Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Random Photos Part One

One part today. Anna Faris is going to get crushed by this new guy. For now though, let her enjoy Venice.
Kelly Clarkson doing that Redbook thing.
Mischa Barton bundled up in NYC with one of her dogs.
Miley Cyrus going with a new look this week.
Priyanka Chopra canoodles with Russell Tovey on his birthday.
Bob Saget, his girlfriend and some clean shirts. Sounds like a party.
Speaking of parties, Wendy Williams got her party on last night. As usual, it was a solo event.


sandybrook said...

A friend of mine was at someplace in Manhattan Saget was in last night, so it definitely wasn't a party.
What do you know about Anna's cinematographer piece Entern?
I thought that pic of Miley was one of the hos from Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Looks like Mischa gave her rich b\f time to escape yesterday.

AshBey said...

Mischa Mischa Mischa, damn gurl.

Count Jerkula said...

Ooof. Tough choices today.

P - Faris

M - Chopra - she can keep the sunglasses on if i can pull out of her mouth and jizz on them

B - Miley - looking at that tummy, she prolly aint eating much, so she could using the O-ring work out.

ForSure said...

Ah, Pri and Russell must be BFF's, that's a cute photo.

Mischa has two dogs, not one.

americanpanda said...

I thought Big Kev doesn't like to be in photos with Wendy. He's always with her if she's out locally. Now when she goes out of town that's a different story

Don Kieballs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B said...

You sure that isn't Saget's daughter?

Don Kieballs said...

There are so many disgusting stories (that need to be told) it can get tough to read at times. The Wendy Williams shade just gave me so much life I have to thank you.

Raspy said...

Mischa looks cute hope things are better for her. Priyanka has had so much face work but gushes about her Indian heritage every chance she gets ok girl sure

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Well, Anna didn't waste any time, did she?

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

I'm glad you bring the humor. It's needed.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I wish we all had an Enty to warn us about dubious new men we crush on before they crush us... πŸ—½πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸš•πŸ‚πŸ₯ƒ

Susan said...

I need to know more about this whole Wendy Williams sitch, Enty. Is she back on the drugs? She has been loopy as hell this season. Who is leaking all the stories? I need to know more!!!

John Doe said...

Anna is grabbing at straw here. She definitely stepped down. I don't see this relationship working out, for many reasons.

Is Kelly pregnant again? She's looking a bit mommy-ish lately. She has gained a bit of weight in recent years, but I can't say anything bad about her. I'm probably the only grown man with children who turns up the radio and lip sincs in earnest with my fake mic every time I hear Since U Been Gone on the radio. Come on now, who doesn't love that song?

Methinks Wendy is using again. Whoever her dealer is, she definitely has him on speed dial.

get off my lawn said...

Poor Anna. I think she's as cute as a button. I really hope she can find true happiness again.


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