Thursday, October 12, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Jerry Seinfeld does some car door gymnastics.
Lucy Hale filming a movie in Vancouver.
Lea Michele is all smiles after getting her butt kissed by Andy Cohen.
Melissa Benoist filming a wedding scene for Supergirl and every other CW show in some kind of spic crossover that even includes Gossip Girl and 7th Heaven and every show that has ever existed even on WB.
Minka Kelly doing a stroll for the paps she called.
Renee Zellweger headed into Kimmel.
Tara Reid in the dress and shoes her guy bought her three hours earlier.


Tyler said...

If Minka is going to all the trouble of getting ready and calling paps to be photographed, she should keep in mind that it's all for nothing if she's unrecognizable.

sandybrook said...

I'll give Lea credit for having great legs, but really nothing else about her seems great.

Sadie said...

Renee either blushes non-stop or was wearing way too much blush on Kimmel. She was so ill-at-ease, I felt sorry for her. She did do a good McConaughey imitation though.

childeroland said...

What's a spic crossover?

kj said...

i could call the paps and say i am minka kelly and no one would know either. what look is she going for? the wide leg pants that double as a sail in case your boat runs out of gas? if you are going to pay to get into the paper, at least look like you look like you just didn't come from the witness protection/boat needs gas groups

Lurky McLurkster said...

@childeroland must........resist......inappropriate........jokes

PotPourri said...

Poor Tara, she is always the Bridesmaid, never the bride..


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