Saturday, March 11, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #7

May 2, 2016

White House Correspondents' Dinner

This A- list athlete only has bad things happen to her when she gets drunk. She is supposedly sober but she was putting away shots of tequila at an after party and becoming very aggressive. It was not a pleasant thing to watch.

Hope Solo


AyyyPapi said...

"It was not a pleasant thing to watch."

Neither were her Fappening leaks.

david said...


She must have 'Yuge' personal problems.

BPD, maybe?

information desk said...

It's called pregaming 3 months before the Olympics

melissa said...

She is a hot mess.
And coming from someone who is damn near her age and also played soccer on a pro level, I KNOW this type of chick very well, she is the asshole on the team that no one else likes.

sandybrook said...

Well she was kicked off the team, so that says a lot about this bitch. She's also married to a POS ex-football player who was basically kicked out of the NFL named Jeramy Stevens. They beat the $hit out of each other a lot!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Girl, nooo... You're not actually supposed to "drink" drink the booze at serious functions, it's not a house party!

Once I grabbed a glass of wine at an ambassador's house and just downed it like water (this was before I knew I had Sjögren's) and when I started feeling 'floaty', I freaked out and tried to 'discipline' myself internally.

Erin said...

Never heard of her.

Blue said...

What the hell was she doing at either the White House Correspondents diner or after parties? Even a fuckwad like Anthony Weiner at least makes a tiny bit of sense.

Gary Burnaska said...

So they are the perfect couple


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