Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 29, 2016

Academy Awards

That mogul I mentioned way way back in #1 sent a $200K car to this former Disney actress. He is desperate to sleep with her. He never buys gifts. You know, except for his wife when she catches him.

Harvey Weinstein/Zendaya


sandybrook said...

He gave her a company and a reputation by forcing his actresses to wear her designs on red carpets thus giving it a name.

Halloweenie said...

Gross. How old is she?

8==D KermitGosnellKnobjob said...

If she accepted, she is a hooker. No other name for her.
He is even worse, but everybody (except kimmel, meryl, and a handful of other liberals) knows that.

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

Your President is a hooker.

Mstyles said...

I don't know why people are so up in arms about this guy and his disgusting bs.
And I have been raped 2x so I am not shrugging shit off or not believing people but for these assholes to sit around and act shocked is revolting. They ALL knew and no one cared, hell these women even took hush money and want to talk now? But you already sold that right! And if they all hated him so much then how come they all have tons of pictures posing with him later in life?! Bunch of hypocrites! I would NEVER pose for a picture with my rapists! I would KILL them if I ever saw them again!!!! With my bare hands!!
It is what it is but it just shows the deception in Hollywood is real. And for the average person to act shocked in simply naive, everyone knows most of these people are awful at their work, they had to be getting hired in some other fashion.

Marianne said...

Pig !!

girlslikemeknowlotsofsecrets said...

A rape from a stranger is very different than being mentally manipulated and sexually traumatized. Harvey Weinstein is a complete and utter piece of shit, and people like him aren't just in Hollywood. If you truly don't understand this, you are very lucky, because it means you've never experienced it. People like him all deserve to rot in fucking hell. I'm tired of all the goddamn shaming of victims. It's repugnant. It's just lovely how all these men want the beautiful women, or "hookers" as you call them, but then treat them like shit when they are done with them. Yet they beg and do everything they can when they want it. It's an abuse of power, plain and simple. There no excuse.

And make no mistake, it is NOT just women that it happens to.

Lisa said...

Who is shaming victims? If you get
money or a job of monetary value in exchange for sex are you a victim or a hooker? It is a woman's choice to have sex with a man for a job or money. If it is not consensual then they are a victim.

just sayin' said...

the manipulation of weinstein, coaxing victims with promises not to touch them only to back them into a corner later, bestowing gifts, promising career help, asking them to keep their shared "secrets" secret is no different from the grooming that pedophiles do. he's a predator and should be in the sex offender registry.

Emma F said...

So much of this is why women don't report when it isn't "stranger" rape.

I had to go to school every day with my first rapist. He lived across the street literally. I never knew what he said about me but I now suspect he said nothing because he knew how bad the situation would sound to anyone with a brain.
My second abuser was our family doctor. Went on for five years. Took me another 15 to talk about it, though it had stopped when he was convicted of molesting other patients.

Lisa said...

Emma I am so sorry you went through that. It is sadly so common. It's important for it to come to light in order to heal. Here's the thing, sleeping with with Harvey Weinstein for a job is not the same thing.


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