Thursday, March 09, 2017

Eight Women Found In Atlanta Mansion After 911 Call For Help

A man in Atlanta was arrested after police said he held eight women against their will in a nearly $1 million home.

Officers responded to a 911 call from a woman who asked for help leaving the residence.

When they got to the 6,806-square-foot home, officers assisted the women in leaving the residence, Worsham said. It was not immediately clear how long they had been in the house.

“I’m in a very bad situation, and I need to get help,” the caller told the police dispatcher. The FBI and Sandy Springs investigators arrested 33-year-old Kenndric Roberts on Wednesday on charges of false imprisonment and trafficking of persons for labor, Worsham said.

Roberts is in the Fulton County jail, police said. The woman who called police said she met Roberts through the website

None of the women required medical attention,

According to Fulton County property records, the $976,300 residence has five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms.


information desk said...

Those websites creep me out

HH314 said...

I live in Atlanta and that aint a mansion
mcmansion maybe

JustReading said...

That's what I thought! Mansion means, like, an old plantation homestead. Big, sprawling house.
McMansion is much more apt. Slap 'em up & rake it in - people with more money than sense or taste lap it up.

DUH said...

How in the heck can something like this happen? It's scary.

Scandi Sanskrit said... just looks like a sleazy version of Raya.

Anyway, since we're on Enty I feel like it's my responsibility to do a PSA and remind everyone that "open casting announcements" (and invitations, especially if they're cross-border and your 'contact person' keeps asking you to move to a different state/country) directed at hiring actresses/models may also be human trafficking schemes.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

They went to that sketchy dating site and fell for some smooth-talker. Actually, now I'm also worried about those specialised dating sites for people with Asperger's syndrome might attract predators.

People think we just don't know how to flirt/we're awkward and have a strange sense of humour, but we also tend to take things very literally: Like once I was invited by a man who said he wanted to have "coffee at the hotel café" and when I got there, he said "we can just go to his room" because the hotel provides the brand of coffee I like (Nescafé Classic) at the minibar. I went upstairs and he started fondling me. I was lucky he had the decency not to rape me (we just fondled a bit). I think I've been such situations about three times. If 8 neurotypical women can fall for this crap on a site like, I don't think those Aspie dating sites are a good idea anymore!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

No, I meant he "started to undress me" (I'm sorry, I'm really stressed out right now and I'm not thinking straight).


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