Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Connie Britton gets the top spot because she is Connie Britton. Plus, she had to work with Hayden P for so long. You deserve a prize for that. Not that this is much of a prize.
Jennifer Garner loves not having to deal with
this. Get off my lawn because I have had a case of beer and I'm angry guy.
Hilary Duff and an on again/off again who is probably going to be off again when he finds out about Hilary and her ex.
Jennifer Lopez back in LA.
Margot Robbie hits a red carpet for the first time in awhile.
Millie Bobby Brown hit one too.


sandybrook said...

You made me enlarge Margot pic because I thought it was a see through dress and she was nekkid😣!
Ben rolls out the g\f just for paps so he shouldn't be mad.

LooLooEasy said...

Oh sure, that's why JenGarner clung to him for 12.5 years, because she didn't want to deal with him and his drama. Has she been fucked by another man yet or is she saving herself for Ben? Is that divorce even finalized?

krk67 said...

I think Margot's dress is see-through and her nipples are a bit lopsided.

Hilary Duff wearing a Joy Division t-shirt = total poseur.

Guesser said...

The Hayden P hate continues.

hothotheat said...

looloo, she's waiting for a bigger fish to come along before starting divorce proceedings.

TellMeLies said...

UGH!!! I HATE that the return of Stranger Things mean a more prominent return of Millie Bobbie Brown!!! She's insufferable!!!!


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