Sunday, November 12, 2017

Blind Item #1 - He Made Millions From Raping Young Girls - Himmmm

Because I was an idiot yesterday, I didn't scroll down and see the full length blind. I only posted the summary. Here is Himmmm in all of his glory.

Every Thanksgiving as families and friends gather together to enjoy a meal, while others get ready for shopping, and others help out with meals at homeless shelters and charities, some people recall another Thanksgiving from decades past.  A November that one rock legend spent drugging and raping young girls.

Set the DeLorean time machine back to November 21, 1980.

#1 was coming to the end of his legendary run with a group. They had made tons of money, and would go on to make more and more. But the fame, money, and adoration was not enough for this rocker. Fueled by drugs and unquenchable appetites, his disgusting lifestyle (and the victims left in his wake) was horrible in its day, and would land him in prison if he did it today.

#1 had developed many nasty habits and lifestyle choices that made Roman Polanski look normal.  But the Rocker was always protected.  His past girlfriend #4 was always there to support him, as was her then-boyfriend #5.  Both were always at the forefront of Feminist causes, and possibly the most powerful couple on the California or even national scene. It also helped to have the most powerful people in show business to protect you too. His manager #2 who had lawyers, media contacts, and investigators on speed-dial. Also #3 who, although they had a love-hate relationship that would eventually turn to all hate, was glad to protect his money machine.   Even when they would later sue each other for millions, they came together for political events. Thus, the Rocker never really cared about consequences.

That November, holed up in his California mansion a week before Thanksgiving, the Rocker made his usual call to his usual madam, #6 and he requested "the usual" for dinner. The usual for him meant young girls and he had done this many times both at home and on the road.  He made Jimmy Page look like a gentleman.  The Madam routinely searched for new talent at bus stops and runaway shelters.  She had just found a new 16 year-old girl who looked young and liked to party.  She was also very desperate and very scared. When the Madam made the offer to her for a night's work, it seemed safe enough with such a huge star.  The Madam promised no sex involved, that the Rocker just liked to hang out and smoke dope and drink. Still, the Runaway asked if she could bring a friend. And yes, the Madam sent two underage girls to the Rocker's palace that night. The "friend" accompanying the 16 year-old runaway was another homeless girl, who had just turned 15 years-old that week.  She had just run away from a violently abusive home, and was still a virgin. The Madam got to double bill the Rocker for that visit.

On arrival, the girls were fed cocaine to get them excited, and Quaaludes to keep them calm.  They smoked a lot of pot, and after a dip in the Jacuzzi with the rocker, they all three headed to the bedroom.  The entire time the Rocker kept asking the girls to do things to each other, which neither had done before.  They figured maybe if they did each other – he wouldn't do them. They were hesitant and scared, and the Rocker got more and more violent.  He kept taking Polaroid pictures of them all, doing everything, which embarrassed the girls. The 16 y.o. asked to leave.  The Rocker told them they couldn't because they'd be arrested and it was too late to call a cab.  He pushed more and more drugs on them both.

After the 15 year-old passed out, he began raping her.  Then he began raping the 16 year-old.  When the younger girl woke up, she was scared to death, and saw her friend was having convulsions.  The Rocker was ignoring her, yelling on the phone, talking to someone later revealed to be #2.  Then the Paramedics arrived.  They walked into a scene they described as "Sodom and Gomorrah" with drugs, vomit, and booze everywhere.  Both underage girls were totally naked, although the younger of the two began trying to dress.

The Paramedics did CPR on the girl as she was unresponsive, then she went back into seizures. The 15 year-old said it was like a nightmare, and she tried to sneak away out of the room.  The whole time, the Rocker was freaking out, talking to people on the phone, until guys in suits showed up.  They threatened the Paramedics to stay silent. The men in suits told the younger runaway they would "take care of her" and stay with them.  The older runaway was put in an ambulance, and the younger one begged Paramedics to take her too. When one of the Suits tried to interfere, a Paramedic shoved him and threatened to kick his ass.  Off to the hospital they went.  The rocker, his manager, and the other men in suits stayed behind.

What none of them knew at the time, was that the 15 year-old had managed to grab several of the Polaroids and stuff them into her clothes.  At the time, she was petrified of the cops or her parents finding out, and the proof of her activity was all there in those Polaroids.  So she grabbed them when the others were distracted, to destroy them later.

At the hospital, the older girl was given medication to save her. Uniformed cops arrived, and took statements from both girls.  Hours later, one of the men in suits also showed up, with a bus ticket and envelope of cash for the 15 year-old. They told her to leave town and not testify or talk to anyone, or else she'd be arrested – or worse.  She left town that day.  #2 and #3 wound up spending a lot of cash that Thanksgiving. To lawyers, to pay off cops, Paramedics, and even a judge.  Several reporters were paid thousands to kill the story.

Since so many people knew about it, the cops had little choice but to do something.  So they handed the case over to a Detective who was a friend of theirs, an elite golden boy in LAPD.  He was friends with the Madam too, and became head of the LAPD "Sexually Exploited Child Unit" in Vice.  Mostly his time was spent taking bribes from executives and covering up cases.

The Detective made sure the case got downgraded and the evidence was lost.  With the Judge's help, the entire nightmare for the Rocker wound up far different than that of Roman Polanski years before.  So it was then that the Rocker was convicted of "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor", given a $2,500 fine, and put on probation. No mention of rape, soliciting, or abuse of the girls.  No word on what happened to the 22 GRAMS of cocaine, 5 oz. of marijuana or 160 Quaaludes found in the rocker's bedroom strewn all over the bed.  It was booked into evidence, but later became worthless as evidence.

The 16 year-old runaway got out of the hospital, and was found dead near the 101 freeway a year later.  Allegedly an overdose.  Friends of hers and workers at a local shelter said she'd cleaned up, gone straight, and was trying to turn her life around.  Her death was ruled an accidental overdose.  Many never believed it.

One news anchor who didn't believe it was the one who didn't get bribed.  She didn't like what was happening, and didn't like the corruption, or the rape and drugging of young girls.  So she went public, running her stories.  She got pushback from bosses, owners, and even fans of the Rocker.  She was hounded from her job several years later. Her attempt to uncover the truth in the case gave way to the Rocker feeling like HE was the victim.  Like HE was the one being maligned and unfairly punished. Yeah, like HE was the victim.

Since he split from the band, his new solo career was taking off.  He turned HIS "hurt feelings" into a song, which became a global hit.  Sure, he said it was about the media coverage of #7 and others, but he later admitted it was about his "unfair" abuse at the hands of a "mean" reporter  A song that was spawned by his abuse, rape, and drugging of two children who nearly died due to his perversions.

The Rocker spent much of the next 20 years rehabilitating his image, becoming a big political supporter and environmental activist.  Became big pals with two big politicians, #8 and #9 whom he met at events at #3's house.  He played fundraisers for them both. He never was asked again in the media about that November, and it faded away mostly.  Funny enough? You can still find it online, and yet nobody compares him to Polanski or these other monsters. Meanwhile, he became filthy rich, as did his powerful manager, and the powerful record label executive.  Their images all bought and paid for. 

What they didn't know, however, and still don't know – is what became of the other girl. That 15 year-old runaway, who took the bus ticket, cash, and blew town.  She too turned her life around, got straight, and found good people up in northern California to take her in.  She went to college, found a nice man, had a family and settled down.  That nice man she married would go on to a nice career in politics.  And with his wife's support, he's become one of the most powerful men in California politics.  Now, all the years later, that scared runaway girl has grown into a confident, fearless, brilliant woman.  She's spent the past few years (urged on by her husband and kids) putting her story and the case meticulously back together. Piece by piece. Legally.

In 2018 she's going to drop a bomb of a "reveal" on the Rocker, the Manager, and the ex-label executive.  She's prepared a criminal charge against them for many of their misdeeds (which include racketeering and collusion and criminal conspiracy), and is also hitting them with civil charges – with any funds being set aside for childhood victims.  Because, you see, those Polaroids she swiped that night? She blew town with them. Years later she found them and put them in a safe deposit box.  She now has many copies, including in her attorney's safe. They too will be revealed in her case, along with hospital records, court records, legal affidavits from old cops and Paramedics.  There's even a video deposition from the original Madam back from before her death. And the former golden boy detective? He was later caught for his many, many misdeeds and arrested.  And he talked too.

So as this Rocker sits down in his palace this Thanksgiving, giving thanks to himself for being so wonderful, he better enjoy it.  His next one will likely be spent eating from a cold, metal tray in jail.  He and his wealthy mogul pals will be the Turkeys, and justice will be served.

#1 - Permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group
#2 - The manager of #1 and many many many others.
#3 - Top 3 entertainment mogul. You don't mess with him
#4 - A+ list singer back in the day. Probably permanent A- list singer.
#5 - Permanent A list celebrity.
#6 - Celebrity madam who has passed.
#7 - Permanent A list actress who was murdered.
#8 - Permanent A+ list celebrity
#9 - Permanent A+ list celebrity and spouse of #8.


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Sean said...

Why would Henley care? He was already convicted of crimes in this case. They can't retry him for anything. Double jeopardy. Civil suit? Nope, far too late to do that. All this can do is make him look bad. So what? No one seemed to care in 1980. Maybe Geffin could be charged with...something. But billionaires don't get actual charges.

ForSure said...

Everyone please forgive me for going off topic.

@JohnDoe, what info on the Clintons? I say this sincerely. I've only ever seen RWNJ conspiracy theories that are easily debunked as complete hogwash. Yes, they are shady and they know how to work people and politics for their own advantage and personal wealth, but what could they really, truly go to jail for?

Count Jerkula said...

SM Ag: you cant rape whores. If he didnt pay them, then it is theft of services. Same as if you test drive yer car after an alignment and dont go back to pay.

M Ag said...

Stop calling them whores, jerkula. They were young teen runaways.

I'm calling on you to stop it.

M Ag said...

They were YOUNG GIRLS, runaways, scared, desperate and were told there would be NO SEX.

You sound like a pedophile pervert yourself with your lack of compassion. I send you bad juju

BigMama said...

The detective work on here is awe inspiring

aanjheni said...

@catsup FYI you can delete your comment from appearing on the web page but if someone has turned on email notification of the posts, it will still be in their email.

and for some of these posts, ya know the douche-canoe(s), I wish there was a mute button or hide post.

As for why wait until 2018 to have the news break - here in the US, we are coming up on several holidays. Any news out on this topic might be big news for a bit, but some good ole Black Friday fist fights over the newest poop-shaped emoji pillow will wipe it off the front pages. I think waiting until after the holidays die down is a terrific idea.

Count Jerkula said...

They were whores. I'm sure they were told there would be no sex, just like every whore in a Korean rub & tug turns into a trafficking victim as soon as the cops show up and Liberace never got married because he never met the right woman.

Whore is a profeesion, not a slur. Broads turned it into a slur when they invented slut shaming.

Count Jerkula said...

Holy shit! Bad juju? I'm contacting the FBI to report that threat.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie Willoughby said...




just sayin' said...

i predict that this is going to be a huge issue in the june california primaries. almost every office is on the ballot . jerry brown (dem) can't run...this is the gop's chance to win back the governorship. how better than getting everyone on their side against the liberal elite entertainment industry which = the democrats?

it's the fact she's holding it off until spring, right before the primaries that makes me cynical. i want this case to come down hard on as many abusers and crooks as possible. and i send the victim/now woman all my best wishes and don't mean to question her personal motives.

but does stuff so serious and tragic have to be politicized? you know it will be.

Count Jerkula said...

@debbiev. What justice? Statute of limitations is long gone. From the sound of it, stuff gonna come out as a pr move to help hubby in an election.

paulfooff said...

Gavin Newsome's wife would have been 11 in 1980, not her. Judy McCarthy's Husband is Kevin McCarthy, a well known district attorney, a law enforcement politician. She is around the right age if Spokeo is to be believed. Bakersfield is an odd town. Bakersfiels is considered to be a southern CA where as Fresno (San Luis Obispo) would be where Northern CA start. With Bakersfield being so close to Northern CA though I could see that working, especially if she was in Northern CA and then they settled in Bakersfield later on. Jill LaMalfa is a good guess too though, and would also be the right age.

M Ag said...

Oh, please do. Since I assume (my own opinion) you are a filthy pedophile living in your mother's basement viewing child porn all day, counting all of your jerk offs, I can only HOPE you contact the FBI. Call the FBI. Please do it, pervert.

Do Tell said...

And yes, you CAN rape a whore, or a TEENAGE RUNAWAY, just like you can rape a spouse or a girlfriend/boyfriend. To assert otherwise is the height of ignorance.

@Sean, Henley could not be tried on rape if it was covered up. The point of this item is that a lot of stuff that SHOULD Have been prosecuted back then never was.

Do Tell said...

Part of the reason for waiting could very well be that she wants to have all her legal ducks in a row before she goes forward.

just sayin' said...

+1 m ag and do tell: his argument about prostitutes makes as much sense as saying that there's no such thing as stealing from a storeowner because he sells things. can't even with his attitude about teen girls or his use of the w word.

Suncraig said...

"One news anchor who didn't believe it was the one who didn't get bribed. She didn't like what was happening, and didn't like the corruption, or the rape and drugging of young girls. "

Who is the reporter?

chip whitley said...

@Suncraig the news anchor is most likely Christine Lund.

John Doe said...

@Jercula, you are incorrect. I researched this. California does allow some unusual exceptions to the statute of limitations in cases of criminal and civil lawsuits involving sexual abuse of children.

It seems to me that the politicians who drafted these laws purposefully ignored these loopholes so that the kids could come back later and seek justice against their abusers. In the case of civil lawsuits, 'discovery' is the keyword. And in the case of criminal lawsuits 'notification of law enforcement' are the keywords.

Research it yourself. A victim who gets a good attorney who specializes in these sorts of cases can bring a case...even if the statute of limitations has passed.

A short explanation of it is found here:

Henley was never charged with rape of this 15 year old girl. This would be a new case.

'The discovery rule allows for civil lawsuits to go forward when they are "within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.' The rule doesn't say that the discovery has to be within 5 years or 30 years, only that the lawsuit has to be brought within 3 years of the plaintiff discovering psychological injury occurred after the age of majority (18) was caused by the sexual abuse. Perhaps this woman just recently 'discovered' how traumatized she was by the incident.

Careful review of the stories surrounding this case shows that the bulk of it was about the other girl, the 16 year old. Not about this 15 year old. Henley was never accused of or charged for having sex with the latter. She was a minor found in the house of a strange man, with another minor, with a lot of drugs laying around. The man was suspected of having sex with a 16 year old but the reports are mum regarding sexual activity with the 15 year old. The 15 year old was evidently interviewed by the LAPD. She had to have been, for how else would they explain her presence (which they charged him for). But then she very strangely and suddenly disappears and so did a lot of the evidence? What happened to that other evidence...including the Madam's testimony, the drugs, and the other photos (some of which the girl---now woman---now apparently has). All of this is evidence that would have sent Henley to prison if it had been presented in court. After all, the rape of children is a felony. Instead he was charged with a minor misdemeanor and allowed to walk. It was all swept under the rug.

People employed by the LAPD and the court system colluded with wealthy music industry executives and a Madam who supplied her clients with underage girls, and the outcome of the court case was a brazen example of corruption and obstruction of justice. The woman apparently has evidence of all these things, and the detective who investigated the case also confessed his role. All of this is reason for them to revisit this case and prosecute the guilty parties according to the evidence...including the detective, and the judge.

But the woman is clearly planning to do far more damage than just claim that she was raped. According to the blind she has meticulously been building a case against them to prove racketeering, collusion, and criminal conspiracy. "Legally" in the blind likely means that she is doing this with legal counsel. Racketeering is a whole new level of crime. To bring that type of charge she would have to have solid evidence that these people got together and intentionally schemed to break the law to benefit themselves in some way. It seems to me as though she has the goods to deliver.

Cail Corishev said...

Inspiring end to the story, at least. I hope waiting until next year doesn't turn out to be a mistake. These swamp creatures won't go down without a fight.

Stories like this should put a stop to the, "Well, why didn't they just tell someone back then?" complaints. They didn't tell someone because men in suits showed up and threatened them or worse. And if they tried to tell anyway, cops and judges shut them down and hit them with charges instead. If they went to reporters, the reporters would be paid off or threatened. You can't talk if there's no one to listen. The whole industry and all those who worked closely with it were willing participants in regular cover-ups.

Sigh, I liked that song, it described the news media pretty well. Too bad it was written for such an ulterior motive. I guess we all have to get used to our old favorites turning sour on us as we find out who the players really are.

John Doe said...

@ Jerkula, I won't respond to any more of your posts. I have worked with many abused kids and I don't view them the same way that you do.

Skibunny said...

Made an account just to comment, been reading for a year. I am stabbing in the dark that this is Cheryl Hines born in 65 and married to Robert Kennedy Jr.

PookieTwo said...

First, everyone guessing Stevie Nicks for #4/5 should stop; it's Linda Ronstandt who used to date Jerry Brown in the 70s, Henley started out in music as part of her touring backup band in the very early 70s and if gossip is to be believed, 'dated' her along with the rest of the bandmates (Linda liked her musicians, many of them). They went way back.

#8/9 is supposed to be the Clintons but honestly, Henley did TONS of fundraising appearances for so many Dems over the years these two hardly stick out. He did tons of stuff for Ted Kennedy, many times, I think he even attended his funeral. Very active in liberal politics.

If all this blind stuff comes to pass I don't see it affecting Bill & Hilary much. They aren't responsible for the transgressions of everyone who played benefits or donated to them. All politicians have had shady entertainers as boosters. Comes with the territory (kind of).

I think everyone at the time of the Henley incident knew it was more than a couple of underage call girls od-ing at a party for his roadies. He def got a wrist slap and I think many knew it, even back then. He stayed out of trouble afterwards so it all kind of vaporized, viewed as one-off transgression or moment of bad judgement...what blows me away is the hint here there was more widespread criminal activity involved, such as possibility of the famous supporting an underage prostitute ring. AND that the underage girl grew up to marry a major CA politician herself, and is coming for vengeance after all these years. Amazing - Hollywood couldn't make that up.

Guesser said...

@Count,I think maybe embezzlement of public money may well be involved,that may be why it could be damaging to a current public official.

Dog Mom said...

@john doe: I agree with you. I also believe based on what himmmm wrote that the original crime is not what the issue is, neither is the victim. There is a HUGE wheel of bad stuff that has been going down over decades with this being one spoke in the wheel. All of the money, legal, political players colluded to conceal crimes...why???? money, status, power would be my guess. Follow the money. Examine the music executive and music mogul...and ALL of their ties. I do think the mogul's company sale to the exec's former company is woven into this dynamic somehow. I posted about it on the other thread but later deleted it. Something is fishy.

This case could open an investigation into public corruption in CA. Fed and State cops will be investigating for years or maybe they already have been...

In my state we are on our second major public corruption investigation in the last few decades. Arrests are already being made again. Everyone knows about the bad guys, but it takes YEARS for the investigation to come to light and indictments filed.

Count Jerkula said...

@M ag: lol. Tworon cant deal with reality, so you have to make baseless pedo/basement accusations. Here is an accusation based on yer posts, you are as insane as you are stupid. I hope you get tumors on yer cunt, and you try to cure em with juju, so they spread to yer eyes.

@do tell: sorry, but you cant. Once you put a price on yer body, it is an item, so it is theft. If i cared about curing your ignorance i would google the decision by the judge out of Philadelphia.

Guesser said...

Also,@Count,these girls were not just underage,they are given drugs,told they would not have to have sex, and were intimidated. This is not like the "baby groupies" who sought the rock star out,you could debate that issue, but not this.

BayAreaGirl said...

Bakersfield is NOT in NorCal. It’s just over the grapevine from LA. Look on a map people.

Anything south of Monterey is considered SoCal, because that how the local dentist themselves. If you go there, you’ll feel it instantly. Fresno is not NorCal, it’s the Central Valley or more commonly “the armpit of CA.” Even people from Fresno call it that.

As for the Statute of limitations & double jeopardy issues, there is more than one reason why they don’t apply. If judges, DA’s and cops were bought off, lied & destroyed evidence, then the original outcome would be vacated & retried. Another possibility is that The mogul & his buddies are still pulling this crap with their network of corrupt officials. Would explain why the mogul has not faced consequences.

Pookie, I hadn’t seen your comment but I think you’re right about Rondstadt. I was thrown off b/c don’t think of Jerry as a feminist, but make be he was back then.

Let’s ignore the troll. He clearly does it to get a rise. Speaking as a mom, don’t feed the attention seeker.

BayAreaGirl said...

*that’s how the locals identify themselves

Damn Apple auto correct

SDaly said...

To people hoping Hugh Jackman is a good guy, maybe he is, but he has been linked to Bryan Singer's twink parties.

mooshki said...

Keanu Reeves seems to be a good guy through-and-through.

austin said...

@Guesser, excellent point.

Both girls were assured by the madam that sex would not be involved.

COUNT - for the above reason, they don't deserve to be called whores.

Just two young naive girls taken serious advantage of and abused.

I've held my tongue, but that makes a big difference.

FOS said...

Enty and Hmmmm thank you and I urge you to NOT LET UP. Sites like yours are the only hope of starting the snowball and exposing this evil.

John Doe said...

I didn't know that Don Henley was in a relationship with Linda Ronstadt. Wow, these folks really shared each other. Seems like all of them had relationships with one another, and not necessarily at different time intervals.

Count Jerkula said...

@just sayinv. Your lack of reading comprehension and your use of "w word" have me thinking yer developmentally disabled. Nice that they have net access in the group home.

Count Jerkula said...

@john doe: that sounds like the repressed memory exception that i mentioned. The fact that she held onto those photos for 37yrs, duplicated them and stored the originals in a safety deposit box, pretty much shows she was aware of what happened.

Jeff Weimer said...

It's not Jennifer Newsome, she's too young (b. 1974).

Count Jerkula said...

@guesser: rule # 1 when dealing with whores is you have to know they lie. Junkie level lying, even ones w/o stromg addictions. I dont buy the after school special bs. "Suzy was a teen runaway, on her own for the first time, was told she could make money hanging out with a man late at night, did drugs for the first time in her life, then had her cherry stolen." How come she didnt jump through a window after she smoked the weed?

Only intimidation seemed to be not to talk about the incident, that aint a big deal.

just sayin' said...

please stop feeding the troll everyone, he literally feeds off of our rage. it's a great exercise in emotional maturity if we can ignore him -- not easy! but it can be done.

chip whitley said...

Cheryl Hines grew up in Florida.

Icecream Inc said...

why do you insist on calling them 'whores'.. its 2 kids...15 and 16 yrs old.
come down off your high horse.

BleachBall said...

Jerry Brown removed the statute of limitations on rape quietly last year.

delete account said...

My mother worked for Billboard back in the day. This was well known in the music world then. My mom has lots of horror stories about all the awful, terrible things that many musicians did.
It makes me side-eye the entire industry to this day.

roxy said...

Did someone mention RICO act somewhere? This case feels like a RICO case to me.

I think the people putting this together have done their homework.

"Rape" charges may not even be on the table.

Count Jerkula said...

Austin: if there was to be no sex, why the hell would he be paying them? I figure the one who is telling the story doeant want to be known as a whore, so she is fudging. "This was the only time i ever did such a thing and i didnt know there woukd be aex involved, so please believe i am not a whore." All spin. They werent trafficked kidnappimg victims.

Count Jerkula said...

@just sayin: dont call me the T word. U make meez feelz sad :( dunce.

@icecream: because they were paid to fuck. Dont pretend that no under 18 bimbo wouldnt choose whoring as a career path, cause Traci Lords was o e of the coldest most calculating whores in the history of the world, and she was underage when she plotted to fuck over the entire adult entertainment industry.

The SP Sula Review said...

I think it's time for someone to take their thorazine.

Greta Garbo said...

Love all the sleuthing going on here as it is time for DH, DG and all the scum buckets to go down.

One thing to keep in mind though is that Himmmm's original blind yesterday said:

"I've gotten permission to share this, but I'm not allowed to share the name of the woman or her husband yet. I was told I can share that with you a month prior to their filing going public."

Maybe we should concentrate on the bad guys, and leave the victim's privacy out of it for now?

ForSure said...

Quote from the blind:
What they didn't know, however, and still don't know – is what became of the other girl. That 15 year-old runaway, who took the bus ticket, cash, and blew town. She too turned her life around, got straight, and found good people up in northern California to take her in. She went to college, found a nice man, had a family and settled down. That nice man she married would go on to a nice career in politics. And with his wife's support, he's become one of the most powerful men in California politics. Now, all the years later, that scared runaway girl has grown into a confident, fearless, brilliant woman. She's spent the past few years (urged on by her husband and kids) putting her story and the case meticulously back together. Piece by piece. Legally.<<

She found a family in NorCal (anywhere north of Stockton inland, Monterrey along the coast). It doesn't say that she met her husband in NorCal. Also, the Republican hint was in the messed up blind from yesterday but it's not mentioned in the corrected one today, so it would be nice if Himmmm was around to clarify if he can. If it is a Republican, it could be someone who is not currently an elected official, perhaps someone on the UC Board of Regents, or another State commission that is full of retired electeds. I'm not sure if Bill Leonard fits for this, he and his wife might be too old, but I think there are Republicans on the Board of Equalization and there are plenty in the State Assembly and State Senate. Jim Brulte is the head of the Republican Party in CA, that makes him somewhat powerful, but he doesn't hold office anymore. CA has term limits, so the definition of powerful politician changes every ten minutes in this state. Ed Royce has some amount of power because he's a committee chair in Congress, and he focuses on human trafficking issues too.

Do Tell said...

@Count Sorry, but it's true. Any woman and any man can be raped, whether or not there is a marriage vow or a price involved.

If someone has sexual intercourse with someone while they are too drunk or too unconscious to give consent, they are in fact raping them.

if someone has sexual intercourse with an adult or a child via overpowering them threatening them or blackmailing them, in other words, forcing the other person into having sex against their consent, then that is also rape. Whether or not there is a price involved.

A hooker, just like anybody else, has every right to say no if he or she feels something is wrong with the situation or is in fear for their safety.

just sayin' said...

true greta. there will be no confirmation from enty or himmmm until then so it does no good. but it seems we've got the rest of the names. here's the list that incorporates everyone's best guesses (imho).

1. don henley
2. irving azoff
3. david geffen
4. linda ronstadt (former dater of henley, girlfriend of jerry brown, ca governor)
5. jerry brown (1/2 of power couple, then and now ca governor)
6. elizabeth "alex" adams (madam)
7. natalie woods (actress the song was originally purported to be about)
8. bill clinton (politician henley did fundraisers for)
9. hillary clinton
l.a. detective: mike brambles
"mean" reporter in "dirty laundry": christine lund

Count Jerkula said...

@just sayin: dont call me the T word. U make meez feelz sad :( twunce.

@icecream: because they were paid to fuck. Dont pretend that no under 18 bimbo wouldnt choose whoring as a career path, cause Traci Lords was o e of the coldest most calculating whores in the history of the world, and she was underage when she plotted to fuck over the entire adult entertainment industry.

Alexandria Anna said...

@Count I see where You're coming from, but still he was the adult. In civilized world, fucking underage kids is not acceptable and that's the point. I know that there are many abusive and evil kids, I knew plenty myself, but still, he is the adult and he can't take advantage of them, drug them or make them do anything. Prostitute or not, even if they'd come willingly, and where paid, it's considered a rape. If such things will be normalized, sex with 12yo prostitutes is what will come next.

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

Damn, that is a story. A lot of those numbers are just famous people in his orbit. I don't think Clinton's are involved with anything but taking money at fundraising. Or Natalie Wood reference, odd doesn't fit except in establishing identity of #1. This seems more wordy then complicated because #1 seems obvious.

Bobby Digital said...

Who gives a flying fuck what dumb ass political party is involved in this stuff. Both parties are filled with scum and there are no heroes here. Gov moon beam is a clown that’s done more to hurt California than help

Do Tell said...

@Pookie, Linda was never Don's girlfriend, as the blind says #4 was. Stevie was, which is why people are attaching her name to this.

just sayin' said...

excellent catch forsure! that the party affiliation of the husband/politician was taken out of today's version of the blind. this changes everything. and again i agree that we should let her identity remain unknown for now. too many options if he could be a democrat, anyway.

Count Jerkula said...

@do tell: just because i love proving that i am right, and rubbing dummies noses in it:

Woman judge, too. Cause no one hates whores more than women do. LOL!

"She consented and she didn't get paid. … I thought it was a robbery," Deni told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Prosecuting Gindraw for rape "minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped," she told the paper.

Do Tell said...

Well, dummy, all that proves is that that judge needs to be removed from the bench. But I'm glad you think prostitutes not getting justice is amusing. All that does is speak to your character or lack thereof.

Her ruling drew criticism from many of her judicial colleagues, who claim she severely misinterpreted the law.

“I am personally offended by this unforgivable miscarriage of justice,” said Philadelphia bar association chancellor Jane Dalton. “The victim has been brutalized twice in this case: first by the assailants, and now by the court.”

Count Jerkula said...

@alexandria: i never said it was ok for him to bang them, i just said he should push the blame on the madam as a defense. If this happened yesterday and everyone still alive, the madam and the 16 y/o would be looking at the most jail time, for pimping the 15y/o.

Also, it would be statutory rape, not rape. In most states, 16 is legal, but i think CA is 18 and has been for a long time. Georgia just raise their agoe of consent from 14 in the early 2000s.

just sayin' said...

do tell, it's true that stevie nicks is more famous for dating don henley, but what would be the other half of her "power couple" on the cali and national stage? not jimmy iovine, who she was with at the time. and she broke up with lindsey buckingham years before 1980. jerry brown and ronstadt were the california "it" couple -- the governor and rock goddess. linda ronstadt gave the eagles their big break, and tho i can't find anything about her dating henley, but maybe she was there for him as his loyal friend/supporter.

pkelly491 said...

1 = Henley, this is common knowledge that there was an incident in November 1980 where two underage girls were found OD'd in his house.

2 = Azoff

3 = Geffen

4 = Stevie Nicks, Henley's ex

5 = Jimmy Iovine, Stevie's BF in 1980

6 = Liz Adams

7 = Natalie Wood, song = Dirty Laundry

8/9 = Bill and Hillary

So the question is who is the celebrity's wife that was the 15 year old that was in the 1980 Henley incident. Would have to think it is someone that sits on the US House, as there are no republicans in state executive offices or senate. The woman would have been born in 1965ish, to have been 15 in 1980.

The most obvious guess would be House majority leader Kevin McCarthy and his wife, Judy. He was born in 1965, and they supposedly met in high school (somewhat inconsistent to the blind) but that would put her as being born around 1965 as well.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

It's poetic justice when photos that perpetrators take themselves backfire on them.

Do Tell said...

When Henley was on Howard Stern's show last year (or in 2015?) Stern asked Don if he had ever messed around with Linda Ronstadt and Don said no, but that he couldn't speak for other members of the band. I don't think #4 is Linda.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Calling them "whores" is unnecessary.

Count Jerkula said...

Do tell: the fact that you are too stupid to identify grandstanding public officials does not surprise me one bit. The judge was reelected 2x since that decision. Melt harder you sad moron.

just sayin' said...

lest we forget.....

himmmm intimated that "the original charges/case are just an anchor or toe-hold for something bigger. Because the whole thing is H-U-G-E."

so what we're debating may be largely irrelevant.

Count Jerkula said...

Scandi: it was a job they chose. Would hooker, prostitute or professional cum receptacle be better?

Alexandria Anna said...

@Count Even in that case he would still go to jail, or at least he should, if he tried this as defense, because he was stupid enough to not check their ID, gave drugs to minors, as result he is guilty of her death, and had sex with them, which is rape.
As far as statutory rape, when kids are under the influence of drugs, they still can't consent..But I don't know how law works in California, so I can't really tell. In my opinion whatever he will try, still he is the one to blame for everything as well as that madam.

ForSure said...


Jerry Brown absolutely did not "quietly" eliminate the statute of limitations on rape. He does not have that power as the Governor. He signed a bill to make a new law. That bill had gone through two houses of the legislature, including committee hearings in both houses, over the course of a few months. That's how it works in CA. And there are plenty of articles about it if you do a simple google search. I've forgotten how to hot link in these comments, but he's the leginfo website, you can click on the history tab to see the full procedural history

Do Tell said...

Jerkula, I'm positive that the judge was put back on the bench by ignorant tools like you. And I am not surprised that you completely missed the implications of her legal colleagues on the bench and elsewhere calling her out for being not only wrong, but way, way, WAY wrong.

Get bent, dumbass.

ForSure said...

I agree with @justsayin' (even though I just made a long post about the couple), the bigger issue here is the charges that could be coming next year and who the big net is going to snare. So, I don't really care about the unnamed couple, I am much more interested in thoughts on the potential defendants and their crimes.

The LA cop? (or is he cooperating?)
The Garcetti family, including the current mayor of LA?

Is this part of a large trafficking ring? Are there actual bodies that certain people can be held accountable for, such as the 16 year old that died a year later? Can this somehow circle around and catch Spacey and Singer? I agree it's not about the rape/OD/events of that particular night, but the coverup could be a hint of much bigger illegal activities that do not fall under other limitations.

just sayin' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PookieTwo said...

For the record I didn't say Henley 'dated' Ronstadt in a traditional sense. Come on folks he 'dated' her, meaning her banged her silly during his first tour with her. This has been alluded to in several articles and books over the years. He stayed friends with her after, she suggested they get together with Bernie Leadon who was a pal of hers.

Enty and Himmm are taking liberties in calling her his former 'girlfriend'. As they are in engaging the Clintons in this story, simply because Henley did fundraising for them in subsequent years as he did for many others.

just sayin' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taylor said...

Wonder if the Obamas, Oprah and Gayle, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks will be vacationng on Geffen’s yacht next summer?

just sayin' said...

i tried to post the html for making hot links but every attempt turned into it's own hot link. this page explains the steps:

How to Leave a Link in a Blogger Comment

John Doe said...

I'm done trying to figure out who the woman is. Even if I know, I don't want to do anything that might out her and screw up her case.

@ Roxy, if they're going for RICO they need to come good. That can be tricky to prove in court. I've read about some good cases that got tossed out on technicalities---including some against the Church for conspiring to cover up the systematic abuse of children by priests who they knew to be child molesters. The woman in this case most likely has other evidence besides this stuff related to the incident that took place back in 1980.

Himmmmm did say that the woman and her politician husband are not the story. Ergo, her possession of evidence from the rape situation in 1980 is just incidental to what's about to go down. If all that she planned to do is say that Don Henley raped her decades ago no one would care.

After revisiting the original blind, it says that the real story is about what happened then AND what's happening now. That is a big clue. What's happening now? What's been happening in Hollywood since the early 1980s? We've been seeing it in a number of the blinds recently posted here---the covert, systematic sexual abuse of kids. Most of the time its related to a few child actors and wanabee child actors, but this case obviously is about something much bigger and far more sinister. What could that be?

I mentioned this before. The bigger context that Himmmm is talking about isn't just the rape of one 15 year old girl 37 years ago but about a racket involving the organized supply of children for the sexual gratification of Hollywood celebrities. The madam back in the day would source the children from shelters and bus stops. Certainly the madam had people out on the street looking for these kids to recruit them. And, as an adult, you can't just walk into a shelter for kids and scope out the place. But, you might be able to source kids there if somebody who works at the shelter was doing it for you. Both of these scenarios suggest 'organization'= child sex ring. Madam Alex was never prosecuted for involvement in this type of stuff even though she was pimping girls as young as 13, according to one Vanity Fair article. Her 'girls' were not only being supplied to Hollywood stars and businessmen but also to wealthy oil barons from Saudi Arabia. She never went to prison for pimping those girls. She, like Henley, got probation. What's interesting about both Madam Alex and Heidi Fleiss is that they were arrested, but not their celebrity clients.

It would seem as though this woman somehow has obtained evidence of an organized child sex racket in Hollywood involving these high-profile industry people; and that NOW, as THEN, they are getting away with it because of dirty cops and dirty judges who are on the take.

PotPourri said...

So I'm thinking what someone else is thinking...Maybe this is not about what Henley did with the two girls, as we all know he raped them and gave them drugs...that's old news...But maybe in return for the Madam's cover-up of sending out underage girls, Henley agreed to 'invest' or help 'front' the underage madam business to his musician friends. Then she would call in her heavy-hitters to bury his 'problem', as the Madam most likely had Police protection too. There has to be something we are missing.

Williams the Conqueror said...

Linda Ronstadt ............

just sayin' said...

forsure: i agree. this thread has gotten way off focus. when in doubt i return to himmmm's comments rather than the text of the blind. he knows this is our cup of tea and wants to share it, but isn't going to give it all away until it's time. he tries to keep us on track tho.

the garcetti dynasty popped into my head too. gil wasn't the d.a. until 1992, so not involved with the henley event, but he was in charge when ongoing illegal activities like pedophile rings were ignored in the 90's.

btw: how are we doing himmmm?

just sayin' said...

good points john doe: we need to stay focused on tying this into current events. also,

1. the hint in the title about henley "making millions while raping young girls" ties him more strongly to madam alex and sex trafficking.

2. madam alex mentored and left her legacy to heidi fleiss. heidi fleiss is still in the prostitution business with dennis hof, owner of the bunny ranch. did heidi continue trading in underage girls? are they engaged in this kind of business still?

are the polaroids being used to get henley to talk about other people for a lighter sentence?

just sayin' said...

what about the old himmmm blind about the ring of actress prostitutes including hayden panettiere and amanda bynes run by diana jenkins, who wrote a book called "room 23"?

just sayin' said...


just sayin' said...

and hasn't there been talk that there's an actor close to leo dicaprio who's hollywood's go-to guy for prostitutes? is he part of a ring rather than just a player with a juicy little black book?

Count Jerkula said...

@alexandra: whores dont show id.

At the time he could have been locked up for statutory rape, but the statute of limitations on statutory rape is 7 yrs most places.

Pink_Palace said...

Himmmm stated yesterday that it was not Kevin McCarthy. Yes, Kevin and Judy are high school sweethearts. Kevin took Gary Condit’s seat - remember him?!? Chandra Levy’s “boyfriend” and possible murderer. Don’t have much to contribute here except to say that Kevin is a wonderful guy who is a dedicated husband and father who sincerely cares about his constituents. He is very
Involved in Honor Flight, and one of the finest men in politics today. He is an old friend and should be the Speaker of the House, but Paul Ryan got the rumor going that Kevin was having an affair, which was bogus...And that is way more politics than I care to discuss.

Count Jerkula said...

Gaddam, do tell is fucking stupid. If she was wrong, she would have been reprimanded and possibly disbarred.

Do the entire world a favor and hold yer breath until you are right. Maybe climb a ladder first.

Alexandria Anna said...

@Count Authorities won't care, at the court they'd be treated as underage victims under drug influence, that were provided to them by Henley and it was his responsibility, to make sure they were above the age of consent. And if he's chosing not to, he's taking the risk. And he screwed up-he's facing jail.

Jeff Osborne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Count Jerkula said...

Alexandra: he isnt facing any jail. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor was already taken care of and statutory rape is long past the expiration date.

mary lamb said...

I know you had some sort of following on this site, years ago.
You've always been, what shall I say, provocative? That's your shtick. We get it.
If it's not just shtick and you are a deranged, perverted piece of shit then I hope you die. You have already (the last comment I've read thus far) wished someone something like cancer on their cunt.
Do you understand that the rest of us don't worship you? I hope you die of dick death. That would be when a bacteria eats your dick from the inside out, kinda like Oak death. You know, the tree.
I have no idea why anyone would be interested in your comments and am absolutely baffled why some found you entertaining.
I really wish you would just go away.

Alexandria Anna said...

BTW when people are under drug/substance influence they can't consent, doesn't matter underage kids or adults...I know in USA You have wonderful laws, and with eminently brilliant lawyer You can win almost any case, but even there, there is no way around that I guess? No chance for statuatory rape.

Alexandria Anna said...

@Count Yeah I know he isn't facing any jail, but this is how situation would look like in court.

Alexandria Anna said...

Oh yeah my bad - this is how situation would look like if he wasn't protected by Geffen. Ah those details.

Do Tell said...

Man, but Jerkula is a deliberately obtuse, willfully ignorant moron. Congratulations, troll, you are the most singularly stupid individual I have ever run across on this site.

Do Tell said...

And by the way, for the benefit of the aforementioned willfully ignorant, there are several CURRENT cases involving celebrities and charges of sexual assault or molestation against minors that are being criminally investigated...years after the fact. So no, the passage of time does not necessarily mean no charges can be filed, especially when they were never filed in the first place.

Count Jerkula said...

@alexandra: they consented when they agreed to fuck for cash. The consuming came afterwards.

mary lamb said...

@Do Tell
Or willfully obfuscated due to bribes to the LAPD and the judge, if not others.
I hope the woman comes forward NOW.
As someone else said, this blind gave the heads-up to those involved enabling them and their lawyers to scramble for cover, and possibly do harm to those with information.

Count Jerkula said...

@mary lamb: you conveniently ignored that the moron wished "bad juju" on me. Just because i use an adult's vocabulary i am some how the bad one?

I wish you no disease. Being as deranged and delusional as you are, i hope you live a long life in that hell, until you die alone and your cats devour you, cuntface.

shakey said...

Can’t believe I got one right nearly right away.

Jerkula, why do you have to keep calling the 15 y.o. a whore? You have such a poor view of women.

Count Jerkula said...

@do tell: cite some cases, lets see links. I provided a link to prove you wrong. Put up or shut up you fuckin dunce.

Count Jerkula said...

Shakey: because she was workimg as a prostitute and whore takes less typing.

Also, please domt confuse whores and women. Women have souls, whores dont. That is why they cant get into heaven.

mary lamb said...

Just stop it. I remember you saying how you loved 'whores' and the younger the better. You are a perverted piece of shit. You feel need to justify your own actions by vilifying these VERY YOUNG GIRLS.
Guess what? You are a sick, ugly, fat, pimpled-assed ne'er do well who has nothing in life other than your perversions.

Hey ENTY! Give the FBI this sick bastard's addy. When they seize his computer they will find tons of child porn and his on-going deep web conversations with like minded pedophiles. There may even be more damning evidence.
You want to out pedophiles? Start in your own back yard.

Alexandria Anna said...

Hahaha @Count, You're one crazy motherfucker You know that? But it's okay lmao

In the blind is written:
"On arrival, the girls were fed cocaine to get them excited, and Quaaludes to keep them calm. They smoked a lot of pot, and after a dip in the Jacuzzi with the rocker, they all three headed to the bedroom."

They were drugged before.
In California legal age of consent is 18 right? Right.
Therefore, they can't agree to fuck for cash, because they're kids.

Even if they'd begged him to do it, still, he's the one who is criminal. He is guilty of drugging underage kids, raping "RAAAPINGGG" them, because they're unaware of what they're doing on drugs, and he is guilty of accidentaly causing death of one of the girls.

Again, he's protected so everything was swept under the rug. But You know.

J.D. Jones said...

I prefer Count Jerkula's posts to all of the endless posts expressing disgust, heaping scorn, and venting spleens on the alleged perpetrators of the various blinds. It goes without saying that everyone is against pedos and thinks the perps should face consequences, etc. And yet, everyone says it again and again. This site is only fun because it offers puzzles to solve, and it becomes more difficult to solve those puzzles when an endless parade of White Knights disgorge their Nancy Grace-like rectitude upon the comments section.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mary lamb said...

@ J.D. Jones
Well bully for you. You'd rather read a sick fuck's condemnation of homeless girls than read how all of us are disgusted by the vile actions of predators.

@ Alexandria Anna
To you and at least one other poster, why in the hell are you addressing Count with even an iota of respect? Is it because you like him? You liked his disgusting comments in days gone by? Have you not grown since then? Do you have daughters? Seriously, something's wrong with anyone who has an iota of interest in him or his comments.
He made me sick back then and he's true to form.
He's a sick, fucking pervert. When are some of you going to wake up.

Underwood said...

The power couple is Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston...their was none bigger in the 70s and early 80s. That's where Sharon Gates husband sodomized the young girl...They were always having drug fueled parties in Malibu and tons of stuff like that happened...think Boogie Nights but with minors.

Also the Enquired ran an article in early 2000s that Jack Nicholson beat up prostitutes beyond recognition on a regular basis and contracts were signed ahead of time and he would pay all hospital bills...but one woman was sueing him cause he refused her bills after he went too far and severely damaged brain and almost disconnected her brain kidding!

It's them no question...He is the Warnock of Hollywood and she is a known witch.

Alexandria Anna said...

@mary lamb - I see the guy for the first time in my life, if I was losing my nerves at every clown who's trolling, I'd hang myself. I got used to people who have no filters.

I was trying to explain this, I don't know maybe he really don't get it.
And no I don't have kids, but I've witnessed a looot of bad stuff myself. Don't worry. Sorry if I offended anyone. I take this seriously, just to make myself clear.

BTW Who am I to insult people. I treat everyone with respect. To certain point.

Count Jerkula said...

@mary loon: i have no problem with whores and partake from time to time. 18-25 preferred, cause if i am payin, i might as well get something i'm too old to get in real life. Also, if i'm payin for the pussy, i want a whore who knows how to use it, not some lil bimbo whore who prolly thinks jizz is icky and barely gets her mouth passed the head. Fuck that. I'm too old to be teaching intro classes.

As for your other lunatic allegations, i'll counter that you probably sexually abuse your family dog, sucking his cock and coating yer cunt with peanut butter for him to lick because no human would go near the rancid axewound between your legs. Leave Sparky alone, just put a pair of work boots in the washer and sit on it, if yer that hard up, you sick fuck.

mary lamb said...

I'm not sure if you've read all of his comments on this post or not.
If you feel a need to respond to him with hahahs and lols, then so be it.
Since you say that you've seen a lot of bad stuff yourself, I'd think you'd be more discerning.
Personally, I'd like to meet him face to face and wouldn't want anyone with a phone around. I sincerely hope ENTY takes my advice and gives up his ipaddy to the feds.

mary lamb said...

Aaaah, there's the Count we know and abhor. Keep it up, shit face.
You're not making any friends, you stupid as fuck little shit.
Oh, and your insults have my crying in my pillow. I'd give a thousand bucks to see just how ugly you are. I'm sure those 'whores' earn every god-damned cent.

The SP Sula Review said...

@count Jerkula

"...they consented when they agreed to fuck for cash."

A 15 year old can NOT consent. Not for cash, not for drugs, not for candy and not even for love. There was no legal consent. And calling children whores 100 times, won't make them whores. It's called child sex trafficking for a reason. Because trafficking in and of itself is not consensual and children can not consent. Ergo, just because you pimp out a child, it doesn't remove their inability to consent. Additionally, when you drug a child, their lack of consciousness is not consent.

Another point that seems to have escaped you is that Pennsylvania law is not binding in California. They are separate states and separate federal circuits. So your "legal argument" is inapplicable to this case. No California jurist will advocate a stance that children are property that can be bought and sold for the purposes of sex. Nor can a child enter into a contractual business arrangement (ie: sex for money-which is the implication in the Pennsylvania case) for an illegal act. I don't know how well briefed you are on contract law, but children can't even enter into legal agreements without the consent of a legal guardian. Not even in California.

I'm sure that Don Henley is as confused on this subject as you are. Doesn't change the facts. Now, go take your psychopharmaceuticals and go to bed. You're really starting to bore everyone with your crazy.

Count Jerkula said...

@alexandria: thank you

I understand they cant consent because of their ages at the time, but they aint at that house and getting paid if they aint down to fuck. That takes rape off the table. Giving them drugs is ancillary to the entire thing.

Count Jerkula said...

@JD Jones: thank you. Some of these broads are loons who believe the entire world needs to think like them. They pull 2-3 trigger words out of a post and they brains just become white noise. Thats what makes this place fun.

mary lamb said...

Count's eyes just glossed over. Your comment was way above his head but thank you for responding with tact. I don't have the patience to reply to him with the same restraint, obviously.

Alexandria Anna said...

@mary lamb - I don't do drugs, so yeah I'm dealing with shit mostly with music and positive attitude. Otherwise I'd kill myself long time ago.

I did put "hahaha" and "lmao", because of his bold attitude, not because it was so funny. Oh no, I don't find it funny at all. I won't talk about myself, but I know few raped girls, some of them as little kids. and my brother recently died of overdose. Not same situation, but I get what it is.

I'm stupid, I say stupid shit, I make mistakes. Again, sorry if I offended anyone, wasn't my intention.

Badseed said...

@meagan, Echo and the Bunnymen...NO!!!

Count Jerkula said...

@sp: Correct, they cant consent, that is why it would be statutory rape, not "rape rape".

A person who trades sex for cash is a whore. Them whores werent trafficked. They werent kidnapped and forcrd into prostitution, they were offered money to go fuck the guy and willingly went to the house.

It is only in the past 3? Yrs that california recognized raping whores, in the fact that before that time, whores weren't given access to funds earmarked for victims of violent crimes. I admittedly dont know their courts opinions if a whore can indeed be raped, but neither do you. I have cited a case where a judge said it wasnt rape, feel free to cite a case where a judge convicted someone of raping a whore, i would enjoy reading it.

mary lamb said...

Shut the fuck up with the 'thank you's, you idiot. Stop thinking people like you.
You need people to like you. Why is that? Don't you have anyone in this world who actually DOES like you?
Why do you feel the need to take over a thread and make it all about you?
Lemme and my stinky cooch guess, it's because you need attention and have NO ONE in the world that even remotely likes you. Yes, I believe that's it.
I'm going to take another poster's advice and completely ignore you.

ENTY, please make this disgusting person go away, okay? Please with bacon on top?

austin said...

@mary lamb, enough already please. You seem a bit filter and appropriate boundary challenged yourself. Heaping scorching verbal abuse and repeatedly wishing death on someone is deranged, and has no place on this blog. And it far exceeds what you're attacking the Count for. You've more than made your point.

Count Jerkula said...

Mary lamb: please stop engaging in beastiality. When your dog ejaculates in your throat, an angel loses its wings.

just sayin' said...

people, this isn't a situation where we need to explain law or decency to someone who doesn't understand. it's a mental health situation where someone is enjoying making us angry and he will continue to be contrary for as long as we continue to play along with him. the only way to make him stop is to ignore him.

Count Jerkula said...

This mary lamb cunt is in full on meltdown. I am sorry i outted you as an animal abuser. I hope Enty doesnt submit your ip to the aspca.

Count Jerkula said...

Oh, and Mary, i wouldnt meet you face to face. You are too ugly on the inside for me to fuck, and i'm not that big a fan of peanut butter.

Count Jerkula said...

Alexandria: dont let anyone bully you here. Be who you want. Like my posts, hate my posts, like some, hate some, dont matter. You handled yourself like an adult, and i replied as such. There is no reason to apologize for that. It is possible to disagree w/o wishing bad juju or making horrible accusations about a poster.

The only thing these loons hate more than me is people who enjoy my posts. They think it should be hive mentality in here.

mary lamb said...

Really @Austin?
And here I was appreciating your comments.
I've exceeded his inappropriateness? Well, that's a matter of opinion, at best.
Maybe you haven't read all of his comments, or maybe you have.
Now, I'm about to fuck my dog, thank you very much.
After that, I'll call up for a few underage twinks, give them a quaalude and some coke, fuck them silly and call it a night.
Thanks so much for your concern and also for backing me up against a fucking pedophile.

Count Jerkula said...

Just sayin: you read mary the dog fellator's posts and think she's capable of ignoring anything? Only thing she ingoring is the lil bottle with her meds.

BayAreaGirl said...

Back to the topic at hand...sounds like the LAPD is still a cesspool of corruption. i think the feds will spearheading this investigation & the criminal prosecutions. The corruption is too widespread & the current CA AG is from LA so may need to recuse himself. Hopefully this will also expose Daryl Gates for the corrupt POS that he was. If you watch ESPN’s OJ Simpson documentary, they show how Gates’ policies set off a chain reaction that gave rise to the Rodney King incident, LA riots & the OJ fiasco. Too bad Gates is dead & can’t be charged.

Count Jerkula said...

@enty: that is a full confession from mary. Please forward her info to the aspca, peta and the fbi.

I didnt even consider she would engage in intercourse with the poor pooch, i guessed just an oral swap, but she is clearly more of a depraved predator that i could have fathomed.

I figure that during questioning she will try to play the victim and claim the canine seduced her and forced her into a life of beastiality, like when when she called me a pedo, then tried to play the victim cause i said she blew her dog.

The SP Sula Review said...


Firstly, children can NOT be whores. Because, as I explained previously, they can't legally consent to sex. Only adults can do that. According to California law, they are not prostitutes. They are viewed by the state as victims.

Second, in late 2013 prostitutes legally won the right to access the victims compensation program (for assault and sexual assault). So yeah, a prostitute can be raped in California.

Third, just so you don't get in any trouble...

And for everyone else, this is the despicable case that Jerkula was referring to:

mary lamb said...

This will be my last comment here.
I lost my shit when Count was abusive to another poster who had the balls to call out his misogynistic bullshit.
I can't believe I'm alone in this. That's okay, I see that all of you would rather go along than stand up for what you 'say' you believe is right.
You are all abhorred by sexual abusers, predators and pedophiles but tolerate Count, for reasons untold.
Fine. You win, Count. Isn't that what matters?
Have at those 13 year-olds. I hope you're caught, one of these days.
And, for those of you who weren't around, he boasted about 'having' those 13 year-olds. Some thought he was full of hot air - I didn't and now I'm sure of it.

austin said...

@Count, drop it please. This isn't at all fun or entertaining or in any way helpful. It's turned into an epic bonfire insult fest.
As BayAreaGirl said...Back to the topic at hand. PLEASE, thank you.

The SP Sula Review said...

Do you think they'll all get hit with witness tampering?

austin said...

Did Himmmm mention when this story will break in the news? I recall something being said about next year, but is that as specific as the timeline got?

just sayin' said...

austin: he said it's breaking in the spring and he can tell us about it a month before it breaks.

austin said...

Thanks just sayin. We don't have very long to wait then. The whole thing just blows my mind, especially since it concerns something from 37 years ago. It was a lot to wrap my head around at first, still is, but going so far as to promise a month's notice.. this is really going down, and soon.

The SP Sula Review said...

I knew the entertainment biz was a den of degeneracy, but even I'm shocked at many of the names coming out. And that there are so many of them. These people who judge the rest of us are engaged in the most vile and immoral conduct that our society can fathom.

When I was in high school I wanted to be an actress. Thank God I joined the Navy instead. Enty and Himmmm are doing God's work.

Count Jerkula said...

@SB: If they sell sex, they are whores. Teen prostitute is just a type of prostitute, like Dalmation is a type of dog.

2013, so I was off by a year. That still is just access to a fund, not a case where someone was convicted of rape for not payin for the pussy.

I see nothing in that code about whores.

They stole the pussy, they did not rape her. Once you put a price on sex, it is no longer rape. Don't try to construe this like I'm for ripping off whores, because I'm not. Their work aint easy, and they deserve to be compensated for it. Make the guy pay what is owed, plus a penalty for breach of contract.

M Ag said...

Try this: go to count jerkula's profile and click on the three dots and click block user!!!!

Count Jerkula said...

Mary, you are a lying cunt, as well as an insane and stupid one. I never said any such thing about 13 year olds. Please keep putting your mental illness on display for the audience though.

Also, that poster, possible gypsy or witch, put a hex on me, so I responded with one of my own. I give what I get here, always have. You are too much of a loon to notice things like that, because it doesn't fit the narrative you want.

I'll say a prayer for the dog you admitted you are going to fuck. I won't pray for the twinks, because I'm sure they will be well compensated for the horrors you will put them through. My guess is it will be the last time they go straight4pay.

Count Jerkula said...

Austin: Sorry, but when I stumble into a triggered lunatic, I do my best to melt em to the ground. Mission accomplished tonight.

austin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Count Jerkula said...

M AG: Tell em to go to my blogger acct, click through to chaturbate and spend some money on cam whores, so I can get 20%.

mary lamb said...

Wooo-hoooo! And now thanks to M Ag (I love you), I will never have to read another one of Count's disgusting comments again.
Aaaah, life is beautiful.
I will, however, side-eye ENTY if he let's this piece of shit post on this site anymore.
It may be bait material but with what ENTY purports to believe in, it runs against his credibility. I guess it comes down to integrity versus page hits.
And there we have it, folks.

austin said...

@M Ag.. That's one option for anyone who can't ignore what bothers them, but the comments from people either debating or raring for a fight with the person will still be there and won't make any sense, so there's a trade-off involved.

The 3 dots M Ag is referring to are located between the words ABOUT and FOLLOW in the lower right hand corner of that plus google page.

mary lamb said...

Again, @Austin
Ignore what bothers them? Is it because Count is a man that you have trouble putting blame where it belongs? Should us 'women' shut the fuck up and just ignore those beastly men? Man, I thought I was reading some awesome comments from educated men who weren't from the dark ages.
What possible reason would there be to validate Count's arguments in a civilized conversation? None. I repeat, none.

austin said...

mary lamb, I repeat, enough already please. Block me too, thanks.

mary lamb said...

'Enough already, please?'
Are you kidding me? You do realize that everyone commenting and everyone reading has been seeing Count for who he is, right?
Yet, you would rather align yourself with him than take a stand.
You're not doing yourself any favors.
And don't say that you're trying to keep peace. You lost my respect a few comments ago. I'm a woman who stands up for women, men, children of both sexes against exploitation, molestation, rape and yes, trafficking.
If anyone has a problem with that, they are, in fact, someone the feds should be looking at.
I'm sick of placating you. If you don't think that Count is a predator, I don't know what else to say. Oh, and he's lying about the 13 year olds. I'm sure it's here in archives.
I don't have any more time for this. Suit yourself. He's a standup kinda guy. Go on with your bad self.

Fok Luf said...

Count Jerk we get it. You have to pay women to act like they like you and you hate yourself for it.

Mrs Crab said...

You're not alone, but sometimes if you ignore them they go away! Someone should have explained that to Alexandria..

austin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luckythewondercat said...

I was not able to read all the comments tonight but the sleuthing skills of the readers are impressive!
Does it sound like there is more to the story of the 16 yo who died of an overdose a year later?
Also I hope this post does not make it more difficult for the other girl (now woman) to get justice.

mary lamb said...

One more thing, or two.
I knew this was Henley the minute I read it. I was late to the blind, and some of you had already guessed him. I moved to LA in 81 and it was still a buzz.
I was a musician and actor. Thankfully, I knew people who steered/warned me about so and so and so, etc.
LA is a cesspool of creeps. I worked a bit, got a few good gigs and got out of there within a year. I've heard all the stories, including sex trafficking.
I was approached by many people trying to lure me into 'parties' that would be very valuable to my aspirations. I was too smart for them.

These two kids in this blind were homeless, looking for something they didn't have. That's a whole different story. It breaks my heart.
And, one child died. Let's not forget that. And let's not allow a pathetic shit who needs attention by blaming the victims to get in the way.
I know who the politician's wife is too and I hope all of you will stop posting your suspicions.
I will say that none of you have guessed her, but that's a matter of time.
Please don't. Let this play out as they feel it should.

austin said...

mary lamb, I'm not aligning myself with anyone. Commenter Alexandria Anna tried to explain the same thing to you when you confronted her for calmly and rationally responding to the Count during their discussion: "Who am I to insult people. I treat everyone with respect." Brawling with people accomplishes nothing, and you seem to get off on it, so I can't take you seriously.

Fok Luf said...

Ms. Crab +1 :)

mary lamb said...

I don't 'get off' on brawling with anyone but there you go again.
You don't seem the kind of man who comes to a woman's side. I had to do it.
Count was a nasty shit to another woman, I went to her side.
Your language, 'get off on' is saying more about you than I.
I will gladly block you too, as you suggested. Misogynistic men aren't my thing.
What I'm finding hard to believe is the lack of balls from almost all of you to confront a blatant misogynistic, female hating commenter, especially given the content of the blind. Mind is boggled.

austin said...

Your self-serving circular logic precludes any meaningful discussion. Think what you want.

mary lamb said...

As much as you'd like to think yourself a genius, you are not.
Do you have Mommy issues too?

austin said...

"Who am I to insult people. I treat everyone with respect."

Alexandria Anna said...

I don't confront him, because I don't care. I have much bigger problems on my head now. So he will say what he has to say. Doesn't mean it's true. He has extreme sense of humor. So what? Freedom of speech. It's Enty's blog, if he don't like what Count is saying, it's up to him to do something about it. You won't change his mind by confroning him.

Now "BOOOO" me, or even insult, but I doubt You will manage to hurt me even with my help, I'm not easily offended lmao.

Mrs Crab said... seems that the toddler's room has taken over. Good night folks! Excellent sleuthing!

mary lamb said...

When someone is blatantly disrespectful, not to mention horribly berating toward CHILDREN (not whores), yeah, I have a problem with that.
Just because someone posting here has a penchant for underage GIRLS, yes girls, that's what they are, I don't have to tolerate their disgusting comments.
You are taking my less than tactful comments to task.
My demeanor and my responses are what you find problematic but I find your acquiescence of his behavior increasingly disturbing.

austin said...

Well said Alexandria. You forfeit the high ground when you crawl into the mud and start flinging it too. It doesn't take a genius.

Alexandria Anna said...

Oh brother, if I'm supposed to chase every person on the internet who says something offensive...I'll leave this to You @mary lamb

Have a lovely day everyone, or evening, depends where You live.

Alexandria Anna said...

Thank You Austin, it's no big deal.

austin said...

Back at you Alexandria. See you on the rebound!

Karen Walker said...

@count jerkula .......There is no statute of limitation on rape in California, and sex with a minor is automatically statutory rape, it is not a case of he said she said, there is also photographic evidence. Also, you sound like a fucking asshole when you keep using the word whore.

Glue said...

+1 Mooshki
Never heard or read anything bad about Keanu Reeves. It's clearly evident Keanu stands alone in Hollywood.

Rinky said...

Well, this thread has proved to me what Ive thought all along - Jerkula is an elderly sex tourist type with a Polanski-style taste and attitude. No empathy for 'whores' even if they're actually runaway children pressganged into service by monsters and constantly exploited by adults. Comes here for the attention he gets for talking dirty in front of women.

Kind of why I've mostly always ignored him, really. He's just a bit desperate and bitter, like most old dudes who've spent years paying for attention from young women, suspecting deep inside they actually despise him. Which they do. Self-loathing is a right old bitch in an old guy.

Rinky said...

@glue ... yeah, keanu generally comes across as a quiet, good guy. Doesn't go performing 'look at meeeeee' stunts for the cameras but the feedback you get about his behavior tends to be good. What's sad is the stuff you hear about him doing should be the baseline. That he stands out so much shows what a bunch of pathetic, selfish degenerates and incomplete personalities populate the celebrity world.

donald said...

Imagine that.

Himmmm said...

Geeez...usssss on a popsicle stick -
I can't believe I just read that entire thread.

(Shakes head, drowns face in dog bowl full of coffee. Blows bubbles.)

I've said it before, and now again, that CDAN readers are amazing detectives. Seriously. Maybe BayAreaGal or JohnDoe or JustSaying or someone can get a copy of the JonBenet Ramsey case file and we'll have a crack at that one. You squirrels would solve it in a day!
(I'm joking! I'm joking! Don't really. Unless you wanna).

BayAreaGal did touch on a good point however, that some crimes are exempt from limitation statutes; and legal process allows charges to be re-filed in extenuating circumstances (like corrupt verdicts). And also that some crimes constitute a continuing enterprise, especially when beneficial to the criminals even today. BUT, in order to have legal standing or a cause to open a case? Maybe there must exist a great probability the original victim was denied due process? Maybe that's the toe-hold to legally justify launching the larger case which was only discovered as a result of the 1980 crime? Maybe some of that is why it is a Federal case.

But I've said all I can say. I cannot comment to offer more than I have thus far. But I will mention that certain "numbered people" in the blind are mentioned to give you an idea of the Era of the song (like the dead actress), or the Perp's connections and his protection through the years. Not to implicate them in THIS exact case.

As for the earlier power couple? The term "girlfriend" can mean many things. Female friend, sex buddy, or musical crony. Not just a steady couple that dated/traded class rings.

The victim (aka the Wrath-bringer) is opaque for a reason, and she's protected in this blind. Don't drive yourselves nutty trying to undo that one. Everything I've shared? Has been okay but it is cloudy. But like someone mentioned - if any "tragic accidents" should befall a politically-involved couple in the first of the year (GOD FORBID, knock wood, PLEASE NOT), then you'll know about it. Even then - it won't stop that train from leaving. It's gonna happen. Just file it away, and when the time comes? You'll be told.

And for those asking: apparently the format CDAN had there for a while? You could block people from and moderate comments. But Blogger? Not so much. Or so I'm told. I would hope that people would have the decency/humanity to be civil to each other and respectful of victims. Comment or guess on the blinds if that's why you come here. If not? There's plenty of other sites tailored to people's uhhh..."tastes". Facebook and Twitter for starters are great places to bully people. I'll give you Enty's ex-wives pages if you wanna go hop over there and harass them. (That's a joke people).

Please, just be decent to each other or ignore each other and keep on topic if possible. We like this site too much to see it changed to hideous new formats or lose valuable insights of users within this community. Perhaps it is best, if we disagree, to just not feed wild animals.

Thank you all for your participation on this blind. Imagine the strength and will it must take for the Victim to come forward, to pursue this, and steel herself for the storm to come. THAT is an inspiration to everyone. And I'm sure she's reinforced in her strength by the support - even anonymously - she knows is out there.

Thank you all, and have a safe week. I'm sure Enty's got some room-rockin' reveals and blinds coming up this week. I hope my damned WiFi holds up on the plane.
Gotta go towel off the coffee from my chin now ;-)

Himmmm said...

PS - and Alexandria? I'm still waiting for you to post some juicy blind item about Paulina Porzikova being the mother of my secret love child! Well, one can hope. Or even a good GWAR blind item. That would be so obscure that me and 3 others would dig it! hahaha.

But I know there's several who read this site who HAVE worked with and/or dated celebrities and know some backstage stuff. Go ahead and email Enty. He lives for tips. Sirloin tips especially. (And I wasn't naming you and your relationships either Tricia, honest. Really. Perish the thought :-))

austin said...

Thanks for checking back Himmmm. Gotta agree that the sleuthing skills of some here are pretty incredible. Monitoring the progress of uncovering information and digesting various theories kept me spellbound for what would have otherwise been a boring Sunday.

I think your thoughtful words of friendly recommendation bear repeating..

Please, just be decent to each other or ignore each other and keep on topic if possible. Perhaps it is best, if we disagree, to just not feed wild animals.

Alexandria Anna said...

Is that true Himmmm, about Paulina Porzikova? Damn, You are one Son of the Devil, You're killin' it!
Well, what happens backstage, stays backstage...But maybe there will be some accidental leak :P

just sayin' said...

good morning himmmm! you're up early and must need that coffee! and thank you!!! i'm blushing madly and will happily join you in any sleuthing endeavor, ever. in himmmm (and enty) we trust!

well people, himmmm just confirmed that the word "girlfriend" may be of the casual variation here: a great friend who's a girl. so we're right that linda ronstadt and jerry brown (i almost typed jerry lewis...i need coffee, too.) are the 1980 power couple.

as far as the rest, gonna let it go til spring. i feel badly naming women who are probably not the victim. i wouldn't want my name appearing on a gossip site for no good reason.

speaking of names on lists, i checked that imdb list "alleged pedophiles on the internet" and it is taken down but still appears in google searches. also, if you go to the page of some of those on the list, like jon grissom, a link to the list still appears on the right side of the page, with steven spielberg's photo since he was #1 on the list. that made me chuckle. i wonder if the poster will be able to get a new version up today.

himmmm's said more than once that this site's so great because of the avid puzzle solving and lack of personal attacks. i learned the hard way (by raising 4 teenagers) that it never pays to take the bait when someone's trying to push your buttons. you let it roll of your back. you walk the other way. you turn the other cheek. you think about something else. it's hard as hell sometimes to be the grownup when someone's going after you, but it truly can be done. count to 5. take deep breaths. it doesn't matter "who started it".

austin said...

+1 just sayin :)

Agree that Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown are the 1980 power couple. You rocked the blind item board yesterday. Just sayin.. hehe

I saw that imdb list of alleged pedophiles on the internet, and couldn't believe Steven Spielberg was even on it, let alone as the #1 named perp. There were some others I had a hard time just taking at face value too.

just sayin' said...

thanks austin!

i was confused about some of the names too, but the list was titled "'alleged' pedophiles in the imdb". this is a hot topic right now, so the list appeared to be an aggregation of names that have been in the news lately or at some time, rumored rather than proven.

just sayin' said...

btw himmmm i do have a jonbenet theory that is so simple and logical but that i've never seen anywhere else. if you're interested.

austin said...

Yeah.. "alleged" is the operative word there. Highly controversial hot topics tend to take on a life of their own after awhile, which can lead to detours into conspiracy land. I imagine Spielberg's name was mentioned just because so many of his films are youth oriented and star children. As far as I can tell, he's actually a pretty decent family man by Hollywood standards.

austin said...

I'd love to hear your JonBenet theory just sayin. Seriously. I KNOW Casey Anthony is somehow directly responsible for Caylee's death, but JonBenet is still a mystery to me.

D Brown said...

While this disgusts me I honestly don't see much legal liability. The rocker, who could have been charged with multiple things, plea bargained down. I don't think any court is going to reopen a plea bargain after almost forty years. The photos are really just support of the charges that have already been plea bargained. The fact that the ex was involved with a politician only matters if you have proof that the politician fixed the charges and there is no indication of that in this blind. The issue of the rocker's enablers paying people off is probably meaningless under the statutes of limitations and probably impossible to prove; how do you trace a cash transaction from decades ago. She may very well have a civil claim.

Cail Corishev said...

Sheesh, you guys need to learn to ignore trolls.

I've heard a rumor that one (or more) of the intelligence agencies has been collecting dirt on people (on all of us, really) for years. After the change in administration, someone told them, "Well, as long as you have all this, let's put it to good use." So they've been quietly contacting victims and saying, "If you'd like to come forward and press charges, we have the evidence to back you up." That's why it seems like this is bubbling up from all over, with so many victims suddenly wanting to talk about events that were open secrets for years.

If that's what's driving this (and it's the best explanation I've heard), then these cases will go to court, they will be prepared with RICO and other corruption charges, and they will lead to more cases. It will continue, proceeding in parallel with (and sometimes overlapping) corruption exposure in D.C. It's necessary. These people have claimed to be our moral betters for years, telling us how to dress, how to live, how to have sex, what to eat, how to vote, and ultimately how to think -- and far too many follow them. People have to see what they really are, so that spell can be broken.

John Doe said...

@Just sayin, there's no way IMDB will allow that pedophile list to stay up in its listings. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did with the names that are on it. Give Google and the other search engines time, they will purge it from their search results soon enough. I've seen them 'cleanse' far less controversial things from the internet.

This thread has completely taken over the blog for now. But its great to know that Himmmm's most recent comment pretty much supports what I've been saying. The 1980 case never really legally resolved because its outcome was influenced by fraud, lies, and corruption in both the LAPD and the court. And there is a big chunk of stuff that very suddenly just disappeared without even being presented in court. And we just got another clue: the larger case was discovered as a consequence of the 1980 crime, and it is now a federal issue.

I don't believe that the quaaludes, cocaine, and weed are the issue. Were drugs ever not a part of Hollywood? No 'discovery' there. I still believe that the larger case that was 'discovered' was the organized supply of children to celebrities for sex. In all the articles ever written about this incident nobody ever seriously pressed to investigate what the underage girls were doing in his house or how they got there---except for that one reporter. Henley admitted that the madam sent the 16 year old girl. We now know that she sent both girls. The madam testified on video about it. I wonder what she said on that video? Did the corrupt detective ask her for details on how she came into contact with the girls? Did she also talk about the other underage children that she was pimping and how she sourced them?

I'm still wondering how the hell she walked away from pimping children with just a slap on the wrist and probation. Even Heidi Fleiss had to do time and all her callgirls and callboys were adults. According to the blind, Henley ordered "the usual" from the madam so evidently she'd been supplying him with underaged girls for a while. For how long? And who else was she supplying these children to? Did she name names? All madams have a black book. They outed some of Heidi Fleiss' clients. But nothing at all about Madam Alex's pedo clients. It seems they tried to rationalize her treatment as favorable because she cooperated with law enforcement to help them solve other crimes. I don't buy it.

All of this smacks of an underground high profile child sex ring. This fits the context of the whole situation and it would be the reason why it is being filed as a federal case.

Also, are there implications for Jerry Brown as one of Henley's 'protectors'? Was there a remote connection between Brown and Madam Alex? Did she say anything in her deposition to implicate him? Did he use his office to interfere with the outcome of that court case in 1980? So many questions...

just sayin' said...

d brown: you're probably right that not much can be done about re-opening henley's original case. himmmm's said that this blind really isn't about that case though. in his words, "possibly the original charges/case are just an anchor or toe-hold for something bigger. Because the whole thing is H-U-G-E".

i'm guessing that dna, drug residue, fingerprints and/or semen on the polaroids could be leverage to get henley to cooperate in the prosecution of the "something bigger".

Cece said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guesser said...

I wondered if Himmmm would check in. Let's agree that the Vic Tim shouldn't be guessed,it could cause her or the case harm. Supposedly she was not guessed,and I think a red herring is there, so at least one clue about her is wrong. All others were guessed. There is no reason to bait the Count, you will be giving him the exact response he wants, he obviously gets off on being verbally abused,so why be a part of that. When you respond in certain ways,you will only succeed in having you and everyone else moderated.

just sayin' said...

john doe: i agree with you wholeheartedly about the focus of the investigation being a network of underage sex trafficking, and i am so hoping it all comes down and includes our old nemeses epstein and singer's worlds.

i also think that linda ronstadt and jerry brown were mentioned specifically because he did something to protect henley as a favor to the love of his life -- to get him off on light charges. he pulled some strings, called in a favor with an old friend in los angeles d.a.'s office, something like that. if true, this initial intervention/coverup will be a scandal in itself, but it's not the "h-u-g-e" thing.

austin said...

Man, I have to say.. this blind is just a few comments shy of 400 hundred comments at this point. It's just like the 'good old days' and something I never expected to see here again. What a difference format makes.

Thanks also to BayAreaGal, JohnDoe, etc etc etc for lending your investigative expertise.

Count Jerkula said...

I love that after grandiosely announcing he final comment, lunatic cunt Mary Lamb continues to melt the fuck downn trhing to make it a man/woman issue so she can shame people to her side as she attempts to play the victim.

I bet it is the damn male doctors who want her taking the crazy pills, so she self medicates with alcohol and her dog's ejaculate.

Catsup said...

Geez - this thread is a little insane. My previous guess about the victim is completely wrong, because of a misidentification (husband is not a rising republican star, but has the same name as someone who is). Sorry, I don't have anything more to offer - I will leave the sleuthing to others!

D Brown said...

I have doubts about the "no sex" situation. There are presumably two sources for this: the 15 year old and the madame's video deposition. Unfortunately both of them had reasons to lie. The 15 year old would be trying to get out of the situation and the "innocent bystander" approach would be her best option. In the case of the madame the motive would be even stronger. If she admitted sending underage girls for sex she would go to jail for 10-20 years. If she simple added the word "no" (sex) then she walks free.

just sayin' said...

guesser: imo the only red herring was that the victim's husband is a republican. that was in the incomplete blind saturday but edited out in the full version yesterday. i don't think it was intentionally planted and then removed with the intention of fooling us. more like he is a republican but the detail was removed to take us off the trail of the victim.

austin said...

Peace calm harmony .......................

Count Jerkula said...

@fok luf: first, if they accept pay for sex, they arent women, they are whores. Second, why would i care if they like me? They like cash and i like fuckin, thats all that matters.

just sayin' said...

woah, i googled the "alleged pedophiles in the imdb" list just now, and someone archived it on it's an early version and not as long as it ended up being but it has 87 names. it'll be interesting to see if the scrubber has the clout to get this taken down.

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