Thursday, February 02, 2017

Man With Knife Shot Outside Louvre

A French soldier shot and seriously wounded a knife-wielding man Friday who attempted to attack security forces outside the Louvre museum. France’s prime minister called the assault “terrorist in nature.”

Details about the suspect were not immediately disclosed, but French media reported that he shouted “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great” in Arabic, as he charged at the soldier.

The incident immediately stoked fears across Paris after a series of terrorist bloodshed in the French capital and across France in the past two years, including the November 2015 rampage through Paris that claimed 130 lives and last July’s truck ramming in Nice that left more than 80 people dead.

French police said the attacker was armed with at least one machete and was carrying two briefcases as he attempted to enter the museum’s shopping center. When he was refused entry to the Carrousel du Louvre, he allegedly pulled out a knife and attacked the soldier, who then fired five rounds into the attacker’s stomach, France’s interior ministry tweeted.

Bernard Cazeneuve, France’s prime minister, described the knife attack was clearly “terrorist in nature.” No explosives were found in the man’s two bags, the interior ministry tweeted.

The soldier was slightly wounded in the scalp, and the attacker remained alive. The interior ministry also said a second person was arrested in connection to the attack.


Hothotheat said...

He brought a knife to a gunfight?

Pink Escada said...

I thought it was a machete

priscilla curtains said...

It was a machete, his suitcases were filled with PAINT bombs, and they gut shot him 5 times for attacking a cop with the machete. IIRC he had 2 machetes, obviously a fashion statement when visiting the museum. And PAINT bombs, yes sirree.

#Facts said...

This is exactly what Trump's trying to keep at bay. There's parts of the suburbs of Paris where women (both muslim and non-muslim) cannot walk through, and cafes and restaurants that they can't visit without a male companion.

Kate said...

Huh so he, as hothotheat pointed out, brought a knife to a gunfight and instead of packing heat... He packed 'paint'.

Well I'd say the reforms are working, lol. Next one will bring scissors and marbles.

Jennifer said...

France needs a muslim ban.

Hortensia said...

The militant Muslims, (who don't practice the religion) are angry because in France no religious garb is allowed in public. That goes for Catholic priests and nuns, Buddhist monks, (unless it's a concert they're giving), or anyone else. Same holds true in Quebec. No religious garb of any kind, of any religion is allowed. Banning Muslims is really stupid. Trump is not a great thinker. Just a great con artist. And, he likes to get peed on.

marlo said...

Hortensia, you are fucking retarded!

I go to France several times month for work, I speak fluent french, and what you are saying is not only a lie, but also not at all comparable. Nuns wear habits, and priests wear robes, because those are WORK ATTIRE. And they are absolutely legal in France, why wouldn't they be?

A burka can (and has been) used to disguise suicide belts, guns and knives, and has no place in western civilised society. It's a desert garment that Arab women used to protect them from fucking SAND STORM IN THE DESERT!

Today it is political. It is ONLY political, why else would they need a desert garment in western countries. Go fucking read something besides celebrity gossip, putain de merde collboratrice.


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