Friday, October 13, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 6, 2017

How much are you willing to be the arm candy of an A+ list mostly movie actor during award season? Are you willing to do a threesome with another model and the actor's best friend? Apparently two models were this week. I heard the blonde was the winner.

Leonardo DiCaprio/Lukas Haas


sandybrook said...

I wonder if Lukas can get laid on his own? But then it's not like you see him with girls often.

Riven said...

huh? I thought they were both supposed to be gay, and lovers. doesn't make much since to have Haas be the bff who has a threesome with two females..

e! said...

I wonder if women are going to claim DiCaprio encounters, in light of recent events. His "sad" statement regarding Harvey was a joke.

texasrose said...

Even Lukas has enough celebrity to get laid regularly. If this is a true blind probably just Leo setting up a surprise threesome for his buddy. Maybe it was his birthday or something. Why do models hang in bikini's on yachts with these guys again?? Oh I know and so do they I suspect. This isn't the same as joba the Harvey chasing an unsuspecting young actress around his hotel room or pulling his creepy robe/massage/shower ploy.

Cliff76 said...

A Threesome with those two in return for awards parties? Hell I'd do that for free.


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