Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 8, 2017

Apparently the filming of this franchise that is being rebooted in an opposite format has some story issues. Big ones. There is a lot of rewriting and shooting and the movie is way over budget trying to make it right.

Ocean's Eight


sandybrook said...

It's going to suck-- I'm not stunned

david said...

I will never understand "Why?" a studio has to have a sequel to a pedestrian original movie.
Sorry, George, but even the Frank Sinatra original wasn't that great, either.

longtimereader said...

Rogue one turned out great despite all the drama making it.

well said...

Ocean's Eleven was a lot of fun. Ocean's 12 was dumb, but Ocean's 13 was still really good. Ocean's Eight though a bit unnecessary, been some years now since the last few came out so it's faded out of public consciousness, and the whole peg around it is having all women actors. Which is really cool, but if that's the only thing it's standing on without a good story (like the new Ghostbusters), then ya, it'll suck.

stacey said...

I heard a rumor that a lot of people complained about the Kardashian trash being in the movie, so they had to rewrite the scum out.

texasrose said...

Somebody just slapped some screenplay together and got it sold because is was going to be the 'womens' Ocean's 11. Sounds like it has been shitshow from the beginning with the actresses not getting along and now with story issues.

RenShaw said...

I heard about those complaints too but not about having her edited out. I think too Kendull was in it with Kim.

RenShaw said...

Can someone explain to me why Rihanna is this. Why not get a bonafide actress. Going for a woman of color, they should have gotten Paula Patton or even Queen Latifah who would have brought some comedic value to it.

Lynne said...

OMG, yes, am going to see this movie! Am bringing friends too. All my favorite actresses. Am eating all the greasy popcorn too!

Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, Danny Ocean's estranged sister.
Cate Blanchett as Lou.
Helena Bonham Carter as Rose.
Anne Hathaway as Daphne Kluger.
Rihanna as Nine Ball.
Mindy Kaling as Amita.
Sarah Paulson as Tammy.
Awkwafina as Constance.


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