Saturday, February 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Kindness

November 30, 2016

Before he became an actor, he was a policeman. Before he was a policeman, this recurring actor on a network superhero show was just a regular guy who, during 9/11 was trying to rescue survivors from the World Trade Center.

J.W. Cortes


Sunspirit said...

I love this kindness reveal.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Thank you for reminding us there's still beauty in humanity, Enty. ♥

mariaj said...

I don't think i know him, but it doesn't matter, what he did was great

marlo said...

Nice! I also like these sort of blinds.
And to think there are 'Americans' out there marching together with those who danced on the streets and praised 9/11. Foul.

Color Me Confused said...

Most of the NYPD, FDNY and EMS men/women are hotter than most of the top tier actors in Hollywood. There ain't no ugly cops in this town! The Firemen are even hotter. Casting agents out there, come to town and see for yourself.

nursermk said...

I had to smile at your nice comment because I remember Steve Buscemi was a firefighter then put on the uniform again when the Towers fell, and I thought he looked pretty good (not "kinda funny lookin'" like in Fargo, more like when he was in Ghost World) but as a nurse, I am always happy when another service person gets a break and there is tons of undiscovered talent out there--just needs someone to spend time looking, I guess?

Just Saying... said...

Nailed it.

Hortensia said...

No one did that.

BIll said...

You are sick.

Marlo said...

Bill, yes refusing facts and truth because it doesn't suit your political
Agenda, is definately a sign of severe mental illness.

Hortensia, are you too retarded to use google my dear? Google videos of Palestinians dancing on the streets after 9/11 and handing out sweets to kids on the streets, and then Google that Palestinian Hamas Cnut who shared a fucking American platform with Madonna and mentally ill Ashley Judd. It's not that difficult. Then maybe revisit your embarrassing claim that priests in France are forbidden to wear robes: their work attire.

Seriously, who are you people? Pet walkers or umbrella holders for celebrities? Here in Europe people this stupid are banned from commenting on the Internet: it embarrasses entire countries.

Bill said...

I've never seen more projection in my life.
Take your 'retarded', 'moronic', psychopathic comments and shove them up your ass.
You're not in 'Britain'. You're not in 'Europe', no matter how many times you insist.
Your 'dancing in the street after 911' bullshit is well known to many.
With all of your Clooney stalking, I'm surprised you have so much time on your hands.

marlo said...

LMAO - I'm stalking Clooney and I am projecting?? Are you smoking meth or something? You have no clue who I am, and why the fuck would I pretend to be somebody I'm not on some celebrity gossip site? Do you even realise how retarded & pathetic you'd have to be?

I AM british, I DO have a REAL job, not like you useless nobodies in California who wipe celebrity arses and I have better things to do than to stalk George fucking Clooney LOOOL The reason you don't believe me is because you are such a bloody loser, you see other losers everywhere.

Your life is so small and insignificant, you see people such as yourself everywhere, get a bloody clue. Some people come here for light hearted fun, and they actually contribute more to society than fetching drugs for sub-educated d-listers. You don't like what I wrote because you most probably did not even finish 6th grade, like the rest here. Or let me guess: you took 'social studies' at your local college bwahaha
You are the stereotypical peasant who has never left his village corner, so the entire planet revolves around what's in your almost-empty head. You can't even fathom that there are people such as myself in this world, who live in other cities, who have an education , who speak more than half a language, and who travel for work and are exposed to other cultures.

'Stalking Clooney'....bloody fucking hell, as if I'd have nothing better to do than to stalk that has been loser. Hold on, ARE YOU CLOONEY??
If you are: LOOOL, nobody gives a shite about you anymore, you has-been - maybe that's why you're so angry ;) ?

Thanks for the laugh this morning, drug-fetcher, this is priceless.

Kiss Kiss from London.

marlo said...

Hey "Bill", wait a minute, wait a minute, I just had a lightbulb moment: do you get this angry because YOU are clooney and now you are in the pocket of muslims? Because everybody in Italy (I travel there regularly for work too and I speak some italian, I know, your head must be exploding right now, I hope your village corner is okay) knows Clooney is broke because he paid millions upon millions to all those young italian fashion model boys over the years to keep their mouths shut? Is that why you see the world through narrow slits, because you're used to having nobodies kiss your flabby arse?

Cioe', sei proprio un imbecille se e' così, perche' ti sei esposto da solo ;)

And that's why you so vocally defend muslims maybe, ey 'Bill' talking about 'projection: the ones who chant 'death to america' and burn american flags. Like my other 'claim', also very easily verifiable on thousands upon thousands of youttube videos.

Whoever you defender of pedophiles are, go fuck yourself with a large cactus, the red carpet treatment for the scum of humanity is over. Deal with it. Chose which side you're on. But never EVER think you can shut me up!

Penelope2 said...

Agree Marlo


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