Friday, March 10, 2017

Blind Item #8

Each time this B list actress breaks up with whoever she was dating she starts stalking the actress girlfriend of her actor ex.


Tricia13 said...

Evan Rachel Woods/Jamie/Kate Mara?

Tricia13 said...

*Jaime Bell

Soapy said...

Lea Michelle

david said...

I have to ask.
If you break up with someone, why are you then stalking the 'newer' girlfriend of your ex?
Sounds like 'out-of-control issues' to me.

Anon said...

Minka Kelly?

information desk said...

No minka just played psycho stalker in some roommates movie with twin Leighton meester

Scandi Sanskrit said...

There is actually a name for this (I learned this from one of the business workbooks I recently read, it's called "hate-reading, hate-watching, hate-following"). I can not understand why anyone would do that. When I don't like a person, I just cut them off (I start living in a "filter bubble" for my own sanity and avoid them at all costs). I disable images on Google Chrome, stop Googling them, unsubscribe to everything (so I won't get anxiety attacks/shocks when in case it triggers any PTSD). Why look at something when you don't enjoy it? Look for happiness and things that help you be productive (or at least learn something new).

But I guess people are different, I suspect this is the type of person who some exes perform PDA on to make them "jealous" (there must be people who fall for those techniques, otherwise why would people keep doing that to others? Me, that doesn't work: It only annoys me, and I'm more upset to find I'm involved with someone so petty/juvenile—I'm more turned on by mature fidelity, it looks dignified).

And I'm rambling. I'll shut up now.

Mk said...

Kristen stewart has been brining up that time she dated Pattinson recently. She is a serial dater and he has a long term gf fka twigs. Kristen also came out as Bisexual after coming out as gay? And buzed her head


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