, if you're going to make threatening phone calls buy a burner phone. If you're going to send threatening emails, buy a cheap tablet and use the free wifi in the library (less likely to be any videos than in a coffee shop) of a town a couple hours away from yours. Geez, get with it peoples! You're giving our criminals a bad reputation!

Spectator said...

All women are just whores. Sometimes I'm glad that Trump won. That way women can be fuck toys again.

whatsup said...

This reminds me of Gone Girl

Hamster said...

There are alot of innocent people in jail. Some have even been put to death. She's lucky she was female and Caucasian or she'd still be in jail now.

Hot Cola said...

What's with these Criminal News falshs in the middle of the day? This is for Entertainment Gossip site.

Hot Cola said...

What's the Adgena here? Can we get a clear answer on that? Enty?

Hot Cola said...

If this is what you walk around with, @spectator,
this is what you'll see.
Law of Nature..

NoseyNeighbor said...

88 days she will never get back because of this delusional woman.

Why? said...

Some lonely sad dudes on this site. No wonder no women would get with you.

ryan said...

I am a true crime geek and read a bunch of articles about this online. What some of the media on this are not talking about is the cop himself. From the accounts I've read, he sounds like a real asshole himself. So it stands to reason he'd attract a bunny boiler too. But what really bothers me is that because he's a cop, it lends to the appearance that the local cops didn't investigate these claims as thoroughly as they should have. This is not uncommon, since it's pretty much a rule that cops look out for other cops. I personally think this guy should be stripped of his badge. There are allegations of abuse by the former GF and just the lack of judgment in him hooking up with this nutcase make me think he's one of the bad ones too. I hope the wrongly accused girl sues and gets a pile of cash.

OKay said...

You'd think the police might have looked into all that shit before arresting a woman and keeping her locked up without bail for three months.

Hortensia said...

This story is a plot line from The Closer. She was a copy cat.
Oh, and that creep who posted here--that's Milo trolling. Loser.

S.D.AUNTIE said...

Bravo Ryan. Well said and i agree with you 100 percent. Hope she is financially compensated and that cop needs to be investigated and writtem up for dating psych check frauder. I had a friend that was similar to this lady and diagnosed with borderline personality! Pay for background checks on anyone u date or shady neighbors. It really is worth it.


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