Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

December 20, 2006

Usually this gay (dropping quickly to B) actor is suspected of being gay but has never come out to the general public. The reason for this confidential item though is that lately his many boy toys have reported drugs strewn around his LA house and that more often that not, the actor is not up for the task at hand. Looks like his career is not the only thing not rising to where it was.

Kevin Spacey (I think this was his first appearance in the blinds. I have been waiting 11 years for him to come out so I could reveal it)


sandybrook said...

Or he was giving them to his young boys to make it easier for him to molest them?

Rosie Blue said...

Probably your reason is the true answer @sandybrook

Boldblonde said...

Tom Sizemore is today's predator.

sandybrook said...

Molesting an 11 year old on set and getting fired

mistang said...

So it was confirmed that he did this back in 2003 and was removed from the set, yet nothing was done about it and he was even asked to come back for reshoots. So not even officially fired, cause you know, they had a movie to make. Oh yeah, everyone has these kids' best interests in mind.

I have not really been shocked by a lot of the crap coming out, but I am incensed at the responses from so many acting like they're shocked about it all. Most of us who aren't in the industry are aware of a lot of it, so their feigned surprise is just disgusting. So many choose to look away until it becomes trendy to point fingers.


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