Saturday, March 25, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 11, 2017

Once again the buzz is that this tweener actress turned performance artist is married to the foreign born actor from an acting family. If they are, then he is cheating on her at least a couple of times a week with two women. Not at the same time. The two women don’t know about each other.

MIley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth


david said...

Nothing new here!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Except the officially married couple are also famous (Enty didn't rate them, but let's say they're both B-list). So these two women knowingly reciprocated a man they know is married.

Even when you're dating/courting a celebrity and it's all done BTS in privacy (not for publicity, off-camera) things just have their way of making it to the grapevine and people know (at the least it becomes industry gossip that never makes it to the tabloid). And even in these cases, I still think it's unethical as hell to seduce a man who hasn't gone public with someone he's involved with. This couple sounds like they're publicly married, and the two women still had a go. He's a cheater, but it takes two to tango (otherwise, he'd be a rapist).

Sheepie said...

Sleaze bag

AyyyPapi said...

So Liam cheats regularly with two women (which he hides from Miley), yet Miley and him have orgies at her house?


OKay said...

You think it's unethical to "seduce" a man? How about the man who breaks his vows and dishonours his partner and his commitment? How do his ethics hold up?


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