Thursday, March 09, 2017

Blind Item #5

Our favorite closeted actor from that former network show has been spending less and less time with his beard. Yes, it is mostly because of her wanting to be with her boyfriend, but he has a new project and thinks he can get publicity from that and not need the beard.


Tricia13 said...

Darren Criss

Zsa zsa said...

Who tf thinks Darren is straight? Do people really think he's straight?

gleek said...

Matt Morrison

me said...

"and thinks he can get publicity from that and not need the beard."

what publicity? I hope Darren knows nobody gives a fuck about his fake relationship or her floppy girlfriend. The way they tried to promote Feud at the premiere with that embarrassing so-called kiss picture is embarrassing. You aren't George Clooney, Darren.

nonnie said...

oh give me a break! Darren is straight bc he f*ck vaginas, bc straight guys f*ck vaginas, k?

anon said...

Her real bf is a fricken saint for putting up with her. Darren trust your instincts.

Pazazz said...

Darren project being his group computer games with his brother

mariaj said...

Must be the old fascination that some kind of englishmen have for trash.

He must be pu**y whipped. Poor gagĂ  Ben, he seems a bit stupid and delusional

mariaj said...

Ben, leave her to D, trash with trash.You are better than this ( actually, maybe he is not, after all )

D.R.B said...

I didn't really know people were still interested in Darren *attention seeker* Criss. Oh, and another failed project for his resume?

ski said...

One would affirm Criss can't go lower but then he is full using a charity event to promote his heterosexuality. What a role model he is.

Closet Monsters said...

I bet he sends in these blinds himself to drum up some interest since hello d-list.

lolz said...

believe it or not, yes. and they feel offended everytime someone says otherwise. they are also 'fans' of the beard, and god forbid if she gets hate.

lolz said...

nah he is beyond thirsty trying to prove he is straight acting like an homophobic ass btw.
did you know his team is sending mails to the tumblr staff to take down fan blogs exposing the bearding? and they already deleted 4 blogs
that is how desperate he is

mariaj said...

I have seen it that and that thing annoyed me to no end..4 !!! times they have took the blog down! And i don't know who ran that blog, if it was really a " source" or a troll ( but it was entartaining the same ) but i have seen the blog disappear before my, since i hate these kind of things,and Criss and the beard apparance at a Kids Charity events annoyed me even MORE i will post here a part of what that blog wrote ( Ent's courtesy, i hope)

Dearest Amelia,( " Amelia is the beard )

What the actual fuck? Really? FUCKING REALLY? You're doing to grow a royal hissy fit all because of a poorly structured fic? Are you really that far up your own ass that you'd let something so trivial like that send you into a Nazi reenactment??!

Because of a goddamn fanfic?!?!

Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

You are not 6.

You are not 12.

You are a grown ass woman in her goddamn 30s!


You mad cause I said you were a beard? Guess what bitch, YOU ARE! Have been for many years now. YOU AIN'T FOOLING NO ONE.

You pissed cause I said you were rude as fuck? YOU ARE! You legit sat there and belittled this woman until she was in tears. Fucking tears.

You mad cause I said you live on your daddy’s dime? YOU DO! YOUR CAR! YOUR HAIR TREATMENTS! YOUR CLOTHES! YOUR GODDAMN EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR BY BOTH MOMMY AND DADDY! Who you actually pit against for more sympathy points.

You aggravated cause I said you purposely pissed on yourself because you were too lazy to go to the John, which meant you spent most of the day in piss stained pants?? NEWS FLASH HORSE TEETH, YOU DID AND I HAVE THE GODDAMN VIDEO!

You pissed cause I said your chin was strong enough to take out Mike Tyson with a single swing? Honey, hate to break this to you, but your chin is the size of Mount-Fucking-Rushmore. You can feed a family of 12 on that chin and still have room. I could land a 747 on that goddamn thing with no issue.

You. Have. A. Hulk.Chin.

Get over it and learn some new angles.

You annoyed cause I brought up the fact that you haven't seen a bar of soap in two millennium? IF I SEE A PHOTO OF YOU, AND I FEEL LIKE I CAN SMELL YOU, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO WASH YOUR STANK ASS!

Piss off with your undeserved entitlement. You haven't done shit with your life. Not a damn thing. You're no better than anyone else in this world. You are not royalty. You are not queen. You're just some spoiled little pampered princess who never grew the fuck up.

Suck my entire ass.

XOXO - Ghost

jan said...

Well, obviously they're going to take down abuse like that. There are some crazies out there in interwebland.

And lol at someone into fanfiction telling someone else to grow up.

mariaj said...

How is " abuse" if she didn't direct that to her? People cannot write what the hell they want on their blogs? Nazi blogs where are done names are not shutted down but one that writes on THEIR BLOG an opinion about another person , albeit very harsh, with no name, is?

2 i don't read RPF, too, but there are fictions where there are rapes, incest, violence and all and they shut down a PARODY ff?

P.S thanks for your stupid comment

mariaj said...

p.s 2 she wrote that under FF form ,PURPOSELLY; you dumbass.

me said...

"abuse" isn't it??
If they don't and won't delete real abuse like death threats, neo-nazis or pro-genocide posts that are posted by really popular bloggers, they won't delete a blog with 100 followers because they make fun of the not-famous BEARD of a C- list celebrity like Darren. If things were that easy, tumblr wouldn't beone of the worst communities ever existing.

I can't believe someone can be that obtuse. Or think Darren and Mia are so important for the tumblr staff to care about hate.

me said...

they don't delete hateful posts dedicated to A list celebrities like Taylor Swift, 1D, etc. But they for sure are monitoring parody fics about someone not famous and "dating" a C- list celebrity.


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